Michael Jackson’s brain erroneously valued at $350,000

Apparently, it requires a highly trained expert to figure out what the fuck is going on inside Michael Jackson’s head. Shocker! The NY Daily News reports:

A sheikh subsidizing Michael Jackson spent almost $350,000 on a brain-power guru to help the singer’s creative juices flow.
“Mind-mapping and motivational guru” Tony Buzan came to Bahrain for a week at the singer’s request, said Bankim Thanki, lawyer for Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad al-Khalifa, who is suing Jackson for $7 million in a breach-of-contract case here.
Buzan “did not come cheap,” he noted in court today: Buzan charged $37,000 a session for a total of $343,000.
“Who paid for that? Yes, Sheikh Abdulla,” said Thanki.
The 33-year-old sheikh – son of the king of Bahrain – alleges that Jackson took millions in advances from him but failed to deliver on contractually agreed projects, including an album, a “frankly personal” autobiography and a musical.

$350,000 sounds like a bargain, because Michael Jackson’s brain has to be a pretty dangerous neighborhood to go strolling around in. Sure, at first it probably seems like a nice enough place, filled with cute little pop tunes. Then you wander into the section where the two Coreys are waltzing with each other in Jesus juice-stained nighties, and Bubbles the Chimp is trying to lure that kid from Jerry Maguire into the back of a van. It’s probably safer to sell pork rinds door-to-door in downtown Kabul.

Photos: WENN