Michael Jackson is greedy greedy greedy

So not only was Michael Jackson’s performance at the World Music Awards highly disappointing, but apparently he had one of the most expensive concert riders ever. His set of demands cost more than $470,000 and included a private jet, 20 first-class and business-class plane tickets for his entourage, a five-star hotel that cost almost $100,000 a night, and KFC.

What kind of crazy ass hotel costs $100,000 a night? And who exactly are their target customers? There are maybe six people in the world who could actually afford something like that. Whoever was in charge of getting the World Music Awards put together really dropped the ball here. If anybody asks for a hotel costing $100,000 a night you say no. And then you slap them in the face for even suggesting it. Their money would’ve been better spent being flushed down the toilet or fed to a rabid bear.