Michael Jackson’s final rehearsal video

July 3rd, 2009 // 65 Comments

Here’s the last recording of Michael Jackson on June 23 rehearsing for his “This Is It” tour that, depending on who you ask, probably killed him. In the meantime, someone explain to me how the hell that guitar player doesn’t piss herself every time Michael dances up to her. I’m a strapping fellow, and if that were me, I’d not only shit my pants, but then hysterically bludgeon Michael to death with my guitar before he eats my dreams.

He’ll be missed.


  1. Brenda

    i miss him alot :/

  2. peter

    So sad that he didn’t have his comeback tour

  3. darth vaderr

    he looked so crypt keeper like, and thin :(

  4. Cheese

    Honestly, how much more can these sites keep posting about MJ… He was a freak who slept with children

  5. Cheese

    Honestly, how much more can these sites keep posting about MJ… He was a freak who slept with children

  6. Smrtarse

    He’s not dead, he just finished his transformation into Latoya. After that, it’s like Highlander, there can be only one.

  7. Quinn

    Is he related to Mr. Jennifer Lopez??

  8. Whatever

    “Hold for applause, Hold for Applause” looks like you never got that applause Wacko. Enjoy hell you pedophile. The “music” you made when you were young will never counter the sickness you brought to the world later in life.

  9. Quinn

    People of Eternia! I stand before the Great Eye of the galaxy. Chosen by destiny by the powers of Greyskull! This inevitable moment will transpire before your eyes, even as He-Man himself bears witness to it. Now. I, Skeletor, am Master of the Universe! YES! Yes… I feel it, the power… fills me. Yes, I feel the universe within me! I am… I am a part of the cosmos! The power flows… Flows through me! Of what consequence are you now? This planet, these people. They are NOTHING to me! The universe is power! Real, unstoppable POWER! and I am that force! I am that power! KNEEL BEFORE YOUR MASTER! Fool! you are no longer my EQUAL! I am more than man! MORE THAN LIFE! I… am… a… GOD! Now. You… will… KNEEEEEL! KNEEEEL!

  10. Chatham

    I feel bad for all the backup dancers who probably thought they were about to embark on a dream tour of a lifetime. Can you imagine being a dancer in 50 MJ shows on his final tour? Those poor peeps just had it all pulled out from under them.

  11. mafme

    The guitaress seems as though she could be hot. Is she anyone or just a dancer carrying a guitar?

  12. sbolinger

    That’s probably Jennifer Batten playing guitar; she regularly toured with Jackson.

  13. DeEtte

    i love ya man, but this time you have gone too far!!

  14. E VHalen

    not Jenn this gal’s too young. But they all steal me fingerhammer…back to honeymoon.

  15. Randal

    Michael, I’ve taken this time to reflect on the memories you’ve not only given me, but also everyone around the world who have enjoyed, danced, sung and heard your music. You are an inspiration not only to the musical industry and to every child in the world.

    My star shall bless you, always and forever.


  16. mikeock

    Was Pepsi lined up to set him on fire again?

  17. mom to five

    I have to agree with Cheese. He may have been extremely talented, but he was also ONE SICK HUMAN BEING. Enough already!

  18. Vanteal

    For all the haters…Michael Jackson did have some personal issues..As do we all..But he was “NOT” a child molester..All accusations came from desperate people who wanted nothing more then money..yes, his antics we’re a bit questionable..But the people who accused him of those terrible things saw that, and took advantage of the situation..Saying, pay us or we’re going to call you a child molester…Some people are so ignorant..

  19. How do you make a come back from touring? Theres way to many experts out there….







  21. Michael looked great here!
    Like the king of pop he is and forever will be!

    May the KING have his eternal rest!

  22. ACriminalSmile

    @20: Apparently, people who dislike child molestors are “haters” now. Who knew?

    Also, OJ Simpson was also “cleared of all charges,” but we all know he did it, too.

  23. twilight

    Remember the Jackson cartoon and the Osmonds cartoon? The Osmonds travelled in a 747 and the Jacksons travelled in a broken down “nigger bus”.

    Is it possible that a small boy watching would learn that if only he was white like the Osmonds, he too could be shown as a 747 superstar.

    Ideas and values learnt at an early age are carved in stone.

  24. Michael Fan Forever

    @ #11 and 12

    It’s not Jennifer Batten. It’s a girl named Orianthi. She must be pretty damned talented to fill in Jennifer’s giant blond mohawk. I was hoping Jennifer would be back. If MJ isn’t playing with Slash, I expect Jenny there. But this new girl seems awesome too.

    We miss you and love you Michael Jackson!

  25. Sad

    Just wondering.. has anyone done any study about a specific gene for random hatred dominant in white people? I swear, I’ve never seen such haters in all my life.

    Miserable creeps…

  26. friendlyfires

    #20 Yes and we all know OJ didn’t kill his wife and Mr Goldman, he is as pure as driven snow. The law is the is the law

    Michael one helluva talent but nevertheless a fucked up person – deal with it don’t deny it or excuse. I’m waiting for Jermaine to crawl into coffin with him, that act is getting creepily old.

    Now go back to worshiping at you Anna Nicole Smith temple. (two soft squishy over sized overripe peaches, no wait cantaloupes, now they’re watermelons? Make up your mind perverts)

  27. radio_babylon

    he seriously looked like the joker… very freaky.

  28. #25 – Go check out BET forums or Bossip and get back to us. Dumb cunt.

  29. carmen a.

    1st off i’d like 2 say…THAT WE HAVEN’T A HEAVEN OR HELL 2 put him in.NO 1 is perfect but god still loves US .YES we ALL know that “MY” BELOVED M.J. had issues,But hell who doesnt???Some worse than others,BUT YOU WOULDN’T want to or COULDN’T proberly even handle what he was put through in life.I think that some ppl jus dont care about others enough AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE LIVE IN SUCH A FU*!%# up WORLD ***NO COMPASSION*** we want 2 receive the compassion of others but not be WOMAN or MAN enough 2 give it!!!Not bashimg n e 1 personally but it is what it is!!R.I.P”.M.J.” YOU GRACED LONG AS U COULD and 4 that i thank u & love you…..C-Note

  30. Ascil

    #20, you are one shallow idiot!

    MJ, we’ll miss you

  31. iFone

    I’ve only seen this video 29482 times before it was posted on here, but thanks for #29483.

    RIP Mike.

  32. Jessie

    50 years old and he could still bust a move!

  33. GG1000

    Ugh, they should quit showing this, it’s just pathetic. He could still move well, but he’s just going through the motions – the energy that used to make him such a pleasure to watch was gone. If the tour had gone forward, I suspect it would have been an Amy Winehouse style disaster.

    People, OJ was cleared as well, but is there anyone who doubts he fileted Brown & Goldman? MJ bought his way out of one allegation for millions, then was cleared on the other one because the kid’s mother was such a nutcase, but you’d have had to be a nutcase to let your prepubescent boy within a mile of that dude by that point. Always boys boys boys around him, and all of them in the same age range. I hope they have a counselor talk to the elder boy of his VERY CAREFULLY.

  34. Yeah

    Goddamn it. Wish he had lived to do those 50 shows and retire in style and peace of mind. Poor fucking bastard.

  35. Uh Huh

    Suck a dick, #28.

  36. BanalJax

    (just wondering.. has anyone done any study about a specific gene for random hatred dominant in white people? I swear, I’ve never seen such haters in all my life.

    Miserable creeps…)

    Number 25, I’m a Muslim and I humbly ask…..
    Oh holy shit would you please STFU you closet bigot!

    Thank you

  37. get real

    he danced up to her once you queef.

  38. Shame on you,,Peace be with all of you,and Jacksons Family! God Bless!

  39. Sage

    #33: It was a rehearsal. Going through the motions is exactly what he was going through, so he knew what he was doing on stage to give a stellar performance when it came time to do so. It might not be grand finale material – which is sad, considering that it IS the grand finale, but it showed that even in rehearsal, Michael Jackson was still able to kick ass and dance. Fifty years old, and still able to pull some crazy moves, that’s really about par for what I’d expect from the King.

    I know he probably diddled kiddies, and I know that he looked like the damn Cryptkeeper, but Michael Jackson, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, was a part of all our lives. Everyone who grew up in the past 40 years knows his name and has a favorite song by him. Nobody can deny his incredible impact, not just on the music industry, but daily lives. No longer can we enjoy this man’s antics, no longer can we look forward to yet another crazy publicity stunt, and no longer can we hear new music by this legendary singer, songwriter, dancer, and spectacle.

  40. Sad

    @ 28 AKA Mike Walker..

    Hilarious coming from the only member of the male species that resides on a gossip website. Sorry I don’t know what a BET forum look like, but I bet no black guys lurk around gossip sites hating on white dudes. Probably too busy having a life and getting laid by women your lame ass can only dream of having.

    Retarded, effeminate, gutless, pale-faced, awkward looking, cowardly, impotent cunt. How about you grow a dick and learn how to be a man, fucking f*ggot ass gringo? If I was a queer ass weakling like you, I’d hate myself too. Take your inbred white ass insecurities and go play in traffic. Thanks for giving me a nice laugh though.. Pathetic hater…. lmao

  41. Blank

    To everyone who is bad mouthing Michael- didn’t your parents ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?
    Michael was a true genius, his music touched and inspired thousands and no one will ever replace him. Sure he may have looked “weird” in the eyes of some people but think how hard it must of been to grow up infront of the entire world. He never got a childhood. He was not charged with child molestation and you can’t tell me that they would’ve found him not guilty if he was up to no good! He was a very humble and kind man and his death is a huge loss to everyone. The only good thing that has come of this that people are starting to remember why they fell inlove with him in the first place and at least now he can finally be at peace instead of being hounded!
    All you people talking shit, including thesuperficial writer, give the guy some respect! he deserves it!

  42. captain america

    ………………….WE WANT TO SEE THIS, folks?

  43. Darth

    He’s genius dancer,totally his own unique style.But in this clip he’s not energetic at all.

  44. Steph

    “He’ll be missed.”

    …Not by the kiddies he fiddled.

  45. Abdo

    #4 #5 #44
    He was Cleaned Of All Charges
    Get A Life!!!!!!

  46. black & beautiful

    Damn . . . he still had it. That would’ve been a great concert. Poor Michael. RIP . . .

  47. Steph

    #45… you don’t get repeatedly accused of something like that over a number of years if there’s no truth in the allegations. And you don’t offer millions of dollars hush money to the family of the kid accusing you!

    It’s people who are boo hooing hysterically over his death who need to get a life.

  48. noname

    actually #47 its people like you who show no respect that need to get a life. Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. You don’t know anything about his life- only what has been shown by the media and we all know thats crap so you have no right to judge.

  49. Karla

    Dude that paragraph is the most f*ing hilarious thing ever. I would have totally shat in my pants if it were me.

    MJ 4 eva.

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