Michael Jackson Used To Call Jizz ‘Duck Butter’

August 5th, 2014 // 44 Comments
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“Duck butter?”
“Duck butter.”
“… I’m going to let Ashton Kutcher impregnate me.”
“Fair response.”

Up until now, you probably thought a child sex alarm and spending $35 million over the course of at least 24 kids were the most disturbing allegations you’d ever hear about Michael Jackson. Except here comes latest accuser James Safechuck detailing the special “code words” Michael used to talk to children he was having sex with because your soul needed to be darken a little bit. It was shining too bright. TMZ reports:

In new court docs — obtained by TMZ — Safechuck says Michael taught him to use code words … referring to his erection as “bright light, brick city” … and calling semen, “duck butter.”
Safechuck claims Jackson also used secret signals — when they would hold hands, Michael would scratch the inside of James’ hand with a finger … to show he wanted to have sex.

Okay, duck butter I can understand because we’re talking about a man who drink anesthesia for breakfast, but “bright light, brick city?” Jesus Christ, these are kids, not a 1970s hustler named Harpoon Sweetberry. The important thing is at least he wasn’t marrying them. Except, goddammit, he was marrying them:

Safechuck says MJ wanted a full-blown relationship with him … to the point he performed a secret wedding ceremony with the boy with wedding ring and a marriage certificate.
He also describes how Michael would take him to various homes — including a place called “The Hideout” in Century City — where they would drink sweet, pink wine and watch porn … including movies of children masturbating.

In Michael Jackson’s defense, his attorneys claim James Safechuck has given sworn testimony before that Michael never abused him. Then again, marrying a small boy and systematically molesting him to the point that it requires encryption and hand signals might do things to a still-developing mind like, oh I dunno, fuck it right up. I’m not a doctor. But, again, for the sake of impartiality, does this look like the face of a man who’d tell a child he wants his duck butter? I mean, honestly.

Michael Jackson

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  1. Why, what do you tell photoboy to call it?

  2. roofiesyum

    He was born black but died white, and in the middle he fiddled with kids.

  3. Everyone knows Michael Jackson was a pedophile. But he’s been dead for several years now, so anyone just now suing his estate is just a money-grubbing whore. This guy is 36, he should’ve made his move 10-15 years ago.

    • Totally agree with this. What Jackson did there, if he did, was disgusting, but to go all in with a billion dollar lawsuit against the estate is even more so because all you’re doing is stealing from a trio of children who lost their father. Takes a real man to attack a family once the man is dead.

  4. I’m only ‘meh’ to Jackson’s music ( I like maybe a dozen songs), but I just don’t buy it. The guy had a fuckload of money and had thousands of kids around him all the time. It’s not surprising that others would jump on the molestation bandwagon as soon as they smelled opportunity. I don’t know about you, but if someone sexually abused by kid, I sure as fuck wouldn’t accept a cash settlement.

    Too many people mysteriously come out of the woodwork decades later, too many unreliable people involved, recanted and changed stories, fabricated documents, kids testimonies clashing with those of their parents, major ‘evidence’ being plastered over the papers and believed before ever being verified…

    A guy who never grew up, prefers to watch cartoons, hang out with kids and animals than adults, wants to be Peter Pan, overdoes plastic surgery to the point of suddenly being known more for being a ‘freak’ odd and eccentric, and has millions of dollars is an easy fucking target if you’re, say, a maid, or security guard, or someone in general who could financially benefit. Jackson was company to many young boys who later went on to become wealthy in their own. They defend his innocence. Just all seems awfully sketchy.


  5. Ralph

    Poor Michael. All he wanted to do is fuck young boys, sing & dance and get a good nights sleep.

  6. Oz Matters

    I reckon by the end of the week, there will be at least one “artificial jizz” manufacturer who will be calling their product “I can’t believe it’s not duck butter”.

  7. What a sick freak, I’m glad he’s dead

  8. this has to be a joke by Satan, God, Buddha or Allah! That dead fuck is making more $ now that when he was alive. And all the scum bags are cashing in , that shithead family, the dad that called him “Nigga” with a big lips , flat nose etc, and he went broke paying off all those “alleged” pedophille case!
    I bet that fucked up dad is also selling off the Neverland Ranch. Finally WTF happen to “Bubbles” MJ stated that he was,” his first child.” LOL

  9. Cletus

    I guess we know how Duck Dynasty *really* made their money now…

  10. Oh BABY

    I’m calling BS on this one and Fish, unless you yourself were molested by Jackson (I doubt it because even Jackson had standards), you know fuck all about his sexual proclivities and when last I checked, not one claimant has had physical evidence. Anyone coming forward now can offer nothing but unsubstantiated words, and words aren’t evidence. It’s always easy to talk shit about a dead man, isn’t it? Especially if you think there’s profit in it. It takes a really brave person to do that.

    • Jesusss…take a fucking Valium or something. You make it sound like the claimants are getting into your pockets.

    • CH02

      How do you explain children being able to describe a birthmark/discoloration that MJ had on the underside of his junk? Clearly he was naked with children.

      • Hey, dude, I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing. I’m just advising Oh Baby to mellow out a tad. Fer fuck sake, there’s no reason to give yourself an aneurism over something that a) happened years ago; and b) and neither side of which can, at this point, be substantiated. But suit yourself. If being immobile in a hospital bed, eating through a tube, talking like a drunk, and drooling on yourself is your thing, go for it.

  11. CoreyHaimsGhost

    I would very much like to take every sick fucko pimp-ass parent who let their kids hang out with this freak, lock them in a cell, and force them to watch Lena Dunham sex tapes on a non-stop loop for their rest of their lives.

  12. lol…

    Im going to tell the hot desk clerk at my gym that I want to duck butter all over her face

  13. He was supposed die in that Pepsi fire.

    Things got weird because he cheated his cosmic fate. I’m not talking about some sort of skygod’s fate. I’m talking about the LOLs. Dying in a fire accelerated by concentrated Pepsi is pretty hilarious. But he cheated it. So his life after that just became a collection of kooky hilarity as punishment for not dying. It’s too bad for the kids though. And bubbles the chimp, another silent victim of the fingering.

  14. Does anyone else remember that youthful chant the kids would recite, “I pledge allegiance to the flag, Michael Jackson is a fag?” Kids say the darnedest things.

  15. At this moment, in some far off, alternate Universe, a rich and powerful duck is fondling a young duckling and telling him to call semen “human butter.”

  16. Duck Butter Expert

    Duck butter is a southern term for taint and ball slime from sweating, not jizz.

  17. Pat C.

    Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Since a person can make up anything they want to, and no way to prove any of these statements either way, and possibly millions of dollars to be gained by lying, I’m very skeptical. Certainly there were many opportunities for these people to come out during Jackson’s lifetime, especially while his trial was going on.

  18. Richley

    MJ was a chimo

  19. Rest in peace MJ.

  20. Zeba

    Uh..why do you have a pic of Macaulley Culkin and Miss Kunis on here? Seems like you would have a picture of Jimmy Safechuck….you do know the difference….right?

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