Michael Lohan is Banging This

August 3rd, 2010 // 171 Comments

For the record, I didn’t set out to make two posts today insinuating God doesn’t exist. Honestly, it just slipped out.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. fatguyinalittleshirt


    • Deacon Jones

      yep. Beyond the blond hair and slim figure, I can go to the mall and pick out 5 chicks hotter in the food court.

      More power to him though, for finding an attention whore, a young one at that. They do anything in bed.

      I guarantee Daddy left Mommy when she was young. Bet my 401 k

  2. Sonia Stickles
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  3. Sonia Stickles
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    serious butterface

  4. Sonia Stickles
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    That makes TOTAL sense! It’s like we’re watching the prophecies of 2012 unfold before our very eyes.

  5. Sonia Stickles
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    In this pic, she kind of looks a bit like his daughter. Thats gross…

  6. Mr. Nice Guy

    She looks great. For a women with small tits, she looks great.
    fatguyinalittleshirt is nuts

  7. Sonia Stickles
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    almost first!!

  8. kz

    I agree she has a nice body, but these girls are a dime a dozen. There are prettier girls in my high school.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      Where is your High School, we will stop be and judge for ourselves?
      Here in Orange County California she looks great.

    • i can get over the small tits but that trampstamp is buttugly. what a waste. dime a doz wanabe

      • ss

        Funny! Im in OC too. I guess you DO have access to pretty women, you just have inbred shit taste. That chick’s face is FUGLY.

      • Mr. Nice Guy

        Her face is not perfect (looks like Howard Stern’s wife) but that body looks great.

    • kz

      Are you serious? There are much prettier girls all around. I already said she has a nice body, but she isn’t pretty.

      • Harley

        Looks like Howard Stern’s wife? Dude, you need to invest in some glasses, because this bitch does not look like that hot piece of ass Beth O.

    • Brooke

      I kinda think she looks like she is still in high school. Her face looks young– I think I would have thought she was 15 if I hadn’t read the article. Nice to see she hasn’t gotten breast implants, at least. She does look like she’s sucking in, though, heh.

  9. Mr. Nice Guy

    Her pussy “mound” in that first picture is as good as it gets.

    • just the right amount of cushion …nothing worse than bangin lip-less pelvic bone. Well, some things are worse, but gimme some squishy labia any day of the week

    • ןɐpuɐɹ

      Wow, seriously, quotation marks around “mound”? Who are you quoting?

      • Randal(l)

        “mound” as in he suspects it’s large enough to be a small cock and calls it’s credibility of being a vagina into question. I concur, I know a thing or two about small cocks…..not in any sort of gay way…….or not that I have a small cock myself and have years of personal experience with people questioning my gender after seeing my tiny dong and confusing it for an enlarged clitoris…..I mean in a different that makes complete hetero horse cock having sense.


  10. Sonia Stickles
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    i feel VERY bad for lindsay lohan…her dad is a total skank and a douche bag.

  11. ROUGH: cowardice rules if thats ok with you.

    How come I feel “Chippy D’s” way of becoming famous is more dignified?

  12. Sonia Stickles
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    her body is ok, but her face is meh…why so much makeup…oh shit, KEEP IT ON!

  13. LJ

    I thought that dating 12 year olds was illegal?

  14. Nicole

    Any chance of this scum bag trying to date someone older than his daughter?? And wasn’t he engaged to be married, something like last week?? Such an honest relationship… I’m sure it will last forever (if forever is until the next dumb blond comes around).

  15. havoc

    Killer body. But she’s got a ferret face.

    I’d still wreck it in a heartbeat…..


  16. Lady Blah Blah

    And he’s in the Hamptons with this chick. I don’t believe in God either, but I’m going to pray anyway, Dear Lord, please cause the former planet Pluto to crash into whatever area of the Hamptons Michael Lohan is in during the moment of impact.

  17. Photoshop Police

    whoever res’d up images 2 & 3 is an idiot.


  18. Danielle

    Her face reminds me of a blonde Ali Lohan… Well at least I know why he was attracted!

  19. coye

    butterface x 2

  20. Lindsay's Left Lip

    First! (to blow my load … fap fap fap fap fap fap uuuuuughnnngghhhh fap. fap fap.)

  21. Cock Dr

    Hope she drugs him & takes a lot of happy snaps of his little weiner while he’s out cold, then send pics to SW.

  22. m.

    Hope that nude photos of this girl leak sooner than later. Mr. Lohan we are counting on you!

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Let me puke all over his wrinkled freckles

  24. Sonia Stickles
    this girl
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    daddy issues much?

  25. Sonia Stickles
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    what’s up with his giant forehead on pic 11? Is he an alien or something!

    • Chico

      I bet it would feel really good to bash his forehead with a wooden baseball bat. I love wooden baseball bats, much better the metal when beating someone IMO.

  26. Sonia Stickles
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    There is no justice in this world.

  27. Sonia Stickles
    Mojo Nixon
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    Bitter Beer Face!

  28. Sonia Stickles
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    i bet you her poon lips look like a bloodhound’s cheeks. look at that bulge in the suit…
    have none of you any powers of detecting slut-snatch?
    also… totally would have been believable if it was a pic of blow-han.

    • brittani

      I was waiting for someone to comment on that hahahaha.

      Great body yes, but not the face…. where did her upper lip go?

  29. Sonia Stickles
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    omg. lokks like she could be his daughter…it kind of looks like her! ewww.

  30. Amy

    If you look at the other pictures, you can tell she has a gut and a trailer-park face. You idiots will fall for photoshop at the drop of a hat.

    Besides that, it’s amazing what people will do for attention/money.

    • Amy is ugly


      • Jammy

        I also immediately thought trailer park whore.

      • Amy

        I’m simply pointing out that she looks like she came straight from a incestous family. Case in point, she HAS NO LIPS and slightly resembles the kid from Deliverance. Also, she dates Micheal Lohan–it’s pretty obvious she’s slightly retarded.

    • RaraAvis

      It’s nice of you to give her the benefit of the doubt, Amy. I thought she looked totally retarded. And, of course, her actions – i.e. “dating” Michael Lohan – speak volumes. Complete dumbass.

  31. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  32. So what? He’s banging a braindead flatchested whorse (yes whorse, a whore with horse teeth)

  33. what Hacksaw said

  34. Sonia Stickles
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    Fucking hideous.

  35. Lovethis

    wow he’s bangin haley joel osment.. ive been wondering what that kids been up to lately

  36. Sonia Stickles
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    For the record, she’s pretty ugly. Flat butt, too.

  37. berryrock

    certified life coach

    Wow..she really looks gorgeous in these outfits.The colour she wear really match with his personality.

  38. MadameX

    She looks like every other skank out there. Doesn’t have talent so she has to sleep with a scumbag to gain some attention. What happened to class?

  39. Sonia Stickles
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    She’d be cute if she wasn’t so damn trashy.

  40. Drew

    My face feels buttery just looking at her. I’d bang that ass though.

  41. Sonia Stickles
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    His next “I want to be famous” FAMEWHORE

  42. Sonia Stickles
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    Hard to believe she has nasty tramp stamp ink. NOT

  43. Sonia Stickles
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  44. jlylec

    not hot. looks red as hell.

  45. Horny Jerk


    Shit…..that’s a two bagger!!

  46. maybe, maybe not

    Does she have a glass eye? Something’s wrong there….

  47. stinky mcpoop

    If you’re going to bang a fame whore, you might as well bang one that looks halfway decent. That’s what I always say.

  48. Sonia Stickles
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    I hope she doesn’t fall asleep naked around him otherwise there will be pictures of her all over the internet when she gets him arrested for beating her down.

  49. Sonia Stickles
    Cardinal Fang
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    Lindsey’s out of the house now, so he’s has found someone else to bang.

  50. Sonia Stickles
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    She looks like Tonya Harding’s little sister. Or daughter.

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