Michael Douglas says he didn’t say stuff

April 11th, 2006 // 84 Comments

In an interview with GQ, Michael Douglas was quoted as saying, “I don’t know about Brad Pitt, leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean how long is that going to last?” But now Michael Douglas is claiming the GQ writer made up the quote and that he never said those things. He tells Entertainment Tonight:

“I didn’t say it. I spent a number of hours in that interview, a lot of it on tape and when I asked the reporter to play back the tape for me, I was told the tape was turned off, and it was something that was written down, and I just don’t buy that.”

GQ is sticking to their story and say they’ve got a notebook filled with quotes from the interview to prove it. Besides, if they were going to make stuff up wouldn’t they go with something a little more entertaining? Like him calling Brad Pitt a young whippersnapper and then going off on a tanget about how in his day you could buy a hot dog for a nickel, and then fall asleep before he finished the interview.



  1. mamacita

    @48 Find a couple Xanax, wash them down with some Goldschlager, and then hit the gravity bong. I bet you anything, that after all that, you’ll find your sense of humor.

    Oh. My. God. That was freaking hysterical. “Flipper-flat horn diddly big monkeys.” Ahhh, good times. Good thing I peed before I read that.

  2. Evangelia

    mama, i thought #48 was being sarcastic? what with the reference to bastard children.

  3. mamacita


    He he he. Whoops. My bad. I kind of fell off and stopped reading after this part “Priests are highly spiritual people who feel a calling to serve their communities”. Oh well, if you take out this part of my comment “I bet you anything, that after all that, you’ll find your sense of humor.”, the rest is still good advice, no?

  4. Phoenix

    #48 WAS being sarcastic. There is no way he/she was being serious. Or is there?

  5. mamacita


    I like how you added “Or is there?” at the end. ALMOST makes me not feel like a dumb ass………almost.

  6. innit

    trphywife #27 I’m just curious, can you get through any superficial thread without posting some lame rehashed line about you and your husband’s sexcapades? You didn’t get any attention growing up, we get it already

  7. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #56 – She’s a trophy wife, get it? I noticed that earlier and was going to say something but I didn’t want to make her cry, and did you notice how she was always bringing up her giant tits? Her big – natural – DD tits. I’m convinced she’s a 400 lb Samoan man in a dirty clown suit. Excuse me, a drrrty clown suit.

  8. xd

    No matter what he said, Jennifer Aniston is ugly as fuck and boring. Nobody in their right mind would pick her over the cool and stunning Angelina Jolie.

  9. Hollus

    Am I the only one who finds his alleged comments funny? Mostly because they’re so apt. Angie has made it clear she isn’t interested in marriage; she just wanted better genes than Billy Bob Thornton’s to impregnate herself with. When baby comes, she will move on. Guaranfuckingteed.

  10. trophywife


    i have only posted on this site maybe 10 times and i believe the only thing i have mentioned is my hot lesbian desires for angie nuttin bout my real sex life, that’s for my enjoyment, not to share with you peeps… obviously either of you aint gettin any at home so ya gotta pick on little ol me? um, i thought we were here to mutually bash on celebs, not each other?

    and for clarification (not that i ever mentioned it) i have a pretty decent 36D store bought rack. and yes, since i am a trophy wife, my job is 2 hours at the gym every day so you can take your Samoan comment and shove it up yo ass.

    me cryin? no way… feelin sorry for you two actually. can’t we all just get along???

  11. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Yeah, you did mention your sex life a “couple of times”. And I think its neat that you would find a way to reference your husband or breasts to pretty much any topic, and that you take yourself so fucking seriously. Kind of like this:
    “Tom Cruise – OMG! What a loser. I want to watch my husband ejaculate in her face while I eat her ass! I have huge knockers! LOL!!!”
    That sounds like a pretty cool job you have there. Most people have real jobs and go to the gym a few times a week for exercise, but I guess when that’s all you have to do during the day it can turn into a minor obsession. Like letting everone know how big your tits are and what a great sex life you have, over and over, when nobody really asked. So we get it, you think you’re hot shit, you think your husband is hot shit, and you want to have sex with a girl. Now go take your desparate housewives lifestyle to your pilates class and tell all the girls how much you want to fingerbang Angelina Jolie – I’m sure they’d love to hear about it.

  12. trophywife

    dude, you are seriously fucked… i have never ever posted ANYthing about tom cruise nor have i posted anything about eating anyone’s ass…. link me to where you are referencing because it AINT me.

    you seriously need a refill on your prozac…

  13. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    My example is not to be taken literally – kind of like your breasts. And this bottle of Oxycodone is suiting me just fine, thank you very little.

  14. trophywife

    kind of like your ego… but maybe it will be better now that you have been corrected for your error in bashing what you thought was me.

    the other not-so-desperate housewives in yoga thought this was freaking hilarious….

    peace out ;)

  15. aimatcha

    I get it. The tighter your face is pulled, the more memory you lose. What a mondo-dizmo.

  16. MystressJade

    I would say that MD is older than Moses, but that would only make him 5 days old.

    Thanks for ruining my lame ass joke, Gwyneth.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I’m not sure what you think you corrected me on because you pretty much confirmed everything I said about you with your defensiveness.
    Do you guys do yoga while sitting around your laptop? Can you put your legs behind your head and type with your labia, or do your boobs get in the way? Do you guys go out for lattes afterwards and then shop for placemats at Pottery Barn?
    Peace Out, yo! ;} LOL OMG! <3 C-ya !!~* LMAO! Kewl! ~*BFF*~ ROTFL@&&& Whatev!*

  18. trophywife

    wait, wait…. ME the defensive one?? re-read your lame posts attacking me. i usually think you are pretty funny, just trying to figure out why you are slamming me? i just pointed out that you misquoted me and you cant move on past the fact that you were wrong…

    you have mentioned my rack every post so you must lack in that department (or if you are a dude, your SO does). so sorry, all mine took was a check and a good doctor. :)

    FYI, i’m going to take your yoga/laptop/latte/pottery barn as a lame attempt at sarcasm. please move on… like i said before, you are usually pretty funny… it’d be nice to see that again instead of this ugly crap. leave me the fuck alone. might wanna check with the doc on your oxycodone dosage, might do ya some good :)


  19. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I wasn’t misquoting you, I was making up a very slightly exaggerated example of something you might say (read: “Kind of like this”). Here’s another example:
    “Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake totally have bad botox, but I think I’d like to make out with Britney in public for attention while my husband collects money from onlookers! LMAO! And I have tremendously giant cans! Peace Out!”
    To clarify, no, you did not actually say this, therefore I am not misquoting you. I am making you look stupid, because this is the TYPE of thing you would say, and your incessant arguing with me about “correcting me” and “misquoting” is really just digging you a deeper hole. I’m not even going to try to define sarcasm for you, but that is not what I was using in reference to the “yoga/laptop/latte/pottery barn” comment, that was also just me making you look stupid. Oh, and I just did it again.
    I think its nice that you had to buy/ your husband had to buy you some implants to improve your self esteem, and I hope you feel better knowing that your life is now complete since you’ve spent 5 to 10k on sugically inserting bags of gel into your chest – complete except your compulsive exercising and your obvious obsession with the way you look, which really just means you feel ugly on the inside. But cheer up, Trophy Wife, Jesus loves you. And your husband loves you and the bags of gel on your chest. I’m sure you are living the life you always dreamed of as a little girl.
    I’m not going to talk about my breasts so you can speculate all you want. Maybe they’re big… Maybe they’re small? Maybe I’m fat and ugly, maybe I’m really hot? I hope you spend a lot of time thinking about it since its really important and valuable to you as a person. Then you can come back and say something else useless and I will make you look stupid again, because I’m awesome!!!
    And this is the funniest internet fight ever, I hope it never ends.
    Peace Y’all! Wurd!! 2 kewl 4 u!!! ~*one*~

  20. mamacita


    You forgot to add “hawtttttttt” and “luv you guys and babes”.

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Yeah, I also win by default because I was #69. I rule!!!

  22. trophywife


  23. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I dare you to keep posting to try and get the last word in, even if it’s “yawn”, because I’m pretty fuckin stubborn and I’ll ride it out to the end. If you’re so bored, by the way, why don’t you go bake some cookies or knit a sweater, or go work out. You might have gained some weight reading this, now you have to run for 2 more miles! Oh, I know, you could go ask your husband if he thinks you look fat in something, or maybe you could compare yourself to every woman you see – that’s always a good way to occupy yourself. I’m sure you could always fill your down time with more surgery – maybe its time for a facelift, or perhaps a nose job, chin implant, or tummy-tuck? Sounds like fun! Make sure to write back!

  24. Pez_D_Spencer


    Well, someone had to say it….

  25. junebug8

    well trophy, from what i can tell as a newbie poster (first! woop!) is that oshkosh is definitely a chick and sounds like a jealous 10-year old PMSing one at that! and a rambling-no-nonsense, nothing-else-to-do biatch at that (from what I see on this site that she posts on different links about every 3 minutes.) this is freakin hilarious!!!

  26. mamacita


    Wrong. You suck.

  27. MD and tom cruise loves cock!

    and denies it!

  28. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    #75 – jump on the pain train, will ye? I’m totally kidding. You were right on several counts: A) I do post on this site every 3 minutes, on the dot. Its part of my OCD. After I post I wash my hands twice, spin in a counterclockwise circle three times, and tap the ceramic dog head with a No. 2 pencil six times one two three four five six. Ahh. B)I am a jealous 10 year old girl who is PMSing and totally pissed off about it because I started my period at such a young age. I am also jealous because all the other girls in my 5th grade class have fake breasts and are always bragging about their sex lives. Well as you can see I just couldn’t take it any more. I hope you all can accept my apology.
    Peace Out! L8-er allig8-er! ;} ~*hugzz*~

  29. biatcho

    Osh Kosh – I admire your need for the last word as I have the same “problem”, or as I like to call it “good times”.
    Although I am new to commenting on here I am no stranger to reading this shit (or to arguing with people)and am glad to finally be able to chime in at these little hacks. I am not a fan of “taking sides” but when people start acting like self-righteous douchebags I know who the good posters are.
    Keep it up Yo. Peace in the MIddle East! Toodles!!

  30. trophywife

    OK, I must confess and ask for forgiveness!!!! Help me, for I am a self absorbed, totally fake, big boobed, pussy craving, yoga and latte addicted, self-righteous douchebag piece of ass!! Fuck Zenu, we all bow down to Osh Kosh, the holy being!!
    A thousand hail marys and pennance for a month for me, can I ever be forgiven?????? Osh Kosh, just tell me what I can do to redeem myself in your eyes!! I will slit the bags of gel out of my chest and will gain 20 pounds in your superior honor!!

    Praise Osh Kosh!! Shalom!! Amen!!

  31. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    You can start out by not having someone else write your retorts for you, and then you can shut the fuck up because you’re not funny, interesting, or original. If it makes you feel better, then, sure – go gain some weight. But I won’t be held responsible for the verbal abuse/ infidelity on your husband’s part.
    Happy Passover!

  32. trophywife

    wow, i thought you’d come up with something better than that

    yawn (again)

  33. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    That’s okay because I had absolutely no expectations from you other than you’d keep coming back – and I was right! I’ll bet you thought it was pretty funny to insinuate that I think of myself as a god or something, but it actually was pretty lame, including the part about “Zenu”, “my superior honor”, and “Shalom”. You really pulled out all the stops on that one.
    You also asked me what you could do to redeem yourself and I told you. So yawn your pretty little head all the way to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy a new personal massager because I think Tomb Raider comes on daytime TV today.

  34. biatcho

    trophywife sounds like the jealous type who wants to reign queen over all & requires the center of attention.

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