Michael Lohan Charged for Attacking Fiancee

July 22nd, 2010 // 41 Comments

I always knew, deep in my heart, these pics would come back to bite Michael Lohan in the ass. Then again, that’s usually the price of trying to be Stallone in Over the Top. Moving on…

Michael Lohan has been officially charged with 2nd degree harassment for allegedly assaulting his now ex-fiancee Kate Major, according to TMZ:

According to Kate’s complaint she says, “My fiance Michael Lohan came home while I was sleeping in a sofa chair. He woke me up, yelling, ‘Why didn’t you pick up your cell phone, you stupid c**t.’”
Kate continues, “He then turned over the chair while I was still in it, tossing me to the floor. I crawled to the other side of the room to get away from him. He walked over to me, took his shoe off and kicked me in my face while I was still on the ground. He stood over me and said, ‘I’m going to go back to jail cause of you, cause I will kill you.’”

Michael claims there was an argument, but no physical contact, and that Kate is lying because she’s jealous of his reality show prospects. You know the ones that never happen:

“Kate has severe drinking problems and she’s jealous of all the people involved in the show.”
Lohan is putting together a reality show with a cast that includes Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James.
Michael says of Kate, “She has no money, no job and she’s been living off of me for the last 8 months … and her dad just cut her off.” He claims Kate needs money so bad, she would stoop to creating a false story.

Of course, surprise, Rachel Uchitel denies any talks of a reality show and says she’s only ever met Michael Lohan once. While I’m still suspicious of the lack of vagina kicking in this situation, I’m starting to think he’s guilty. But only because all this Mel Gibson coverage put ideas in his head. “Now they’ll have to put me on TMZ! And here I almost went out and got a real job. Ha! Who does that?”

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  1. kpatra

    i never wanted to see this guy’s armpit.

  2. gogo

    YUCK!! :(((((((((((((((((((

  3. Kelley

    Who is worse ? These two or Heidi and Spencer ? These two, I think.

  4. I’d post “fist” but under the circumstances…. but ya, is there any evidence? a broken tooth under his knuckle. Bad timing wearing that wifebeater..

  5. Kate
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s always the chubby girls who try to convert the aging latent homosexuals.

  6. ZigZagZoey

    I bet he thinks this is the way to get to Lindsay’s heart…..
    He’s requesting that he share her cell.

  7. Chupacabra
    Commented on this photo:

    does anyone wonder where lindsay gets half of her douchebaggery?

    • Hugh Gentry

      Lindsay had no chance with this douche and her whore of a mom. those two should have never had children.

  8. Sizzle

    Um, not to blame the victim here, but anyone who would date and/or agree to marry that turd kinda had it coming.

  9. Captain_Insano

    Nice socks, asshole.

    Isn’t there an island somewhere we can just drop the whole Lohan family off on? And the set on fire?

  10. Jason
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    My god those jeans are awesome.

  11. Commented on this photo:



  12. Skroonk
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    Sweet socks! LAST!

  13. mike

    Can’t you editors put a STAR on his hairy arm-pit. cmon, i rather see SJP tonguing a horse than this.

    ROID-RAGE btw

  14. Lady Blah Blah

    Dear God, please make Michael Lohan’s heart stop beating.

  15. SO RIGHT

    Michael Lohan is a sociopath. It’s written in his eyes.

  16. Rick

    Don’t blame him, blame the photographer who said “show us what her pussy looks like”.

  17. Bryce
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL What a fucking tool

  18. brit

    Love the white socks in pic 4. Very classy.,

  19. Street Tough
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    Lohan was in jail and taught a few fellas a lesson. Never felch a man who signs his name in urine.

  20. Chris
    Commented on this photo:

    What a goober

  21. grobpilot

    Maybe this guy will catch on fire one day. Then we can all call him “fire dick”.

  22. McFeely Smackup

    great outfit there…black tank top, dirty jeans, knee high white gym socks, and an all-day-pass to Chuck-e-cheeze wristband.

    this guy is like a white trash “don’t let this be you” poster.

  23. buttfuck
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    so gross

  24. :P

    Ha ha, this is how I imagine Britney and her future husband to look in ten years!

  25. hateyoufornoreason

    Isn’t this the skank who was with Jon Gosselin for awhile??

  26. Sweetheart
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice legs Ahhh ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  27. uncle phil

    “when i turn the hat around, i become the worst stage parent ever.”

  28. None Of Your Business

    Michael Lohan is one hot manslut, those guns of his caused mine to misfire all over my stomach.

  29. 52

    these two are the most ugliest mother fuckers i have ever seen. and that fucker needs to put his arm down… fucking idiot is melting my screen with his stench. stupid fucker!

  30. oy

    but the wedding is still on, right…?
    i just want to see him in a denim suit.

  31. HITLER



  32. captain america

    ……………………don’t show mercy with him!!

  33. J
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    Asshole dad + asshole mom = asshole kid

  34. whatever
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    yeah right you can fight you ugly wannabe, you take your shoe off to kick girls sure

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