Michael Jackson sells his weird stuff


Michael Jackson reportedly owes thousands of dollars to an art gallery owner in Califronia and now the guy is so desperate to get his money back he’s resorting to selling Michael’s paintings on eBay. Included in the gallery are two enormous mural portraits Michael asked the owner to frame: one of him with Peter Pan and the other of him dancing in a rainbow of colors. Additionally, he also bought dozens of Norman Rockwell paintings featuring children at play and also wanted them framed.

“I don’t know what to do with these murals,” the gallery owner, who asked to remain anonymous, told the mag. “Maybe I’ll put them on eBay and see what I can get.” And, despite Jackson’s rep’s claims that Neverland isn’t for sale, Santa Barbara reports that the singer’s menagerie of exotic animals is quietly being unloaded. “Jackson’s elephant sold to a big wheel [circus] near Los Angeles,” a source told the mag. “It’s also true that Jackson has four giraffes up for sale. His asking price: $35,000 a pair.”

If you’ve got a ton of money and have fantasized about living the life of Michael Jackson today’s your lucky day. And sure the neighbors might point and whisper, but that’s because they’re just jealous it’s not them riding down the street on a pair of giraffes towing a huge mural of Michael Jackson with Peter Pan.