Michael Jackson’s memorial service costing taxpayers millions

July 7th, 2009 // 90 Comments

Michael Jackson’s memorial service today will apparently cost Los Angeles taxpayers $3.5 million+ in a time when the state of California is essentially broke. Local law enforcement will be providing security for attendees which include private guests of the Jacksons. E!’s Answer Bitch reports:

“We have city employees getting pink slips because the city dollars are not there,” points out L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine. But even though city officials have asked AEG to pick up some of the public costs, the company has declined, Zine tells me. AEG did not respond to my requests for comment.
“You would think AEG would say, ‘We’re the ones who did this, we could have had a private ceremony and not a major public memorial.’ AEG is a big entertainment company. They’re going to get international coverage and tons of publicity from this.”
And just what kind of city effort are we talking here?
* At least 1,400 police officers to keep the peace
* Workers from the Department of Transportation to arrange and enforce street closures
* Still more workers from the Department of Public Works to keep the area clean and operating
* Fire and rescue specialists, just in case too many rabid fans moonwalk into one another out in the streets

Okay, while this is probably a horrible use of taxpayer’s money during a fiscal crisis, the important thing to remember is at least nobody’s kids are getting touched. By Michael Jackson anyway. — Wow, I feel better already. They should put that on the programs.

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  1. even when dead he is soooo ridiculous

  2. umair

    Over his lifetime, how tax revenue did M.J. and his projects generate for the state for California?

  3. gizmoduck

    rad to the power of sick

  4. Io

    well, might I suggest the city does to normal folks and send them a bill? I mean, we pay taxes for emergency services, and yet we still get billed just like a doctor when they are called to a scene. I know I personally got a huge one after an 18 wheeler rearended me. so why complain? they have the power, not the entertainment company. they are afterall the ones with the final say. so quit your bitching and do it dumbfucks because in this day and age when you waste money in such a frivolous way, you deserve to have the donkey sized dick placed firmly up your ass.

  5. This is overblown. The city of Los Angeles has funds for “exceptional events,” which this is. However, if you want to send money to the city of Los Angeles you are free to do so.

  6. havoc

    I thought California was broke?


  7. Shift

    Sooo, did everyone forget that Micheal Jackson was a pedophile?

  8. Crabby Old Guy

    Fuck this: Stuff the little shit and put him on display someplace in LA – the fawning dopes will pay top dollar to have their picture taken of them standing next to his stuffed body.

    Money goes to offset California’s huge budget fuck up (thanks politicians, unions and illegals!).


  9. Anexio

    Im getting pretty sick of the complainers in regards to Michael Jackson.

    Lets get this straight, MJ is the greatest entertainer that has ever lived. For that he deserves your respect. Secondly, MJ is America’s Princess Diana, again, just that in and of itself demands your respect.

    And for all you sickos that unjustly call MJ a pedophile, guess what? It was never every proven.

    A great and wonderful black man has died. Show your respect and treat him like the decent human being that exemplified what is to be a real man.


  10. mel

    It’s funny how much some people let the media cloud their minds. Think for yourselves, assholes.

  11. tonkatoy

    For crying out loud he’s dead when will you stop with the utter disrespect! There are far far worse people still alive in the world so Mr Superficial man stop your hatred it’s making me not want to go on this website! I have been a loyal reader for 2/3 years now. I totally agree with Anexio. Gordon Bennet’s sake have some respect for the dead.

  12. Kim

    I love that sites are finally bringing up the pedophile accusations, one of which led to a 20 million dollar settlement. That screams guilt to me.

    He’s not the greatest musician that ever lived – Mozart, Bach and Beethoven will still be played in a hundred years.

    He was also the Howard Hughes of Music, and would be horrified by the spectacle. AEG and the estate should be paying for this.



  14. retard

    Michael jackson was a pedophile, i have to say it and make jokes because that makes me cool and funny. oops i just went doody in my pants

  15. Somehow, there has to be a way we can blame Obama for this debacle…

  16. Alex

    Michael Jackson Can go suck a fat dick. I don’t know or care if he jerked off little boys or was the greatest musician in the history of time. Either way this is ridiculous. California has laid of lots of people, is now paying state employees in I.O.U’s and they still have the nerve to pay for this shit. This is god damned retarded.

    Even worse, this is the same fucking City that no less than 3 weeks ago refused to pay 1 million for the Lakers Championship parade because the state was in financial crisis, people were getting laid off, and in danger of having to issue I.O.U’s to its employees. was there some huge fucking turnaround that nobody wants to tell me.

  17. the infamous danielle

    Too bad for LA taxpayers.

    *back to caring about something important*

  18. Ace

    She’s FAT…oh wait…force of habit…

  19. Mariana

    First of all, one of the accuser admitted MJ never touched him. And he was never proven guilty in all those times. If he really was a pedophile a lot more cases will come up. The money hungry kids should all go to hell for their disgusting accusations. To the writer of this site: you are so close minded and the stuff you say show how stupid you are. MJ is one of the greatest artists in the world and his songs gave out important messages Like “heal the world”, “man in the mirror” etc

  20. McLovin

    Sell his wigs & uniforms on ebay!

  21. CLEAN UP ON AISLE 17!!!!

  22. Michael Jackson molested children. Never forget!

  23. Tits McGee

    whaaat. he’s black? WHO KNEW!

  24. Mariana

    to mr superficial:
    I hope that when you die, people give you the same respect you give to the dead. Oh wait maybe no one may even disrespect you when you die cause not as many people know or care about you that they wouldn’t waste their time.

    Millions of people love Michael Jackson and are paying their respects to him and his family right now.

  25. Jackson was a PEDOPHILE

    I’m so disgusted by this. Personally, if I were a worker who’d been pinkslipped, and I saw the city of LA spending milliions on the public funeral of a pedophile, at the same time the state is $24 Billion in the hole, I’d sue the state for millions. This shows a total lack of any responsibility; whoever approved this should be immediately fired…

  26. the infamous danielle

    Laughter on aisle 21!!

    *..what do you mean you’re out of laughter?? *

  27. jumpin_j

    “I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
    I’m going back to Cali”.

    “I don’t think so”.

  28. Emily

    Jeese man, He’s dead. Its not like he rose from the grave and asked for a hella-expensive funeral. Blame California. People forget that at one time Michael actually broke a record for supporting more charities than any other celebrity in the world- do you really think he’d want millions going towards his funeral when it could go elsewhere?

  29. Shift

    Well, excuse the fuck out of me for calling a pedophile a pedophile. As we all know, with out legal system, just because you haven’t been proven guilty doesn’t mean you’re innocent. If you had been accused of being a pedophile, you would do whatever it took to clear your name. Micheal Jackson, instead, decided to pay millions of dollars of hush-money to the accusers. You know what that is? It’s an admission of guilt. So, to all of you whiney little babies getting your panties in a bunch because people are calling him what he was…fuck you.

  30. Willie Dixon

    “too many rabid fans moonwalk into one another out in the streets”

    Awesome mental image.

  31. Rose

    I certainly wont be reading this blog anymore. So much hatred towards a legendary entertainer.

  32. alexis

    Dude, half of you f’n people on here (GUYS I’m talking to YOU) are probably closet pedophiles. Checking out barely legals, etc. So don’t knock Mikey for his “alleged” accusations. Especially when most of you wouldn’t think twice of banging a hot “but she looked older!!” minor.

  33. alexis

    Dude, half of you f’n people on here (GUYS I’m talking to YOU) are probably closet pedophiles. Checking out barely legals, etc. So don’t knock Mikey for his “alleged” accusations. Especially when most of you wouldn’t think twice of banging a hot “but she looked older!!” minor.

  34. alexis

    Dude, half of you f’n people on here (GUYS I’m talking to YOU) are probably closet pedophiles. Checking out barely legals, etc. So don’t knock Mikey for his “alleged” accusations. Especially when most of you wouldn’t think twice of banging a hot “but she looked older!!” minor.

  35. is now The Banana Republic of California.
    Couldn’t happen at a better time, just write an IOU.
    Illegal immigration and liberal fascists have destroyed this states economy and the future is bleak, at best.

    No worries though, BO will make sure ALL states soon follow the same suit…

  36. Tim

    I can’t understand why people are complaining…this site has always been about “poking fun” at celebrities. Michael is still regarded as the greatest entertainer in the world by the majority, but there will always be people who think otherwise.

  37. #28 – I agree. It’s all about people’s own feelings of self-importance, not the wishes of the man himself. It’s like when danielle walks down the street… it’s impossible to pry your eyes away from the horror as you involuntary feel the bile rise up in the back of your throat. Looking at something as hideous as danielle really speaks to the inner darkness in each of us, like staring at hordes of maggots devour a side of beef, and I feel it’s that darkness that makes people spend upwards of $4M on a funeral the man never asked for.

  38. AmericanWhiteTrash

    California is a joke. Completely bankrupt. No I mean they redefine bankrupt they are so F******, and they spend millions for this PEDO. Land of fruits and nuts…

  39. the infamous danielle

    Rich, come on now. Need I post another pic? You know I am not even ugly.

    Has shaving your mother’s pubic hairs since the tender age of 2 completely destroyed any living brain cells in your head??

    Must Have. Call Oprah.

  40. There Can Be Only One

    The greatest entertainer in the world? Please. He hasn’t entertained anyone in a decade. If you want that crown, you have to maintain it. Michael hasn’ t been relevant for a long time. He’s been a joke for decades. And now that he’s dead we’re all going to miss his genius?


  41. havoc

    This just in……Michael Jackson is still dead.


  42. Yes danielle. Please. Post another picture. I need a good laugh.

  43. DrThrasher

    @9,24,: So pedophilia is ok as long as you don’t get caught? Also, OJ was found innocent and I’m sure you’ve made jokes about him.

    Also, Michael Jackson is not the greatest entertainer to ever live. If anyone would get that title it would be Jesus or Elvis depending on your religion. All mj did was give rise to pop artists like Britney spears, Kanye, and Soldja Boy. Great contributions to society…

  44. the infamous danielle

    laugh? i said MY pic, not yours. if you need a good laugh, go look in a mirror. stop wasting my time.

  45. Near LA resident

    Not only for Tuesday.
    They have had the roads blocked by the staples center with at least 2-4 police cars at all times guarding the area since AT LEAST Thursday morning.

  46. This is why I’ve never been able to take California seriously. “Let’s cut social services, but then let’s put ourselves further in the whole to have a crazy wild broadway-style party to celebrate a child mollester who hadn’t released a decent album in 18 years! Yeah!”

    Ah, priorities!

  47. Ummmm

    #9 He is NOT the greatest entertainer that ever lived in everyone’s opinion. To me, he was always a weird pee pee touching freak who was highly over rated. He definitely is NOT my Princess Diana because, if I remember correctly, Princess Diana was NEVER accused of being a pedophile, she NEVER mutilated her own body and, as far as I can remember, never put her children in danger by dangling them over a balcony. OJ was found innocent, do you think he didn’t do it? Sometimes the justice system FAILS and, fortunately for rich people like Michael Jackson, that tends to occur when the person on trial has MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars to spend on dirty lawyers. If MJ would have been just some random guy off the street, he’d be playing with bigger pee pees in prison right now. Everyone’s ready to suck his nuts now that he’s dead, but the rest of us… the rest of us who aren’t being total HYPOCRITES… we’re standing by what we BELIEVE to be fact. So don’t go shoving your HE’S YOUR THIS AND HE’S YOUR THAT down our throats!

  48. Kathy

    dear superficial writer…you’re douchewater.

  49. Pornsen

    While we are at it…hey, wasn’t OJ such a great football player?

    Give us a break…”alleged”…yeah, people will always shell out 30-40 million in settlements on child molestation charges. Next thing you know, Kobe Bryant will be innocent of rape…ph wait, he is the next speaker at the funeral.

  50. You know? if i was touched inappropriately by someone famous, i would spend the rest of my adult life reminding the media what had happen every chance i get…

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