Michael Jackson is gay? I don’t see it.

July 14th, 2009 // 104 Comments

A new book about Michael Jackson will reveal the King of Pop was a closeted homosexual who had various secret affairs with men. Or at least he thought they were secret, but “virtually everyone” around Michael, including his family, knew he was gay. The Sun reports:

Biographer Ian Halperin claims to have tracked down two of the superstar’s alleged male lovers. One, who Jacko was “madly in love” with, met him for liaisons at a grungy motel which was all the debt-ridden star could afford.
And one told Halperin: “The very first time he had sex with me he said, ‘The King of Pop’s going to lick your lollipop’. I still laugh thinking about that.”
Halperin makes the bombshell allegations in his book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, for which he claims to have interviewed many people who told him Jacko was gay.
He said: “Virtually everybody has told me. Even those who are his most ardent defenders, people who maintain he is innocent of the molestation charges, insist that he is homosexually inclined.”
He claims the two lovers he traced were a Hollywood waiter and an aspiring actor, “Lawrence”.
The actor boasted they met almost every night for three weeks at his Hollywood Hills home in a short but passionate affair.
Lawrence added: “He was very shy. But when he started to have sex, he was insatiable.”

Somewhere Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman read the words “The King of Pop is going to lick your lollipop” and laughed. “Can you believe that line still works?” They”ll chuckle. “But not with me. Not with me. No, seriously, shut up. I hate you!”

Memories are fun.


  1. Whores

    First whores and bitches

  2. will


  3. Webster

    The King of Pop licked my lollipop too =(

  4. Meg

    Is his sexuality really news worthy? I think everyone put that together about 15 years ago. The man is dead for fuck sakes and of course these “lovers”, wannabe fame whores are going to start telling stories now. LAME!

  5. Not Ian Halperin

    Michael Jackson was not/is not gay. Ian Halperin is a gay parasite that preys on wealthy people (as gays are notorious for doing) and he invents untrue stories about Michael Jackson (gays are also notorious for inventing untrue stories about people). Ian Halperin is basically committing serious crimes for capital gain. Ian Halperin is also a transvestite (just look at his face) – he is the one that dresses as a woman. Ian Halperin is also a pedophile – in 2006 he was committing child sexual abuse (isn’t that right Ian?). I hope that Ian Halperin gets laughed at by the majority, sued and jailed. FUCK OFF Ian Halperin.

  6. Zoe

    Yikes!!!!! I’m shocked!!

  7. gotmilk?

    a closeted homosexual, really??

    no fucking shit people!

  8. Micheal Jackson

    I wasnt gay I just liked tiny penis’s in my mouth!

  9. I’ll file this one under “DUUUUUUUH”…

  10. amanda

    not only is the guy dead, but he has kids
    kids that will someday read all this shit about him and try to piece it together with the father they knew + loved
    can we leave the dude alone yet?
    if not for him tan for his kids??

  11. sexy_gary69

    sure he was gay but for some reason i dont believe the particulairs of this story.

  12. dk

    @ amanda

    Im tan enough!

  13. Grand Dragon

    At least Michael de-Africanized himself, for that I can forgive him for being gay and a pedo.

  14. Anonymous

    While I believe that MJ was gay and definitely molested children, these allegations are just someone trying to cash in. Brace yourselves people, this is going to go on for years to come.

  15. GG1000

    MJ being gay would not count as a “bombshell allegation.” In fact, sex with consenting adults of any gender and/or sexual persuasion is a step up from actual legal allegations that were made against him and he bought his way out of.

  16. Stanz

    Ian Halperin writes a book. Ian Halperin wants his book to sell. Ian Halperin likes money. Ya think????????

  17. Initial_G

    I don’t buy this dude’s story. Debt ridden or not…there’s not way MJ would be caught dead in a grungy motel…or grungy anywhere for that matter.

    He probably craps on a solid gold toilet; yet we are supposed to believe he’ll at homein the ‘hood? Yeah right.

  18. First Adam Lambert.
    Now Michael Jackson.

    It’s almost like those whom look gay, are gay.

    I want a brain sample.

  19. Tom K

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the funniest thing I have read all day! LOL!!!!

    So sad even in death the stories about him are wild and outlandish!!!!!!!!!!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! I’m still laughing!!

  20. mikeock

    Now I know where he learned how to squeal like that.

  21. mi

    The King of Pop is dead FISH-ASSHOLE!

    And your numbers are WAY down, aren’t they?

  22. Harry

    “in a grungy motel”..? Yeah. Right. Hey, look, pigs are flying.

  23. amanda

    @ dk
    oops! should have been “than”

  24. amanda

    @ dk
    oops! should have been “than”

  25. Really???

    @11….the REALLY scary thing is that probably more than half of the people commenting on this site have children of their own. Does it help? Of course not. There children will turn out like Michael did; a product of their environment.

    @ the rest of you…watch out, someday someone is going to be making nasty, outlandish comments about your children being gay and weird because you were too busy screwing around on a computer to spend time with your children and raising them to be moral, decent individuals and they had to sit around all day and find “ways” to entertain themselves. You’re all fucked. Some of you know it, some don’t. It’s just a matter of time.

  26. Really???

    * Their * children

  27. HOT

    I never thought about it before but the idea of a horny insatiable Michael Jackson is pretty hot :) It has to be pictured during his “Bad” years thought :)~

  28. Heather

    I don’t buy this story. Mostly because I live in Vegas and descriptions on other sites state he went to ‘rat-infested motels’ while he lived here. It’s not believable. If he had said ‘roach-infested’ then I might give it ponder of possibility.

    Also, if MJ kept $1M+ in cash at all times, then why would he go to the worst parts of town? He ‘struggled to food on the table for his children’? Crap.

    When Diana Ross married Arne Ness, she asked MJ to walk her down the aisle and he had to refuse. IF he was gay, then why was he so distraught and heartbroken?

    Who’s next? Prince? (not his son, the performer)

  29. Meg

    @27 Hi, what are you doing on this site? making sure the rest of us are still here typing away? So I guess your fucked too right???Give me a break your on this site commenting as well so go take care of YOUR kids………………..

  30. Julie

    Seriously, I used to read this website because I liked its sense of humor, but it’s going way too far. How dare you insult a dead man? Reiterate false accusations? Making such jokes with such a bad taste? This is the last time I am reading this website. I will never, ever come back here again. You don’t deserve to be read. This is all trash, and your “humor” is an insult to any decent person. This book is a pile of trash, you probably make its publicity because you find an interest in it either to push your pathetic occupation to its limits or because you were asked to promote it.
    Do you know how many trashy books like that will be written about MJ saying basically anything, yet nothing at all in the end?? How easy is it to spit on dead man’s name? He already suffered from all this badly when he was alive, and it has to continue? You should be ashamed. Oh, and don’t ever call yourself a journalist again. You’re nothing of that. I study journalism, and believe me. I have never been taught any of what YOU do.
    What you do is an insult to what I aim to do. You’re nothing better than the author of this garbage book, you spread lies, false informations. You’re among those who cannot accept or understand difference. You prefer promoting wh**** people like Kardashian or Hilton who have no talent nor intelligence, not daring to insult them because they’re so infatuated with themselves that they read this website. But insulting one of the only geniuses of our time, you do. Because he is not here anymore and it makes it all so much easier, doesn’t it?
    I am disgusted.

  31. dk

    @ julie

    Good dont come back you whore. Just because your sympathetic because your father fucked you dont make it alright that this guy drugged and fondled little boys you fucking pig…

  32. Jim

    The self-righteous nags who write their pompous dissertations about Michael Jackson stories are the same people who bash somebody like Britney for being a bad mom (and fat and stupid). I suppose if she died they’d do the same hypocritical 180-degree reversal and tsk-tsk anybody who speaks ill of her. It’s all just fear of death, expressed as reverence for the dead even if you pointed and laughed at them while they were alive (as in the case of MJ).

    In other words: go fuck yourselves, you fucking self-righteous hypocrites.

  33. dk

    @ jim

    Good dont come back you piece of ahit. Just because your sympathetic because your father fucked you dont make it alright that this guy drugged and fondled little kids you cockfuck.

  34. titsonsnack

    #11, pretty much half the people made fun of on this site have kids, and you’ve probably made fun of them too.

  35. No GayTards

    The King of Lollipops

  36. Dr. Phil


    Please hang yourself with a rusty wire ^^ You are no good.

    Thank You.

  37. Marketta

    Gives new meaning to the phrase “nose job”

  38. Nikisgotcheese pissed

    For god’s sake this man is dead!! There for this man can’t defend himself so it’s very easy for u people to make up stories about him!!! It just makes it jobs easier Well I hope this man realizes what he’s doing is absolutely wrong!! Ps who r these affairs y doesn’t this guy give us their names? I think it’s a matter of lieng n their just affraid that the media might question them!!!!!! I hope the Jackson family finds out so that they can beat this fuck up for the lies he made up!!

  39. friendlyfires

    Press release:
    NAMBLA is very very very proud to count Michael as one of their own. And remember, (please read the remainder of this comment, imagining the voice of Ricky Ricardo or Ricardo Montalbán) if you are a boy lover, don’t be scared, don’t be bashful, be proud that you’re a boy lover!

  40. dirk

    grungy motel “all the debt-ridden star could afford”. Stop right there. That bullshit dismisses the whole story as bullshit.

  41. While MJ was gay or not its not matter ,but he was rock star .i am not going buy this book,because i was huge fan of him .

  42. Really???

    @31…..There’s a big difference between checking out some mindless entertainment once in a while and craving mindless entertainment constantly like most of these people. With the job I have and the shit I see on a daily basis, trust me, I need some mindless entertainment in my life on occasion. What better site to go to? I sense that you took my comment to heart. Maybe I gave you something to think about?

    Thanks for your concern for my children, but they are just fine. All I ever have to do is get them around the majority of the youth out there now-a-days, as well as people like yourself, to see how fine they actually are.

  43. Disgruntlordd

    What did the Mother say to Michael Jackson at the beach? “Excuse me sir, would you mind moving? You’re in my Son.”

  44. Sheesh, the money-hungry folks are coming out. This world is a sad (but funny) place.

  45. The Jerk

    Touching little boys doesn’t make you gay..seriously people this is bullshit! The only thing that makes you gay is owning a monkey named Bubbles and trying to compare your family’s evolution from ape to a bleached black one.


  46. JP

    Remember when nobody knew George Michael was gay? And now you look back and go “Oh my God, I can’t believe I didn’t realize he was gay!” Why isn’t anybody saying that about Michael Jackson? Come on man! Think about it. If you were a gay guy who could have anything you wanted and/or associate with anybody you wanted, what would you do? You would become good friends with Liz Taylor (gay icon), Liza Minelli (gay icon), Brooke Shields (gay icon), Diana Ross (gay icon), Princess Diana (gay icon). You would make a remake of the Wizard of Oz (huge favorite of the gay community). You would never be known to have had public and legitimate heterosexual relationships. You would have children through surrogates. You would wear flashy, Liberace-like costumes. He was effeminate in speech and actions. All the indicators are there. The man was gay. Not that it matters, of course, but he was definitely gay. The fact that nobody sees that is amazing.

  47. Jon

    Ok, people, seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10, how old was Michael Jackson’s boyfriend?

  48. dk

    @ Dr Phil

    Your bald and flabby… On the superficial scale, im way better then you.

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