Michael Lohan: Rehab Consultant.
No, Really.

As if Hollywood rehabs weren’t a big enough punchline to baby strollers getting run over by moving vehicles, Michael Lohan has been hired as a “rehab consultant,” according to TMZ:

He’s teaming up with a company called “Recovery Hub” in L.A. — an agency that specializes in matching up recovering addicts with a rehab center that best meets their individual needs.
No word on his specific duties — but we’re told MiLo got the job a few days ago, and his start date is already set … for next Monday.

Call me old-fashioned, but you know what should bar someone from working in rehabilitation industry? Creating Lindsay Lohan with your sperm. I mean, Jesus, I’ve seen junkies selling their own children on the black market with more credibility than Michael Lohan. “Giving you $50 right now will cure my Vicodin addiction? Well, you’re not a Lohan, so I don’t see how that can’t be true. Do you accept Visa?”

Photos: INFdaily