Michael Bay’s Victoria’s Secret Commercial

December 8th, 2009 // 49 Comments

List of Mankind’s Achievements that Needed to Happen (Revised)

1. Letting Michael Bay direct a Victoria’s Secret commercial.
2. Harnessing the power of flight.
3. Inventing the printing press.
4. Fire.
5. David After Dentist.

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  1. collin


  2. havoc

    Oh hell yeah…..


  3. Aerialgreen

    Niples on Optimus Prime!

  4. little jew

    He’s not at ALL VICTORIA’S SECRET MATERIAL…Seriously, I would never ever buy bra’s from this guy.

  5. phildo

    is this real life?

  6. titsonsnack

    Ok. It looks like it could have been directed by anybody, really.

  7. lala

    how about we see the one where megan foxe washes your car….please……

  8. The spycam in your monocle

    First off, I love the hell out of this.

    Secondly, I think it’s funny that

    1. The fanboys on iwatchstuff loaded out their comments with how much they hate Michael Bay (following the watch writer’s seeming distaste)

    2. The people on here will be more likely to call an ace an ace, because the Superficial agrees that this is the stuff that excellence and awesome is made of.

    3. If Geekologie posted it:

    “FAKE.” followed by: “FIRST” followed by: “no dinosaurs?” followed by: “MICHAEL BAY IS A ROBOT LOVER BURN HIM WITH FIRE.” followed by: “@1. it obviously isn’t fake. @2. EPIC FAIL” followed by: “@5 we don’t pay attention to daisy, you’re obviously new” followed by “it’d be sexier if they were riding dinosaurs”


  9. Is this real Life?

  10. anything would be better than the last Transformers movie

  11. observer

    Apparently non-white women don’t matter to Michael Bay, or for that matter, Victoria’s Secret.

  12. androo

    BAHAHAHA helicopters, motorcycles, jets, skantily clad women and explosions

    if this wasnt made by micheal bay then it was made by a someone ELSE with the mindset of a 14 year old boy

  13. killerabbit


    Very nice analysis. Made my day. Okay, maybe not as much as the video did, but well done nonetheless.

  14. Harry

    #13: there’s an Asian girl at 1:12.

  15. hmna

    This is obviously a fake. Only one massive explosion, at 1:14? Come on now!

  16. Mazer

    Since this was Micheal Bay I was waiting for some exploding bras. Boy was I disappointed.

  17. 15 minutes to kill before I bolt from work

    Why the fuck to they need to have a big-time movie director direct a commerical for underwear? The hot women alone sell the product. And even if they didn’t – IT’S FUCKING UNDERWEAR. This was so unnecessary and ridiculous and just stupid.

  18. Kimberly

    What?! Where’s Bumblebee and Optimus??

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  20. fat guy in a little shirt....


    LOL. perfect.

  21. Parker

    wow. finally a new christmas special.

  22. Rough 360

    Nice try Bay! Now those french have some sexy commercials…

  23. Drundel

    How could Alessandra Ambrosio of had a kid 6-9 months ago? That’s just not fair.

  24. Kathleen

    Were the explosions just there to prove he can replace Megan Fox in the next Transformers?

  25. idontgetit

    i agree that victoria’s secret models are gorgeous (although many use chicken cutlets and theyre boobies are ALWAYS varying in size) but how in the hell is any of the victoria’s secret advertising geared to the only demographic that is supposed to buy the lingerie? there is no way in hell im buying a corset i saw on marisa miller because she is MARISA MILLER and im not. im sure im not the only one. how do they make money?

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  27. I think this commercial is ripe for internet parodies… I hope there’s some takers out there.

  28. steph

    Why are there no cameras rotating 360 degrees?? I am disappointed.

  29. Some of Michael Bay’s best work has been his commercials and in the case of the latter two isn’t afraid to showcase what he’s best at. As many knocks that Bay gets against him, I’m always impressed that he’s never changed his style for anyone.

  30. yeah

    @ 13 and 16

    Iman is actually half black and half Korean

  31. Way to employ your hyperkinetic editing style so that we don’t have any time to actually enjoy any of these super hot ladybodies, Michael.

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  33. stone

    Fuck. And Yes.

  34. very hundson man..

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  37. These is so cool that michael is more over thinking on this that’s upto him to get over such a critical issue.

  38. how about we see the one where megan foxe washes your car..please..

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