Michael Rooker Will Look Like This Next To Bradley Cooper’s Talking Raccoon With A Gun

August 23rd, 2013 // 15 Comments

In space, no one can see you flash people at the park because you’re still wearing clothes, you idiot.

While Marvel’s in the middle of trying to land Bradley Cooper to voice Rocket Raccoon, here’s Michael Rooker filming Guardians Of The Galaxy in England this morning where he’ll be playing Yondu, some blue alien guy in space. (I have no fucking clue, I never read these comics.) And if all of this sounds ridiculous, last night Warner Bros announced Ben Affleck is Batman. There’s no bottom here anymore. But don’t worry, I found a way to restore balance to the universe:

Rocket Raccoon GIF

Peter Dinklage Hula Hoop

Rocket Raccoon GIF

Peter Dinklage Hula Hoop

Rocket Raccoon GIF

Peter Dinklage Hula Hoop

Rocket Raccoon GIF

Peter Dinklage Hula Hoop

Congratulations, you’re all virgins again.

Photos: FameFlynet


  1. alex

    Possibly the single greatest thing in the history of modern man. It’s all been leading to this.

  2. I just forgot all about all the troublesome things I’ve read this morning because Rocky and hula hooping.

  3. Super hero movies need some wacky, head scratching shit. I’m all in on this. All. In.

  4. Cock Dr

    Get us the hula hoop video.

  5. What’s happened to the comic book to movie phenomena is similar to a dump I take after eating Taco Bell.

    It starts out with a small solid movement (“Batman”), then once everything else in there senses its going down, the fucking floodgates open and you’re shitting a column of yellow/brown water at 20 psi before you know it.

  6. I think we can trust Marvel’s track record much more than DC’s these days.

  7. Now if you can find a video of Dinklage wearing a raccoon mask while hula hooping and shooting a machine gun, you could post that every day and never have to do any work again.

  8. Michael Rooker Yondu Guardians of The Galaxy
    Commented on this photo:

    Michael Rooker looks badass

  9. Deina

    Now, is it a requirement to be high when watching this movie?

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