Michael Lohan Got Arrested Again

Later, Michael’s bond would be revoked after giving his bondsman’s wife a foot massage.

Here’s Michael Lohan shortly after posting bail yesterday afternoon for allegedly beating Kate Major again either because, her story, she refused to blow him or, his story, because he ejaculated in her and she got all pissy about it while hopped up on goofballs. (No, really.) At any rate, the judge gave him specific instructions not to even “dream” about Kate, so keeping in mind his last name, guess how this story ends not even 12 hours after he got out of jail and posed for pictures like Thumbs Up McGee. Via RadarOnline:

Police in Tampa said he violated the terms of his release from jail by calling his ex gal pal Kate Major on the phone overnight, just two days after his arrest on battery domestic violence charges in connection with a fight they’d had.
The Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office, at that point, authorized Lohan be arrested for the violation.
Police said when they tried to catch up with the New York native at the motel he was staying at (Tahitian Inn), Lohan jumped out of a third story balcony before running from officers, who apprehended him after a foot chase.
Lohan, 51, may have suffered a broken foot in the incident, according to police, and was being treated at Tampa General Hospital.

So last week when Michael Lohan shoved his face in the press to condemn Lindsay’s drug addiction and constant legal troubles, he offered her this advice, “You can’t dance with the devil and expect to go home with Jesus.” Except what he really meant was, “Yeah, I’m gonna kick all these vaginas, see? And ain’t none of youse coppers can stop me. Now watch me scram out this window- Ah, sonofabitch, my foot!”

Photos: Splash News