Michael Lohan is a Mastermind

Recovering alcoholic Michael Lohan is reportedly threatening to become a drunk again – but only so he can be next to his daughter Lindsay in rehab because that’s entirely how these things work. TMZ reports:

We’re told Michael is going to show up at Betty Ford and demand admission. He will stage his own arrest — to show everyone how much he cares about his daughter.
Michael is saying he’ll make one more trip to Betty Ford to attempt to see Lindsay. If she won’t let him in, he’s going to get all drunk and then go back and make a scene.

You really gotta give Michael Lohan credit for this one. The man actually found a convenient excuse to fall off the wagon and blame it completely on someone else. That’s the Lohan way!

“Ladies and gentlemen, believe me when I say I don’t want to drink this sweet delicious scotch that makes me forget I’m a giant asshole. *takes a swig* Mm.. I am absolutely hating this. *swigs again* Is this a single malt? Goddamn. I mean, oh, my poor daughter. *chugs* Hey, baby, how you doin’? See this? All Lohan. *pukes on an alley cat* That’s for giving my daughter AIDS.. cat! I recorded you… I so recorded you… Okay, I forgive you. Drive me to In N’ Out?”

Photo: Splash News