Michael Lohan: ‘I’m Gonna Call Lindsay From the Bar and Make Her Jealous’

After a day of weeping outside the courthouse and going on Larry King Live, you’d think Michael Lohan would spend the rest of the night in somber reflection of his daughter’s plight. Except if you actually thought that, you’d be an idiot because the dude went partying! Whoo! Appropriate! Here’s Michael at Saddle Ranch last night where he signed autographs for fans (?), smiled for pictures and told TMZ he was going to call Lindsay from the bar and “make her jealous.” Let me repeat that: Michael Lohan was going to call a SCRAM-wearing, alcoholic Lindsay from a drinking establishment and rub it in her face. — It’s like I want to laugh (more) but at the same time I kind of want to go back and erase everything bad I ever said about Lindsay because Jesus Christ. She never stood a chance. How she hasn’t started picking off toddlers outside a day care by now is anybody’s guess.

Photos: Getty, Splash News