Michael Jackson autopsy details are a fake

June 29th, 2009 // 31 Comments

Details from Michael Jackson’s autopsy that appeared in The Sun are reportedly fake, according to TMZ. However, keep in mind this is like the National Enquirer calling Us Weekly a liar. Or vice versa.

That said, the supposedly fake report claims Michael was only 112 pounds, bald except for a tiny amount of peach fuzz and covered in surgical scars. Which is pretty much exactly what I’d imagine Michael Jackson’s body would look like. But with a GameBoy implanted in his abdomen. (You were thinking it, too.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Tom K

    Surprise, Surprise!

    Just like his face!

  2. Frank

    Fuck you First Assholes!

  3. Tom K

    Too slow Frank!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

    Epic Fail!!!

  4. Yeah I would imagine there is more truth to it than not.

  5. Rodham

    Who are these sows in the side panels?

    Motzah balls and fat back.

  6. Michael and kids will rest in peace.

  7. enchanted

    y’all is a bunch of CUNTS

  8. Horrified

    I feel real bad for the dude doing the autopsy. Dead Michael Jackson must be the scariest looking thing he’s ever seen. *shudders*

  9. Dr. Bill

    They realized the autopsy was fake when the description of the subject was a 50 year old african american male.

  10. Better Than You

    Heard he died from eating a 10 year old wiennie. Another poop pusher down.

  11. *you rough my world, you know you did! da dam da di di dam di di dam*

  12. Jake

    His affirmative action doctor killed him with incompetence.

  13. misty

    This morning I saw a picture of him on the gurny while they were giving him air and whatnot and he still had hair. He was so not bald. Jeez! What’s wrong with people?

  14. twzzlrgirl

    #5..I’m with you. Who the hell decided it would be a good idea to have “Dance Your Ass Off” fat chicks staring at us all the way down the page. Good Lord.

    I can’t even scroll down to get away from them. They follow me. Holy F’ing Crap.

  15. abby


    That game boy bit is funny.


    Latest Music //www.break.com/index/michael-jackson-is-dead-by-jon-lajoie.html

  17. Ahahaha, you think that The Sun is like The Nation Enquirer?
    The Sun is the grave robbing, wierdo racist piece of shit that has ever been written.

  18. Anonymous

    Sure you did, misty. If that picture actually existed, it would be posted everywhere.

  19. fred

    # 5 I cant stop laughing at what you said, been waiting for someone to say something……………..

  20. Gando

    The official report isn’t even made public yet.Kudos though for the fanciful interpretation.

  21. captain america

    like his entire life after the 1984 olimpic games in LOS ANGELES, folks!!

  22. Jesse Jackson

    He died when the gerbil burst out of his rectum. I’m now gonna ride his corpse to some free publicity. Dead black pedophile. Yeah baby!

  23. keith

    I love you micheal jackson and so does the majority of the world. You’ve shown me how to blow off all the nonsense people are printing,speaking, and broadcasting by watching how you did it. So I will continue to do so and praise you for all you’ve done for this planet and the people on it. unity, love, and so much more

  24. @14

    We are aware of such an invention as wigs. Unlike you apparently. Also hate to tell you.. .that was a dream. There is no such footage.

    Fuck them for lying to us. As far as i’m concerned any newspaper lying should be fined and threatened with jail if not actually jailed. Assholes

  25. michael_lives

    Autopsys are usually not done on living persons….even if they are anounced dead.

  26. latoya young

    i believe his doctors killed him shit did his doctor s get paid to kill him fuck all the fake doctors in the medical world they should be dead rip michael jackson from peoria

  27. latoya young

    i miss u l listen to your music im from peoria 610 u wont be forgotten my prayers go out to the jackson s rip

  28. lifu fu

    yo janet when u done with jermaine holla at me

  29. Eagle

    # 23 Your COMMENT SUCKS…he never hurt a child…you’re racist

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