Michael Jackson Used To Call Jizz ‘Duck Butter’

“Duck butter?”
“Duck butter.”
“… I’m going to let Ashton Kutcher impregnate me.”
“Fair response.”

Up until now, you probably thought a child sex alarm and spending $35 million over the course of at least 24 kids were the most disturbing allegations you’d ever hear about Michael Jackson. Except here comes latest accuser James Safechuck detailing the special “code words” Michael used to talk to children he was having sex with because your soul needed to be darken a little bit. It was shining too bright. TMZ reports:

In new court docs — obtained by TMZ — Safechuck says Michael taught him to use code words … referring to his erection as “bright light, brick city” … and calling semen, “duck butter.”
Safechuck claims Jackson also used secret signals — when they would hold hands, Michael would scratch the inside of James’ hand with a finger … to show he wanted to have sex.

Okay, duck butter I can understand because we’re talking about a man who drink anesthesia for breakfast, but “bright light, brick city?” Jesus Christ, these are kids, not a 1970s hustler named Harpoon Sweetberry. The important thing is at least he wasn’t marrying them. Except, goddammit, he was marrying them:

Safechuck says MJ wanted a full-blown relationship with him … to the point he performed a secret wedding ceremony with the boy with wedding ring and a marriage certificate.
He also describes how Michael would take him to various homes — including a place called “The Hideout” in Century City — where they would drink sweet, pink wine and watch porn … including movies of children masturbating.

In Michael Jackson’s defense, his attorneys claim James Safechuck has given sworn testimony before that Michael never abused him. Then again, marrying a small boy and systematically molesting him to the point that it requires encryption and hand signals might do things to a still-developing mind like, oh I dunno, fuck it right up. I’m not a doctor. But, again, for the sake of impartiality, does this look like the face of a man who’d tell a child he wants his duck butter? I mean, honestly.

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