Michael Jackson’s Big Top Memorial Service

July 7th, 2009 // 70 Comments

Well, the Michael Jackson Memorial Service is about to commence, so here’s some pics from the scene complete with commentary in the captions. And, yes, those are elephants down there along with miniature ponies. Because what better way to honor Michael’s life than having a bunch of zoo animals crap around his coffin? There’s a metaphor in that somewhere.

Rest in Peace, Michael.

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  1. Mposter

    how nice

  2. mj

    look out shirley temple

  3. kobe bryant

    first, fuck michael jackson

  4. kobe bryant

    first, fuck michael jackson

  5. mposter

    how nice

  6. One More Thing!

    Mena Suvari’s ass is SPECTACULAR.

  7. katy kosley

    This is so played out. Let the man rest in peace already.

  8. AmericanWhiteTrash

    F*** him and the little boy he rode in on…

  9. the infamous danielle

    *blank stare* Elephants and Ponies?????

    This is beyond ridiculous.

  10. VPrice

    We can always hope the elephants spook and stampede- a service we’d never forget.

  11. Missy Wu

    Less fuss was made over Jack Kennedy’s assassination! Please, enough!

  12. Missy Wu

    Less fuss was made over Jack Kennedy’s assassination and funeral. Please, enough already!

  13. Missy Wu

    Less fuss was made over Jack Kennedy’s assassination and funeral. Please, enough already!

  14. Missy Wu

    Sorry, my computer went crazy. How appropriate.

  15. the infamous danielle

    @10. i know its inappropriate to laugh, but that comment was classic.

  16. hmna

    @9 The Ringling Bros. circus was previously scheduled. The circus opens tomorrow at the Staples Center.

    That said, there is something apropos about the circus showing up for this spectacle . . .

  17. Dread not

    They should have flown Bubbles out to the funeral, like was offered. That way he could have paid his last respects to Michael. He could’ve flung around some of his own shit and the scat from the elephants and ponies. The only down side to that is, Jamie Foxx, Chris Tucker, P. Diddy, and a host of others would’ve probably joined in, making it an all out monkey shit fight. Nothing says, “say hello to heavan”, like monkeys flinging some shit around! And for the record, Michael sent bubbles to Naples, Florida, ’cause that friggen simien had all the dirt on Mr. “Touchy-Feely” Jackson! U bess beliedat!

  18. Angus

    They’ve scheduled a 21-gun salute at the memorial service. Of course, the guns will be erect 9-year-old penises. Over 10,000 moms submitted applications for their boys to be “used” at the service, because they think Michael Jackson is the greatest human being ever.

    Scale that down just a bit and you get what happened all the time at the Neverland ranch. The moms are sicker than MJ was.

  19. @18

    sounds more like what happened all the time in your house

  20. bribios

    I like the mexican dude trying to cash in by selling the shitty t shirts. I saw those guys all over hollywood blvd the other night. They got the right idea.

  21. The circus is in town? Aaaaaahhh… that explains why danielle’s back…

  22. twzzlrgirl

    What a frickin’ joke. I’m sorry, but the man was absolutely freakish. Everyone made fun of him — he was, at best, the punchline of a joke for the last eight to ten years. And now that he’s dead, you’d think he had cured cancer or something.

    His music, in the eighties, was great. Since then, he has been only known for his ever changing appearance, his bizarre behavior, and his (possible) pedophilia. WTF are we glamorizing him for again????

  23. db_

    That’s a little bit over the top, even for the King of Pop.

  24. Val

    @2 – are you retarded? Shirley Temple isn’t dead.

  25. tha' govnah!

    Stop spendeeng ahhl tha’ moneey! Get to za choppah!!!

  26. Jesse Jackson

    I’ve already put in a bid for his boy-humping bones. I’m gonna display him in my living room right next to the elephant man bones I “borrowed” from his house.

  27. You guys are sick


  28. notoneofyouidiots

    lmao you ignorant ass disrespectful bitches, im sure when someone dies, they shit on your grave. and pay attention to whats on the headdress of the elephant, i guess u idiots have never been to the circus and are stuck in your trailers all day. faggots.

  29. grobpilot

    Of course, the usual shitbags (Sharpton, J. Jackson, Fox, Diddy, etc..) show up to call attention to themselves under the guise of “honoring” Jackson. Bunch of self-serving fucks. It’s amazing the amount of crying and whining going on over the death of someone who, even though he was very talented and popular, really isn’t Jesus Christ. As much as these crazy bastards want to elevate him to the status of God, he just isn’t.

  30. goodbye MJ

    It was heartbreaking to watch when the kids took stage.

  31. It's true!

    You Americans are grotesque.

  32. jaime

    his daughter made me cry, from the very second she touched the microphone.

  33. http://www.michaeljackson-rip.com leave your condolences for michael

  34. michaeljacksonisdead

    Paris, his kid has just ended my MJ jokes here , I feel TRULY FEEL sorry for those kids ! I still feel he was guilty from just the things he said about sleeping with stranger’s kids.It ruined his legacy but the kids should not have to pay for his bad decisions !

  35. AmericanWhiteTrash

    #28 Blow me. Pedo lover..

  36. Oh really?

    I feel sorry for your punctuation.

  37. Monie

    I broke down when his daughter Paris spoke. Poor sweetheart.

  38. Jeff

    Some of the worst, most-corrupt, black, male icons in those photos. Seriously… Don King?! Fuck that!

  39. Jeff

    33 -

    Nice ads, faggot.

  40. I_Dont_Believe_It

    Plant that kid-touching fucker in the ground already! The only real tragedy is that some bmf prisoner didn’t bash his brains out in prison after anal-raping him. That is better treatment than he deserved… but it would be better than this BS memorial.

  41. I had something witty to say about Michael in heaven with little boys but the fa_g who runs this site didn’t like it. F_U_C_K YOU than pedo lover.

  42. Courtyardpigeon

    Notice how Macaulay Culkin and all those other child stars have been mum? It’s not by accident people.

  43. dude

    your all dumb little internet geeks making stupid comments

  44. Sage

    It was a beautiful memorial, and all of you internet tough guys who dwell on false accusations and refuse to remember all the GOOD about Michael Jackson are in the loud, annoying minority.

  45. kmm

    MJ’s name will make more money now, than when he was alive. Just like Tupac. Tupac put out more records dead than alive. My thought is that MJ, Tupac, Elvis, and Biggie are all sitting back on a some unknown island they bought, drinking cold ones and saying something to the effect: Ha Ha!! We got those fuckers good, They think we dead, no bitches, we rich BITCH. That would be the ultimate fuck you!!

    Wait for it,

    Wait for it…………….

  46. MJ fan

    Hey guys,

    MJ was a legend and I was so touched by his service today, so sad. I actually saw some good pics and video of the events on thepopfix.com, if you misse dit check it out: http://thepopfix.com/2009/07/07/4151/

  47. JoeMama

    The only thing touching about this whole Michael Jackson thing is his touching little boys. Rot in Hell you sick fuck!!!

  48. wox

    That was hard to watch. I gotta admit that I sobbed like a baby. RIP King (of Pop).

  49. wox

    Suck a dick #47.

  50. JoeMama

    Hey #49… sounds like you spent some “quality time” with that pervert michael jackson. if you condone child molestation, then I hope you rot in Hell too. you sick twisted mother fucker!

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