Michael Douglas questioned about the economy because he was in that movie

September 25th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Michael Douglas fielded questions yesterday about the current economic crisis facing America. Apparently, playing Gordon Gekko in Wall Street over two decades ago makes him a financial expert. Wow, way to hit a home run, mainstream media. For a minute there, I was almost worried people might not think we’re a nation of total idiots. The Associated Press reports:

After world leaders here condemned the “boundless greed” of world markets, Douglas was asked to compare nuclear Armageddon with the “financial Armageddon on Wall Street.”
But the likening to Gekko did not end there, with a reporter asking: “Are you saying Gordon that greed is not good?”
“I’m not saying that,” Douglas replied. “And my name is not Gordon. He’s a character I played 20 years ago.”

Ironically, no one asked Michael Douglas how to run the country even though he starred in The American President. They’re probably saving that question for a more suitable recipient: Harrison Ford. His presidential character had a machine gun. Whoa, did you hear that? I think Sarah Palin just moistened a little. Or a dam broke; I can never tell.


  1. kat


  2. meridian

    sound like a fake news to me. what idiot would call him Gordon?

  3. Max Planck

    First – DId they ask him how to throw a slider?

  4. Why Obama will lose

    When Benjamin Franklin was dispatched to France as ambassador of the United States in 1776, he won the hearts of the French through his authenticity. Rather than take on an affected and phony continental style, Franklin eschewed the powdered wig of the European gentleman and donned the fur cap of an American frontiersman. Original genius and polymath, Franklin understood that the French would see through any false pretension but respect an authenticity that sprang from an unpretentious and naive love of country.

    What a contrast there is between Franklin and Barack Obama. Obama is a Harvard lawyer who is a mile wide and an inch deep. He is only the latest in a long line of shallow elites that consider it stylish and intellectual to despise their own culture and heritage.

    Nothing exemplifies Obama’s antipathy for American culture better than his statement that Americans “cling to” religion and guns out of frustration or bitterness. We only can suppose that Obama regards religion or firearms as aberrations that need to be eradicated.

    Of course, both guns and religion are essential aspects of American culture. The United States was founded by people seeking religious freedom. Does the word “Pilgrim” ring a bell with anyone? Our freedom and the right to self-government were won by farmers with guns.

    The American Revolution started when the British marched to Concord with the intention of confiscating colonial arms. Both the right to “keep and bear arms,” and the right to “free exercise” of religion are enshrined in the Bill of Rights. We have come a long way when the presidential nominee of a major political party regards the exercise of fundamental rights as a mental aberration.

    When Obama refers to “my Muslim faith,” the verbal gaffe resonates as a Freudian slip because of Obama’s thinly veiled hatred for this country’s unique culture and institutions. Obama sat for 20 years in a church where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr preached “goddamn America.” He only resigned from the congregation when it became politically expedient to do so. When earlier this year, Michelle Obama said “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” can we conclude that her husband disagrees? Is it not remarkable that Michelle Obama can be so small-minded as to find nothing in the history of the United States that merits her admiration but the personal success of her husband?

    What is Barack Obama for? His campaign motto is “change.” But even a 6-year-old child understands that “change” can be either good or bad. Lacking specifics, the invocation of “change” as policy is completely empty. As we witness Obama’s minions mindlessly endorse the meaningless maxim of “change,” it only can call to mind the barnyard animals in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” chanting “four legs good, two legs bad!”

    The choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate has been devastating for the Obama campaign precisely because she is everything Obama is not. Palin is not ashamed of her culture or country. She is not embarrassed by being an American, but naively embraces her birthright. Unassisted by affirmative action, Palin has risen to national prominence on the basis of her character, intelligence and natural gifts. In a word, she has guts. This is a woman who is proud of her country, not because it has granted her personal success, but because she respects what America stands for: freedom, opportunity, and individualism.

    Obama is a vapid demagogue, a hollow man that despises American culture. He is ill-suited to be president of the United States. As the weeks pass, more Americans will come to this realization and elect McCain/Palin in a landslide.

    DAVID DEMING is an associate professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, but his opinions do not necessarily represent those of the university.

  5. He’s so panicked about recent polls and the upcoming debate that he’s trying to call a desperation “time out” from the campaign. It’s over old man. Now you’re just embarrassing yourself and your supporters. For Christ’s sake, put on a pair of dry pants and try to act like a man.

  6. Obvious

    Notice in #4′s cut-and-paste that it’s all trashing of Obama, followed by a contrast with a glowing description of PALIN. There’s no direct support of McCain, only indirect support in the form of “he’s not the other guy.”

    Sorry, Repugs, you put Sen. Bumblin’ Stumblin’ Fumblin’ at the top of the ticket, and he really looks like an old fool now trying to keep up with what’s going on with the financial markets. Good luck with Palin in 2012, because you’ll need it – by then everybody will know most of her story from the convention was fictional (neighbors in Alaska are already saying “hockey mom? Well…Todd was at some games, I know that…PTA mom? I think she was at a meeting once, maybe….”).

  7. Phil

    #5 – no kidding. So McCain has to rush back to Washington and spend all his time doing what? He’s not on the committee that’s handling the negotiations for the bailout bill. What’s he going to do, wait in the hallway? Plus, he’s not on that committee – despite plenty of seniority – for good reason: $$$ issues have never been something he’s been expert about or even interested in. Gee, what a great choice for these times…

  8. I hate rednecks

    This country should be split in half – the rednecks can have the shitty south and the smarter left can manage the north.
    The south could get blown to shit with hurricanes, earthquakes and tornado’s and let see their selfish government come to their aid.

  9. Slut

    Wow has he aged….looking at this picture makes me think Formaldehyde.

  10. @ 4

    couldnt agree more or have said it better myself!


    I agree partially with you. Id love to be able to split it that way and keep the south. Only thing Id say differently is that our government there would provide help because then there would be people worth saving. Not the bottom feeding, useless, ignorant dregs on society that are milking the system as of now.

  11. how much for a soda ???

    eighty fie cent.

  12. I love it how the Dem’s are scared crapless of Palin. As if she is running for Pres instead of VP. Obama has done nothing while in the Senate other than campain. He has close personal ties to William Ayers (US Terrorist), Rev Wright and has former heads of Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac as his economic advisers. Oh, lets not forget that he was the second highest recipient of money from these two failed financial institutions.

    McCain is no saint, but he is better than obama.

  13. lidia

    Men – you will learn how to properly date and respect women who are a little to a lot older than you! Im pretty sure if I was a guy, it would be my dream to be with an older women…or maybe it is my dream anyway haha _Agelessmate.c om_ !!

  14. Joejam2845

    It never seizes to amaze me how these celebs who play a role automatically makes them qualified to analyze everything!

  15. Joejam2845

    It never seizes to amaze me how these celebs who play a role automatically makes them qualified to analyze everything!

  16. ninja morning

    why obama will win

    because the current economic crisis looks terrible for the incumbent and the conservative stance on the economy. people are stupid and think this is all bush’s fault. they lack any in depth understanding of the economy or how this all went down and who started it. they’re gona vote blue this november because they think bush is stealing all our money to bail out wall street, those greedy bastards. stay in la la land american public! you’re safe there! but not from obama! aahh hahahahah!

  17. friendlyfires

    Yep, Palin’s dam broke.

  18. Slut

    Okay people….please stop coming to the Fish trying to start political arguments. This is a celebrity site where we should come to make fun of the celebs. Face it, the political system is rigged and no matter what you say on this site, people aren’t going to change who they are voting for.
    With that said…..

    vote McCain!

  19. National Assoc. on Aging

    He looks terrible with his Botoxed face and poorly done face lift. He now has a permanent surprised look on his face, not really appropriate for an actor, which must be the reason we never see him in movies now.

    Michael D. should realize that he can never be young again, like his beautiful wife. He is the perfect example of how men look like shit when they age compared to women. He has a fugly wrinkled face even with all his cosmetic surgeries, a giant gut, and a flabby ass, and he never even even given birth.

  20. Donkey Asses and Elephant Butts

    Why don’t all of you political shitheads go and blog a political site. Your stupid comments are not appropriate on this site, and never read by most of us. One has the understanding that the reason none of you post on political sites is because you are all scared of being put in your place by people with more insight than any of you fucking, stupid political groupies.

  21. GG1000

    You forget to mention that this questioning took place at a press conference on nuclear testing bans – when did he play a diplomat, anyway? Did I miss a film? To his credit, Douglas didn’t attempt to answer the questions as if he were an expert, but what does he know about nuclear testing? Then again, George W. probably knows nothing about nuclear testing…it’s all so confusing, isn’t it? Morgan Freeman was a really good President in that stupid movie about the asteroid – maybe we should vote for him.

  22. Michelle Obama

    My pussy smells like the monkey-house at the zoo.

  23. once again...


    Will someone please help me get this message to them, please??

  24. Grobpilot

    The best part about “Wall Street” was the tits on the hooker that climbed out of Charlie Sheen’s bed in the morning.

    Fuck celebrities and their attempts at displaying any kind of political knowledge.

  25. dKe

    Some people may still don’t believe the Age-gap relationship, but tell you what? such things happen everyday on __Agelessmate.c om__ Let’s show some respect for the true love without the bondage of so-called social norm!!

  26. #20 – pooow wittle baby. is evewyone tawking ovew your head baby?

    go get your ba-ba and passy and mommy will wub youw widdle bewwy.

  27. havoc

    I call bullshit.

    What freaking reporter would think that he is actually Gordon Gekko?

    Made up bullshit….


  28. buns

    moistened a little…bahahahaha

  29. Who cares


  30. Stephie

    This might be the funniest thing ever. Seriously

  31. UCrawford

    I remember when we had the Mars lander a group of reporters started harassing Ray Walston about it for his opinion because he starred in the show “My Favorite Martian” in the ’60s. His agent finally had to issue a public statement telling them to leave Walston alone because he was in his 80s, had no knowledge of anything regarding Mars and wanted to be left alone.

    It’s stuff like that that convinced me that journalists were as full of crap as the rest of us.

  32. Please! Only comments about CELEBRITIES!

    Here’s the thing Republicans should fear most: Dems are back out in front overall, and by a clear margin, across the congressional races. When asked, likely voters are saying the economy/jobs/financial markets are the #1 issue, and Iraq has almost fallen off the chart. They also say – with no good reason, mind you – that they think the Dems will do a better job on economics, again by a clear margin. The truth is, Obama will never connect with voters on a personal level. If was going to, he would have long before now. They still don’t really know him or trust him. But, they feel like the know the Republicans and – right or wrong – blame them for the current state of affairs, and believe that it’s time to swing power over to the Dems. Pretty standard stuff for a democracy – when it gets bad enough, voters get angry and vote to punish more than anything else. It’s way, way, way too late for McCain to overcome this, especially since everything is getting much worse by the week.

    Oh, and something about how pathetic Michael Douglas’s butt was in Basic Instinct. There ya go.

  33. Chi

    Asking Michael Douglas for advice on the economy is like asking Neil Patrick Harris for medical advice. Come on people seriously…..

  34. Doc holiday

    As a conservative republican, I support Obama. The republicans and some democrats in the house will damper his liberal agenda but those same people would support and back McCains liberal agenda just like they supported Bush’s. The war is not a conservative issue. A true conservative would have NUKED Afghanistan while we had the whole world behind us and now we wouldn’t be having these problems with Iraq and Iran.

  35. thegame

    Michael D’s mom was Bermudian and they own hotels in Bermuda…which mean he is FUCKING LOADED regardless of his movie star paychecks. So maybe he does know about finances…maybe not. who cares anyways?

  36. mamadough

    God, can you even imagine that dried up sack of bones seizuring on top of you? spittle coming out the side of his mouth while trying to wap you with his wrinkly dong? the real victim here is catherine zeta jones.

    on another note, i heard that sarah palin’s nipples get rock hard when you smack her around and tell her to get back in the kitchen, where she belongs.

  37. #4 is ignorant and rambling

    The reason for the revolutionary war is because the colonists were thriving on continental script, not the king’s coin. When King George’s taxes were not paid he sent his armies.
    You mention the Bill of Rights and yet support a government that does not respect it OR the Constitution.
    Sarah Palin belonged to a church where people make strange animal noises and claim (rofl) that is is God speaking through them. Has God ever told Sarah anything intelligent? She doesn’t seem to behave very intelligently what with preaching sexual abstinence with a knocked up teenaged daughter. And holding a big gun and killing animals for sport? Impress me by going into the forest with only a knife or even a bow and arrows, not a high velocity, telescoped firearm. Any fat pig or dumb whore can do that.

    As to McCain – he is one of the Keating Five and therefore a criminal. And he graduated 890 out of 894 at a Naval Acadamy, therefore he is stupid. He also said he does not know anything about economics and yet, has the semen-free balls to run for PRESIDENT????!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    Lol at # 37 who thinks firing a gun is just point and shoot. You probably are more accurate at hitting the toilet with your half-inch peen than you could ever be at firing a firearm.

    PS: How does universal healthcare respect the Constitution at all?
    Also, your lack of true statements is disturbing.

  39. Sid

    McCain just keeps getting better and better. Today is “this is a crisis, we must suspend the campaign. Let’s reschedule the first debate to the date reserved for the VP debate. We can hold the VP debate at some other time…[tiny voice]…or maybe cancel it.”

    Seriously, that’s what his campaign is saying. I have no doubt that if he’s down by 6 points on Nov. 1, he’ll tell Palin she has strip on national television. And she’ll probably do it. And…as with everything else, as we find out more about her we end up disappointed.

  40. Slut

    Wow #39, so what you are saying is that it is better to ignore the financial crisis and let Obama just focus on himself instead of our country. Way to go!

  41. Sgt. C. Foxtrot is a traitor and tranny

    Firing a gun is the easiest thing to do in the world. I learned when I was 8 fucking years old you homo coward. I then graduated to the bow. I gave up hunting at 12 because it did not suit my morality. I was not hunting for food but rather, sport.
    Any whore that shoots a goddamn moose which is the size of a barn door is a mindless evil cunt. Why did she have to kill it? For food? Or just to show she could aim with a giant scope and pull a fucking trigger?

    McCain is a mindless old man and brings nothing at all to the table. He is stupid and without anything new. Four more years of ruining the country and invading and killing and genocide and …


  42. greedy whores

    Michael Douglas is a celebrity he and Catherine Zeta Jones are filthy rich and DISGUSTINGLY GREEDY. They sued a magazine for printing wedding photos that made Catherine look fat, news flash hasbeen whore you got married right after giving birth (classy) and stuffed yourself into a wedding dress that fit you like a size 27 “fits” Kim Kardashian you were FAT, but your precious ego had never experiences not getting profusely stroked like the dick of a teenage boy so you and your OLD man went and sued some company for money you didn’t need over something that was not a big deal . What should I sue my Grandma for showing my naked baby pictures to my husband?

    And what did these filthy greedy pigs say at the press conference after they won a 1 million dollar settlement? ” 1 Million may be a lot to some people, but it isn’t to us” oh and they didn’t donate a cent of it.

    I love how piece of shit actors who play the president get paid more than the FUCKING President. They PLAY a doctor and they get paid like 10 to 100 times more, a firefighter, a hard working parent the list goes on.

    GREED IS EVERYWHERE IN SOCIETY not just on all wall street and the famous are among the greediest people on earth and while schools and hospitals can’t even stay and people loose their homes and can’t even afford the chemotherapy that would save their life, and people live on the streets and kids go to bed hungry these fucking overpaid pieces of shit are buying multiple mansions and fleets of vehicles and have personal chefs and go on constant designer shopping sprees as a fucking hobby.

    Greed is an addiction and there are always excuses. Just like food it is unhealthy to consume more than your fair share. Even if your Mom or spouse gives you portions that would turn Nicole Richie into Rosie O’Donnell you can choose to push yourself away from the plate and not eat all the fattening shit you are served and not turn into a giant WHALE. You CAN choose to not be a greedy fucking WHORE and live in a normal house and use all that extra money that you don’t need and are not entitled to and help build a hospital instead of another fucking mansion.

    Greed is what is RUINING this world and it is at the root of almost every major problem in this world.

  43. Chauncey Gardner

    #37 & 41

    you sound like an angry, foul mouthed, emotion driven liberal.

    Typical of your breed, you react with mere emotion, like a child. How about you try and retort with civility, not like youre Obama and someone just called you out for having zero experience for the office you are seeking.

    let me know when you are ready so that I can dismiss the rest of the students. I know you get embarrassed and worked up when you have to speak from your keyboard in public.

  44. Chauncey Gardner enjoys his hand only (penisless)

    Foul mouthed? Your filthy breed murder innocent children, homo.

    I am full of emotion and have no civility for “the enemy within” which is YOUR kind. As to experience, I would prefer someone with an intellect over a mindless, wel connected, crooked old thieving bastard with no ideas that can only clone his Master’s plans and nothing more. He (ha ha the elites) chose Palin for no good reason other than to get female moron votes.

    I would debate a simpleton like yourseld endlessly and joyfully. What class could a buffoon such as yourself teach? “The joys of anal masturbation”?

  45. Beeotch

    #43 excellent point! For example….see post#44

  46. Chauncey Gardner

    wow. case in point…thanks for proving it. Do you even read what you wrote? You sound like a crazy guy that Jay and Silent Bob cut from a script because he sounded “too crazy” to be real. “clone his Master’s plans”? ~whew~…glad Im not at your high school. Id be afraid of seeing you cowardly walking in all dressed in black.

    BTW, youve lost the argument once you attack the messenger and not the topic. It proves you have nothing left to say about the topic at hand.

    Oh well, from the sounds of it youre used to losing.

    That being said, you couldnt debate me. Youre already slathering at the mouth and throwing out strange, sci-fi comments that make no sense. Again, youre letting your emotions get the best of you kid.

    Take a cymbalta then come back in about 2 hours and re-visit the grown ups here. We’ll be having a live model for “The joys of anal masturbation” class. Tell your wife to leave the K9 dildo at home, we will have the real thing for her this time.

  47. Chauncey Gardner is suspiciously happy (g a y e e ?)

    By cloning his master I implied he is as you are, nothing more than a cheap duplicating bitch that will do as he is told to do by the elite. Are you now aware that Brzinkski is now advising Obama? Ha ha the same old group of elites like James Baker and Kissinger and the Bushes that really are calling the shots for the Moneied Aristocracy that rules and owns this world.
    Our world has been conquered by the money lenders long ago little buddy. Even one as dense as you secretly admit it to yourself now and again I would hope. These candidates are pawns. C’mon dumb ass face it. Reagan wasn’t smart enough to rank anywhere in the private sector. Your wartime president Dubya is a box of rocks. McCain finished almost at the very bottom of a naval acadamy and these idiots are what is supposed to now be our leaders?

    Have you noticed that we are now funding even more of the financial empire’s folly than ever before? Where is the GAO? The SEC has been leashed. The Federal Reserve (bankster cartel) is more powerful than ever. What does this all mean to a simpleton like you? Republican virtue versus filthy stinking liberals. We are divided and conquered and in monstrous debt.

    Hey goofball, are you aware of what a derivative is ? The global economy is worth what $7 trillion and yet there are $681 in derivatives floating. The speculators have ruined the global economy and yet the numbers of the super rich keep increasing obviously at the expense of the poor and middle class.

    Are you ok with the concept of “compound interest”? What was it Einstein said, “the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”. If so then you are a traitor. Or a republican dullard. All gym muscle and no backbone.

    Go on and take a shower with the nonathletes, punk. And no looking at their little packages. I hate a man with penis envy.

    Your turn shit for brains.

  48. Correction

    $70 trillion global econ. I meant, sorry

  49. @47 – HOLY SHIT you are one whacko and Chauncy, as much of a pole smoker as he is, was right about your inability to do anything without the name calling, like a child.

    90% of what youve stated is all subjective and at best, a conspiracy theory. Are you really binky? and thinking the jews are taking over the world? (humming the twilight zone theme)

    Ill bet youre the biggest poster on moveon.org and the ever so classless democraticunderground.com, arent you?I can tell youre so proud of yourself.

    Oh yea, what time is your wifes class starting?

  50. jaime

    i was about to say that having starred in the west wing he might have a good idea of how to run a country.

    then i remembered that was martin sheen! i always confuse those two! as well as tim meadows and don cheadle!

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