Michael Vick Bails On Oprah

February 17th, 2011 // 79 Comments

Michael Vick apparently wants to end up like all those dogs he murdered because he just bailed on his first post-prison interview with Oprah of all people. When reached for comment, she put on a Viking helmet and starting singing “I’m gonna fuck that boy uuuuuppp” in a opera singer voice. TMZ reports:

“After careful consideration, I will need to postpone the taping of the Oprah Winfrey interview scheduled for February 22.”
He continues, “I admire and respect Oprah and hope to be able to participate in an interview in the future.”

Speaking of Vick, I caught a lot of shit for harping on Ben Roethlisberger this season and not Vick, so allow me to explain myself real quick: I’m not a pet person. — Kidding. Well, sort of, I’m really not one because I’m a meticulously neat, self-absorbed person, but back to the subject: In the almost four years since the Vick incident I’ve watched so many celebrities do horrible shit to humans (Holding knives to their wives’ throats, hitting babies with cars, giving birth, etc.) and that tends to concern me more than animal problems. Not that I condone murdering dogs at random, but being a Super Bowl quarterback with a pattern of “allgedly” raping women because you can pay them to go away and/or discredit them seems to be the more pressing and poignant issue in my book. Especially when Vick actually did time for his crime. Whether he really regrets it or just getting caught is, of course, open for debate. Basically my point is there should be more concern over your Roethlisbergers – and apparently Mark Sanchez – who still are out there preying on women instead of getting our panties in a bunch over some dogs that died almost half a decade ago. Also, there’s another guy out there firing penis photos at chicks and I end up seeing them on the Internet, so we should probably prioritize that above anything else. I’ll get the guns.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    As a Philadelphia Eagles fan,

    This city was as shocked as anyone else when his signing was announced.

    It’s been pretty difficult for a lot of us accepting him (other than the home boys), no matter how good his season was this last year. Who knows what he actually regrets, but I do believe he gets nailed pretty hard on it compared to Rapistberger.

    I mean, watching the fucking pregame during the Superbowl, all the interviewers tip-toed around the multiple rape charges and phrased it as “a difficult year”, whereas with Vick, it’s the first thing that comes up, right off the bat, “yada yada you spent 2 years in jail for killing dogs yada yada”.

    Vick isn’t doing Oprah because there was a bet made between Oprah and Piers Morgan (that Brit from CNN) about who would first get him to interview, and he might possibly violate his parole somehow over it.

  2. Ptentacle

    I’m not going to say much about SW’s opinion in this matter. But both crimes are terrible and should be punished accordingly. Perhaps it seems worse to do these things to animals because we are their wardens. It’s our responsibility to treat them with dignity and respect regardless if they can return it. That aside, I’m more amazed at how civilized this discussion has been. Way more so than those assholes over at Geekologie. They all want to be Daniel Tosh over there so they make racist jokes without the clever satire.

  3. Aggie

    Fish, I’ve gotta disagree with you on this one. While I also think it’s disgusting and unacceptable that NFLers get away with what seems like constant violence, and sexual harassment and/or assualt, I think Michael Vick is just as bad.
    Animals are extremely vulnerable. Even an abused child will one day be able to speak for itself, an animal never will, they are totally at our mercy. To take advantage of that is-to me anyways-as sickening and disturbing as taking advantage of another human being. The NFL needs to do a serious clean up, and Vick should go along with Sanchez, Roethlisberger and the rest of them.

  4. piperfromweho

    Fish, thanks for the article. I am glad that people feel so strongly about the subject no matter what side they are on! It’s on our minds and look at the response here, makes me feel good! I hate Evil Murderous Vick!

  5. HackSaw

    Spoken like a typical Steelers fan with AD/HD.

  6. Bringbackbabalu

    Sorry Fish, but your logic is totally fucked. Animals aren’t like people, they don’t deserve it. I think someone who says Vick is ok and forgiven or who cares what people do to animals is sick. I don’t think you deserve to live. People are fucking evil. Who cares about some gold digging whore that is married to Charlie Sheen. Let them all kill each other and I don’t want to read about it or hear about it. Michael Vick doesn’t even deserve to be alive. These dogs didn’t decide, hey Michal Vick is rich and famous lets go see if we can get a job working with him. So what, whatever Rapistberger or whoever this nobody clown I never really heard of except from an Eminem lyric and this stupid site, and wow he is a football player. Maybe the stupid whore should have known that when you get with a NFL player that is what you get.

    So basically ya, for the stupid people you are talking about IT IS THEIR OWN FUCKING FAULT!!!
    The dogs? They didn’t do a fucking thing except they were born.

    Now when you take the blind victim of a murder or something like the halocaust…then you have a whole bunch of innocent victims. Some whore who

    “but being a Super Bowl quarterback with a pattern of “allgedly” raping women because you can pay them to go away and/or discredit them seems to be the more pressing and poignant issue in my book.”

    Well ya, throw these woman in a dumpster they don’t even deserve to be alive. So drug addicts and prostitutes and unproductive people like Lohan, that should be thrown in a furnace, are better than some poor dogs that don’t know any better? As people we have a responsability to take care of animals like dogs. I don’t think that includes caring about drug addict prostitutes!

    The guy had a dog fighting ring!!! I don’t even see how he isn’t in jail for the rest of his life! Who cares about Rapistburger someone should put a bullet in his head and throw him in a shallow grave…and he wouldn’t be missed. You have it so wrong! How can people be so naive and stupid, guess you never learned right and wrong Fish. I am very dissapointed.

    • Falcon

      Having BEEN a rape victim, I can tell you that nobody EVER deserves to be raped. They are never “asking for it,” they never “had it coming to them,” and they often have as little control over the situation they are in as those dogs.

      Any man the size of Roethlisberger is intimidating and it would be nearly impossible for a woman to fight somebody as big as him, especially if he insisted that he has the right to stick his cock where it isn’t welcom. I can’t think of any women off-hand strong enough to fight him off.

      The day you get raped 9 ways to Sunday is the day you can open your mouth and start talking about how you were asking for it and deserve to die, you ignorant piece of misogynistic trash. You disgust me.

      • Jillia

        Thank you. It disgusts me when anyone says something like, “that’s what you get.” I could be standing in the middle of the Steeler’s locker room butt ass naked, that still doesn’t mean anyone has the right to assault me against my will. And excusing a guy’s behavior because “she was asking for it” just makes it okay for anyone to get away with rape.

  7. dumbass

    Let it go people – Vick served his time, and he has done nothing since being released from prison other than work his ass off to stay on the straight and narrow – unless you want every peson who ever makes a mistake in their lives shot dead on the spot (and if you do want that, make sure you’re perfect and never make any mistakes yourself), then you have to let people move on from their mistakes and live their lives. Save the bitching for people like lohan that keep making the same dumb mistakes over & over, not ever learning a damn thing and with no intention of ever changing their ways. The breed ‘Pit Bull’ exists only because they are bred for one purpose only – for fighting each other for ‘sport’. They’re not retrievers, not for hunting, they’re for fighting each other. Not saying that’s ok, just that dog fighting has been going on in many places in the world for a very long time, and is considered normal and acceptable by huge segments of the population, so don’t make it out that Vick invented this or did anything wildly out of the norm in terms of what the people he grew up around considered acceptable. What about cock fighting? That goes on all over the South, and lots of places in the Northern states. Roosters aren’t deserving of humane treatment? Save the cocks!

    • babooda

      You keep posting intelligent and well thought out comments like this and you are gonna have to change your screen name….nicely said!

      • ooz

        I disagree. The ‘environmental’ argument is weak. Everyone he grew up with got their kicks by torturing animals? Even if so, it doesn’t make it right. It means he was surrounded by psychopaths.
        And, the ‘changed man’ argument is bullshit too. No one knows that for sure (it’s sooo easy for apologists to equate time served with repentance, but sorry, they’re NOT one in the same) and by the way he carries himself with that shit-eating, smug as hell smirk, I have to doubt it. He is always sporting the cat-that-ate-the-canary look. It’s sickening.

  8. OnTheRealThough

    Vick audibled nicely on Oprah & her blitz package.

    Ask Ludacris & Ice Cube.

  9. Rough powered by droid

    Whether murdering dogs is a lesser crime than a “rapist” (I’ve been googling Ben the rapist with no results) somehow Vick will do fine, as long as he doesn’t have an interview with Pier Morgan.

  10. Get over it

    Last! Well said Pescado! Ben Roethlisbooger is a Meathead.

  11. YeahYeah

    Because it always starts with animals. Next he would have harmed a person. And he is not sorry, he’s only sorry he got caught.

  12. Mandy

    There is a difference between allegedly doing something, and actually doing it. I don’t care if Vick did his time in jail. He is still disgusting, and I think he should have spent much more time in jail. Injuring/killing animals for fun usually leads to killing humans for fun, so it’s not like Vick is much better than any of the other douchebag NFL players.

  13. I’m a pretty avid animal lover (especially dogs) and even I got really annoyed at all the baying the massive did out there over this guy. After a certain point, it makes me wonder…why are you really that angry?

    And even though I believe all life is precious, I, like the editor, believe that the shit Big Ben did and got away with far outweighs what Vick did.

    And plus (because I can’t forget to put some snark in it) Pit Bulls are dull dogs. Their owners are usually pretty unimaginative too. I’d take a typical lap dog over them any day. Hell, Lhasas are complete assholes but they have way more personality than those little monsters. ;)

    • Jennyjenjen

      I have a pitbull. She’s as sweet as any dog I have ever come across. She thinks she’s a lap dog and all she wants to do is love people. She’s also extremely sharp and obedient. I don’t know where you are getting that they are dull, they are known for their intelligence. And I won’t even bother with your statement about owners. This coming from a dude who prefers lap dogs…

    • Kimberly

      I love my Lhasa!! And yeah, he is an asshole. And he’s pushy, selfish, a fair weather friend. . .

      That’s why I love him!

      But I think all dogs are wonderful. Even dogs that attack do so because they weren’t raised right. The difference between a killer dog and a killer human is that dogs don’t kill out of joy or vengeance.

  14. Ksurfiws

    Best Post you have ever written.
    Stop it

  15. Robert

    “put on a Viking helmet”? I’m pretty sure a Cowboy helmet would be more effective.

  16. SillyPuttySara

    It saddens me that so many of you are so offended by the idea that a woman should have more rights than a dog.
    Vick has shown himself to be a man who gets off on violence suffering and death, not cool.
    Ben sure seems to be a rapist (which also requires that he gets off on domination over and dehumanization of women), not cool.
    Mark Sanchez got away with his first rape the summer before he got to USC (look it up!) and as a former USC student (the same years as him) I can personally attest to his misogynistic, aggressive, ‘no means yes’ behavior. Whether you believe me or not doesn’t change the fact that Sanchez is a piece of shit who has a history of sexually abusing women and who I’m sure will continue it.

  17. packersrule

    Hey Vick – Nice pick you threw against The Packers to lose! Haha – he sucks balls – and all I have seen of him shows he is not repentent about what he did to those dogs – the fighters and the bait dogs. Really wish he could suffer like his dogs did.

  18. Before getting up on your soapbox go to the smoking gun website and read the court files regarding Bad Newz Kennels and the crimes Vic is accused of.

  19. AK

    In all sincerity, I appreciate that a guy can drool over celebrities in bikinis in one post and stick up for women’s rights in another.

  20. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    Hey, I have really tried to get over this, let it go and totally forgive and think that maybe Vick has turned over a new leaf. The sad thing is that if they had a pay for view where if Vick lost a football game and out came a bunch of Men dressed as dogs who did exactly to him what he did to the dogs, I would so get cable just to make sure I could see the pay for view……Hell I’d throw a party. Is this wrong of me to think this way?

    • piperfromweho

      Jon and kate…
      I feel the same way! I just can’t wrap my mind around his hatefulness.

      • emo

        u cant wrap ur mind upon HIS hatefulness yet u would like to watch him get torn to shreds and have what he did to the dogs happen back to him? do u guys even attempt to comprehend some of the shit that comes out of ur mouths?

  21. Marco

    The reason you picked on Rapist-burger more that Vick is very clear even though you try to convince us otherwise.

    You are racist.

    It’s that simple and I really think that you need to admit it. thank you.

  22. packersrule

    Read the court docs if you want to see firsthand what a piece of shit Vick is. How many dogfights he personally attended. Ever seen video of a pitbull fight? See how long you can watch before you have to turn away. Here’s the court docs…

  23. Kimberly

    What the fuck man?

    Did you write this while sucking Vick’s dick as Obama was taking you from behind????

    Do you know how Vick killed the dogs? There were a lot of ways. He probably picked his method-of-the-day out of a hat, but one that stood out to me was throwing the dog’s head down to the ground. I don’t see how that compares to threatening words…

    And it’s not just the dog-fighting and killing. He’s just an amoral monster (I initially wrote “human being” but had to correct myself) who has blood on his hands.

  24. Good points Fish.
    Also, nicely done up at the top jojo.


  25. LEB

    Well, golly gosh, I sure am surprised that Michael Vick bailed on opera, since we all know what a classy guy he is….

  26. I’m no fan of Vick, or Oprah for that matter, but I would have loved to see him try and tell her “It’s a cultural thing, man.”

  27. emo

    if u choose not to be a fan of vick thats ur prerogative. but people that continue to try to make him sound like the scum of the earth are fuckin ridiculous! the man did his time so just move the fuck on. the reason i call u people hypocrites is cuz out of the millions of people out there who hate vick becuz of what he did to cute cuddly dogs maybe five percent of you would give a shit if he were cock fighting, but just becuz they are dogs michael vick is the second coming of satan. ridiculous…

    • emo

      another thing im not getting is once again this turned into a vick bashing marathon with barely anything said about rothlisberger. all of the parents out there with dogs would u rather have ur daughter raped in the bathroom of some bar, or have ur dog tortured? the superficial isnt condoning what vick did by any means and neither am i, he is just saying what rothlisberger did was worse.

    • packersrule

      for the record, I’d be just as disgusted if it was cock fighting…

  28. Sarah

    I understand your line of thinking but you have to understand how far beyond dog fighing he went. He got a kick out of hanging them from trees and watching die a slow painful death. Those were statements made by his cousins. He threw his kid’s dogs in the ring. He pulled the teeth out of female dogs so they couldn’t fight back on the rape stand. The guy is a psychopath and took it to places dog fighters don’t go. Also its a matter of perspective – a lot of people think Big Ben served his time missing out on 4 games because he was never convicted. And what about Ray Lewis? They are all pieces of shit when comes down to it.

  29. Sarah

    You are wrong he electrocuted, fought, hung and drowned dogs himself. Go back and read the court docs its all there with statements from his partners.

  30. michaelsem231

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  31. Jack

    When I read the unintelligent and flippant remarks made by this site’s owner (“getting our panties in a bunch over some dogs that died almost half a decade ago”) it made me not want to visit this website anymore. I used to like it quite a bit but there are other celebrity gossip sites out there that are better than The Superficial, in more ways than one. More intelligent ones, and funnier as well. You know, it is possible to be upset at the same time with people who abuse animals and people who abuse people. One can do both, you know,

    • emo

      THAN DO BOTH!!!! read the comments on this page. the vick hating posts outweigh the ben hating posts 20 to 1. if someone did what ben did to my sister i would through their dog in a meat grinder if they got off with no consequences.

  32. Richard Roma

    Hopefully this piece of garbage gets his karma.

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