Michael Lohan Assaulted Another Fiancee

July 21st, 2010 // 40 Comments

Took long enough.

Realizing Oksana Grigorieva might be onto something, former Jon Gosselin-groupie turned Michael Lohan-fiancee Kate Major is claiming Lindsay’s dad physically assaulted her during an argument this week and that she has hospital records to prove it. TMZ reports:

We’re told Kate Major claims … on Monday at around 2 PM, just before Michael flew to L.A. for Lindsay Lohan’s hearing, they began arguing and Michael allegedly shoved her over a chair, injuring her shoulder.
Sources say Major claims while she was on the ground Michael kicked her in the face.
We contacted Michael, who told TMZ he got in an argument with Kate on Monday over their upcoming TV show, but he didn’t touch her and she’s making it all up.

While it’s a proven fact everything that comes out of Michael Lohan’s mouth is a lie wrapped in a bullshit, I’m actually inclined to believe him on this one, and here’s why: No vagina kicking. That’s his calling card. It’d be like The Riddler committing a crime and not leaving a riddle behind. It’s virtually impossible.

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  1. Cock Dr

    Don’t post anything more on this famewhore douche. Thank U.

  2. for fuckssake lohan. get a grip. and i dont mean on her throat

  3. Randal(l)

    Sugar Tits and Pussy Kicks. I’ll be God damned if that won’t make a great buddy comedy


  4. Deacon Jones

    She deserved it.

    • havoc

      Just for being with this assclown…..

      • Romeo Rodreguz

        Does anyone understand why someone would covet mediocre fame so much that they would be in a relationship just to get a few pictures snapped because they were standing next to someone who donated sperm to someone who delivered birth to someone who was in a movie or two?

        I’m changing my bar pickup line to “I know someone who knows someone who was in a movie once. want to sleep with me? by dating me you could sorta be famous, you know…”

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Not if she blew him first.
      Then that would make him just plain ol’ mean.

  5. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    Commented on this photo:

    What a sleeze. The End.

  6. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    Commented on this photo:

    HAHAHA. gross

  7. Michael Lohan Kate Major
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    Actually posing for the paparazzi … what a sleaze, the end. The entire Lohan family should be taken out into the middle of the Atlantic and thrown overboard. What a fantastic idea !! Except all Ali has done is get bad plastic surgery while still a teenager … they are just a bunch of fucktards who use Lindsay’s fame. Waste of good air and orange skin.

  8. Michael Lohan Kate Major
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    what a stunning beauty.

  9. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, why is ANYONE taking photos of this idiot? He’s just some ugly fuck up that fathered a fucked up child. STOP TAKING THEIR PHOTOS AND THEY WILL GO AWAY!


  10. Le Rough sportif

    He never hit his exwife. I’m suppose to believe this…

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Mel never hit his ex either.
      And at the risk of getting hollered by every woman on this site, there are 2 types of women: 1.) one who would never in a billion years put up with a man hitting them and 2.) one who gets hit and insists on believing it will never happen again. And again. And again.
      Oh. There is a third: 3.) one who gets hit ONCE and makes damn well sure it never happens again.
      I’m not saying the man isn’t wrong. Of course it’s wrong. But it’s also wrong for the woman to do nothing about it. What she chooses to do is up to her but do SOMETHING! And if that “something” is rather extreme? I hear Robert Shapiro is available.

      • em

        You listed three types, you said two. Cheater, I counted!

      • True that. But unfortunately, the guys who get off on hitting women like an easy target, so they usually pick women who may look confident but don’t have a lot of self-esteem. The truly strong kick-you-in-the-balls-if-you-lay-a-hand-on-me types (aka #1 or 3) don’t interest them. And once they choose their victims they undermine them even further, so please don’t heap any more responsibility on the person who’s already being systematically abused and eroded away – they hear enough of that “it’s your fault” shit from their abuser. Saving your own life is pretty fucking hard when the person you live with and who’s supposed to love you has spent a great deal of time and hands-on effort “teaching” you that you’re utterly worthless.

      • butterboo

        justifiable is right. Most abusive guys choose submissive types and charm their way in, a bit like a sociopath going for easy prey. At first the guys act normal, polite and generous and complimenting, until there’s a foothold in a relationship. They are gracious to a fault. The woman thinks she’s got a catch. Then when they’ve settled in a bit the abuser lets it it all hang out and their personality traits emerge. It usually begins with little put downs, control issues, degrading speech, and progresses to hardcore verbal and possibly physical violence. The abuser, if it’s a guy, often tries to degrade the person they are abusing to wear down her defenses and make her think she is the one in the wrong – that she deserves what she gets. Abused women who stay start to think the whole thing is normal. What Mel did is textbook spousal abuse, the way he bitched at Oksana for wearing revealing clothes (control) and her deserving to be “raped by a pack of niggers,” (wear down) then threatening to kill her, come over to the house and burn it after a blow job (violence + control). She may have stayed for the money, I don’t know.

        Lohan’s parents seem to be assholes too, so I wouldn’t put it past her father to be total douche – same to his girlfriends.

        But the fact remains, even if the victims of abuse are fame whores and scummy human beings, the abuser still has major emotional issues that need to be dealt with.

  11. buttfuck

    they are so fucking ugly/

  12. pimp

    these asshats are getting a show? nuke this fucking country now!!!

  13. Le Rough sportif

    You got some good points there smartypants. But, you fail realize he did not let ms Major get a taste of his signature move when he’s upset at a woman. So therefore, he didn’t do it.

  14. ed45

    Who would watch a reality show with this family of misfits??? What is wrong with the ones who would? Just tow the entire family out on a barge into the sea and kick each loser off one by one. I would actually watch that!

  15. sobrietyisacrutch

    Am I “smartypants”? That’s what my Mom used to call me.
    I think you missed my point. I have no clue whether he hit her or not. I wasn’t there. What I meant to get across was just because someone never did something before, doesn’t mean he’s incapable of doing it. (I’m using “he” in the universal sense, gentlemen. I believe most dudes are pretty cool, as are women.)
    Perhaps Dina Lohan is a force to be reckoned with. As in, “You lay a foot near my vajayjay and you can kiss your cock goodbye!” or something to that effect. And ol’ Mike believes her. Never lays a hand (foot) on her their entire marriage.
    Now along comes Kate. Perhaps a bit softer. Not quite the force. She makes excuses for him. And he takes advantage of that.
    And now we sit back and see if she puts up with it.
    And? I read waaaay too much gossip. :)

  16. Le Rough sportif

    Now, there goes a man who’s not up to date on the latest rave…

  17. jannn

    um hello what are you guys talking about? Of course he hit dina while they were married that’s why lindsay always says she is scared of her dad — because he was abusive toward dina and the kids.

  18. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy shit. For a moment there I thought she might be kind of pretty, but never mind!

    I’m really getting fed up with these Hollywood Cocksuckers. Fame whores? Fine. Plastic surgery addicts. Well, OK. But there isn’t ONE that isn’t a lying piece of shit. This fuck-bubble Michael Lohan really should do the world a favor and start using a .9mm Berretta semi-automatic as a bong.

  19. Ed

    I’d kick that.

    Also, where these two are concerned it’s not called spoausal abuse, it’s called promoting the new show. FAKE!

  20. captain america

    he is fucking his own daughter lately………….
    (sick americans?)

  21. Rhialto

    She doesn’t have much luck because the last time a ripe pimple of hers did erupt after she was being bitch slapped by Jon Gosselin.

  22. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    Commented on this photo:

    he didn t fathered a fucked up child, he created a fucked up child… Poor lindsay, ali, and whoever this SOB “fathered”….

  23. What does CBF stand for? Cum Bucket Fuck Face? Can Beat Fiancee? Cocksucking Bastard Fuckface? I am not sure

  24. This girl is so dumb. She is a cute girl, but dates the biggest losers in Hollywood. I totally don’t get it. I guess it’s like that saying “any publicity is better than no publicity.”

  25. Bert

    This has been a horrible week. No “hot chicks” and all these bitchy headlines trying to make something out of nothing. It almost seems like it has become an E! puppet site.

    Do you still have your balls and dick? They must shrivel up when they are forced to pay attention to all this bitchy gossip and write stuff about it. Where have all the hot girls gone. Dayyyymmm. What’s a straight guy to do on this site anymore.

    Hmmm archives. That’s about it.

  26. Michael Lohan Kate Major
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    pretty and deviated um septum

  27. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    USDA Prime McBeef
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    It’s like Melissa Joan Hart was even less hot.

  28. Michael Lohan Kate Major
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    I wonder if she’d be laughing if she knew CBF stands for Cunt Booting, FOREVER.

  29. Michael Lohan Kate Major
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    Who was it that told the gays a dick and an asshole can’t make a baby?

  30. Michael Lohan Kate Major
    Commented on this photo:

    “Hmm, that reminds me. I should probably buy my own pair of boxing gloves.”

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