Michael Jackson’s doctor’s office raided by DEA

The LAPD and DEA raided the office of Michael Jackson’s live-in physician Dr. Conrad Murray this morning in an effort to find out who’s responsible for the pop star’s death. ABC News reports:

The officials said the agents had obtained a search warrant for this morning’s raid based on the preliminary results of Jackson’s autopsy which showed the cause of death to be connected to the anesthetic drug Propofol.
Murray was the last doctor to see Jackson alive and federal agents want to know if he administered the Propofol, which is normally only used in hospital operating rooms.
Murray and his lawyer have refused to answer questions about whether he administered the powerful drug to Jackson.
His lawyer said Murray “should not be a target of criminal charges.”

Usually when someone refuses to answer a straight-forward question, it’s because they’re guilty as fuck. Take it from a guy who’s tried to plead the fifth numerous times during child support hearings. Every single one of those kids was mine. Except #86. Maybe.