Michael Bay has ‘secret audition’ tape of Megan Fox

Before the first Transformers hit theaters, Megan Fox was a virtually unknown actress desperate to find work which made her vulnerable to predatorial directors. Non-surprisingly that included Michael Bay who had a Ferrari in need of washing and a video camera in need of.. videoing. The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

But the star’s start in Hollywood was anything but glamorous, after director Michael Bay made her clean his expensive car as part of her audition for the role, according to U.K. broadcaster Jason Solomons.
He writes in his film column for the Observer newspaper, “He made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her.”
And Soloman insists Fox was concerned as to where the footage may have ended up, quizzing an embarrassed Bay over the bizarre audition.
He adds, “She said she didn’t know what had happened to that footage. When I put it to Bay himself, he looked suitably abashed — ‘Er, I don’t know where it is either.'”

I never thought I’d say the following words, but in light of recent events, there’s really no other option. So here goes: I respect Michael Bay as person and do not curse his very existence. — Wow. I was pretty sure a black hole would open up and swallow our entire reality. No, wait, there it is. Whee!

Thanks to Devin who thought he knew heroism. Until today.

Photos: Splash News