Michael Jackson: ‘I’ve seen children just shower all over me’

September 25th, 2009 // 54 Comments

“The Michael Jackson Tapes” were aired on Dateline this week and contained insane ramblings from the King of Pop. Of course, none of them were scarier than the fact he believed he had “a gift from God” to heal – wait for it – little kids. Aw, who saw that coming? Page Six reports:

“I’ve seen children just shower all over me with love,” Jackson said. “They want to just touch me and hug me and completely just hold on and cry and not let go . . . and mothers pick their babies and put them into my arms — ‘Touch my baby, and hold them, touch my baby, touch my baby.’ “

But he was acquitted of all the charges, folks, so clearly, this man couldn’t have a deviant obsession with children. I mean, who doesn’t shower with babies? They’re better than a loofah.


  1. zombieMJ

    …also telling is that Roman Polanski doesn’t get a fraction of the vitriol MJ ever has, despite the fact that Polanski was actually convicted and his victim was the same age as MJ’s accusers. But Polanski’s a white dude and his victim was a girl so he’s a red-blooded heterosexual blah blah blah so it’s totally okay or some shit.

  2. lolo

    I hate MJ’s fan base
    I love MJ but his fanbase is just retarded.

  3. ioana

    what????????you are so stupid!!!!!MJ is so cute

  4. sc341

    His plastic surgeon should lose his medical license for performing excessive plastic surgery on a patient with mental issues. The plastic surgeon’s website lists all of the celebs he did surgery on. Except MJ. I guess he’s not proud of his work…. That goes double for Heidi Montag’s surgeon. What a disgrace.

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