Michael Lohan Criticizes Demi Lovato’s Dad For Talking To The Press

Oh, yeah. This is happening.

Fresh off the high of actually being allowed near Lindsay thus filling his press sac to the brim with juicy nuggets to dole out, Michael Lohan has now taken it upon himself to chastise other fathers – namely Demi Lovato’s – for speaking about their daughters in the press. That’s his racket. Popeater reports:

“There are two reasons why I have no respect for people who talk or comment about others,” Michael tells me. “First, it’s because, in most cases, those individuals are looking from the outside in, and they are passing judgment or commenting on people they know nothing about. The second reason is because they are too cowardly to say it to the person themselves.”

And, like any good rant from an alcoholic with anger issues, it immediately dove-tailed into threats of violence and financial bravado:

“I ask Demi Lavato’s father to refrain from making asinine statements about my daughter, or say it to my face himself,” Lohan says. “And if so, I will pay for the transportation and his hospital bills.”

“That’s right. Talk about me, and I will physically assault you then use my daughter’s money to pay for the damages. Because that’s what good fathers do instead of consistently running their mouth to the press at the drop of a hat.

“Did everyone get that or should we take it from the top when CNN gets here? I’ve called them like 15 times…”

Photo: Splash News