Michael Jackson Allegedly Spent $35 Million On Over 24 Child Molestation Cover-Ups

July 1st, 2013 // 64 Comments
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If I’m reading this correctly, Michael Jackson allegedly hired infamous private investigator Anthony Pellicano to find out what children had cases against Michael and bury them. From there Pellicano allegedly hired an associate to help in his investigation who’s now talking to the media after “secret FBI files” were found that claim Michael paid out nearly $35 million to cover up at least 24 molestations. Via New York Daily News:

The documents – identified as case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 — were apparently never turned over to prosecutors in the sensational 2005 trial that cleared Jackson of molestation charges.
In a twist, the bombshell files dating to 1989 were assembled by private eye Anthony Pellicano, who Jackson hired to make sure the skeletons in his closet stayed out of the spotlight.
Pellicano is now in prison, serving a 15-year sentence for racketeering and wiretapping in an unrelated case — but one of his ex-associates opened up to Sunday People.
“I was hired by him to find out where the fires needed putting out and, in this case, where allegations would be coming from,” the unidentified sleuth said.
“But I have never worked on a case with as many potential claimants as the Jackson case.”

The files also claim one of the victims was a “famous child star” which could be either Macaulay Culkin or Corey Feldman depending on which one of them had shitty enough parents to take $600,000 for letting a man touch their son’s penis. Although, the more I read this it sounds like it could be both. At the same time. Wonderful:

Jackson allegedly was once caught groping a famous child star and watching pornographic films while molesting another boy.
He allegedly fondled a third boy in his private theater as the victim’s clueless mother sat only a few rows away, according to the purported FBI files.

The Pellicano files identify a total of 17 boys — including five child actors and two dancers — that Jackson is said to have preyed upon.
Jackson’s other alleged victims include a European boy and the sons of a screenwriter.
At least three boys got hush money, the Pellicano investigator said.
The family of one of them, a well-known young actor, received nearly $600,000 “to refrain from any and all contact with media and communications, newspapers, television, radio, film and books,” the newspaper reported.
The files also include interviews with former Jackson aides who claim the pop king was obsessed with child porn.
“Our reports painted the picture that Jackson was a serial child predator,” the Pellicano associate said.

Of course, this is great news for Wade Robson who claims Michael Jackson coached him during his 2005 molestation trial and told him they would both go to jail if they were found guilty. All he needs now is for Corey Feldman to stop talking vaguely about pedophiles in Hollywood. Or at least give them clever nicknames if he’s not comfortable pointing fingers. For example, “Mr. Sparkle Glove”; “No Nose Bleacherton,” or my personal favorite, “Michael Jackson.”


  1. Red Ruffensor

    Serial pedophile. His supporters should be here anytime to defend their hero.

  2. But you’re forgetting that he could dance. Really well. That’s the most important thing. Just ask Chris Brown.

  3. Frank Burns

    The files go on to claim that two the allegedly molested children – referred to only as ‘Pescado’ and ‘Foto Muchacho’ – were emotionally stunted after the events, with their lives spiraling down so far that now as adults, they spend their days giggling at booby bikini photos and making snarky comments about celebrities.

    • Goddammit. Who gave you a copy?!

    • I feel like I can finally say it. “Mcfeely time” is what Michael Jackson would call it when he take me in the playroom and lock the door. Then he’d say “time for the Smackup” and would slap my tender young face with his turgid erection. I was only 30 years old.

      It feels good to admit this. It would feel even better if I could get some money. $10 million should salve my wounded buttho…I mean psyche.

    • Nonnie Moose

      The truth is out there…

  4. You know Bubbles the Chimp got fingered too.

  5. Swearin

    “Goddamn, that crazy dancing bastard was good at this.”
    - The Pope

  6. NAMBLA of SF

    Michael would NEVER do anything to hurt or harm a child.
    Michael LOVED little boys

  7. So nobody ever thought it was odd that the gift bag you got upon leaving MJ’s private theater contained half a million in cash, a non-disclosure agreement and coupons for a therapist?

  8. Sven Golly

    One day Michael showed Mr. Bubbles the “got your nose” game but the chimp apparently couldn’t grasp that it was only make-believe.

    • The Pedant

      His chimp was named just “Bubbles”
      (but perhaps “Mr. Bubbles” if you’re nasty”?).

      Among other uses “Mr. Bubbles” is the name adopted by
      a serial child molester in Australia in the late 1980s.

      I can see why you might confuse the two.

  9. PumpkinBob

    I decided a long time ago that the threshold for me forgetting about Thriller is 25 kids.

  10. mr. obvious

    I figured there would be no doubt about MJ’s proclivities after they found all those drawings of nude boys, and an anatomically correct life-size cubscout doll in his bedroom closet.

  11. “Oh noes, did he just say monkey butt secs?”

  12. d55

    I am reminded of Dave Chappelle: “He made Thriller. Thriller.”

    But no, he could have made Sgt Peppers, Zeppelin I-IV, and Thriller. And I’d say still, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • That’s one way of putting it. Saying the evil, child molesting little freak should have been skinned alive on national television while we had the chance is another.

      • I lived through watching him kiss Lisa Marie Presley on national TV – that was scarring enough.

      • please get a grip, you don’t know anything

      • Your logic essentially seems to be that if unless I at some point walked in the wrong door during my frequent visits to Neverland Ranch/House O’ Pedophilia, and saw Michael Jackson physically assaulting a young white boy, I have no right to acknowledge the possibility even in the face of a mountain of evidence to the contrary. At some point, common sense has to kick in. The guy was a twisted monster who pretty much was to innocence what a vampire is to blood. All the proof I need is in the fact that if I were to go on national television and repeat “Michael Jackson was a serial pedophile” for 30 minutes on prime time television, I would not be sued by the family. Because the Discovery Process in the preliminary to the trial would preclude the possibility. I can’t be sued for libel or slander if what I say is provably the case.

      • Giselle

        Yes you could be sued for slander because “probably” the case is not good enough. It has to be “definitely” the case, or else you are spreading slander.

  13. Too bad he managed to get away with this all his life but least it’s coming out now. I believe Wade is telling the truth, too.

  14. Jim Jefferies.

    The question is… How great do you have to be, before they’ll let you fuck a kid?

    Charlie Chaplin… The King of Silent Films.
    Elvis Presley… The King of Rock and Roll.
    Micheal Jackson… The King of Pop.

    If you get to King status…. you good to fuck a kid.

    Gary Glitter… King of…. Ummmm, nothing.

  15. I read the word allegedly 8 times. This is just garbage…

    Michael Jackson has been investigated by the FBI for 16 years and they DIDN’T FOUND ANYTHING. It’s really heartwarming to read that all you guys think you can judge people because you believe these filth in these tabloids.

    I hope none of you will be in a position in which every media just copies the lies of another tabloid just to fill their pages.

    Cause that is what they do. They never check facts. The word allegedly is there on purpose to avoid a lawsuit.

    • Red Ruffensor

      Pipe down, kid. Your hero was a serial pedophile.

    • dave

      Hey Michael Strongman, I’m so sorry that your hero was a drug-addicted, freak show monster who liked to diddle little boys. A lot.

    • Listen, we’re on the internet so I can’t really back this up nor am I going to identify myself to you, but I know people that were involved with security details of his over the years. Top flight people that the rich hire to protect them.

      All of this shit is true. Full stop. The man liked touching little boys. That was his thing. He also had what others would consider a somewhat normal sex life on top of that (meaning he did actually have sex with women as well).

      But yeah, he’s guilty as sin of all these accusations.

      I love the man’s music as well…but let’s be realistic here.

      • Did you tell the people you know that they are terrible people for knowing this and not coming forward with it?

      • Without some real concrete proof an allegation like that gets bought off so easily it would make your head spin: the parents get hush money to swear it was all aboveboard, the kids refuse to testify and incredible pressure gets put on the prosecutor’s office to drop it or they’ll be trying misdemeanors in Barstow for the next 20 years. Next thing you know, your livelihood is gone for good and you’re discredited for life. I can’t exactly blame them for keeping schtum.

        The “terrible people” here were the parents who were paid to pimp out their children – they’re the ones who should have denied him access from the get-go, but they were so enamored of the idea that they could get their kid on some sort of gravy train – and help themselves in the process – that they served up their little boys on a silver platter and pretended that pedophilia is just another way to spell “Peter Pan”. Killing is too good for them.

      • starmcd

        The parents–definitely culpable. But the “terrible person” who gets all the blame? The pedophile. Rather, the alleged pedophile.

      • As justifiable alluded to, its not that he would actively flaunt it in front of them, but there are calls that are made when shit goes wrong and well….people sometimes make preserving their own careers more important than seeing justice through.

        Also, security details usually have close people that travel with the VIP and then other groups that will take over in specific cities and locales that the person visits. Its easier (and cheaper) to do it that way for a typical pop star. Those are the people I know, the secondaries.

        Still, he had such a problem, it was really hard to hide. Really hard.

      • Giselle

        Ummm… actually you kind of need to back up what you’re saying. Cause I think you’re a liar! You can’t just make such wild accusations and then say because we’re on the internet, you’re not going to back up or verify what you’re saying. So until you do that, you are a liar.

    • J-Roc


      With grammar that bad, I can’t take your argument seriously.

    • M. Jackson changed many lives, when he was abusing those kids he changed their lives forever. Perhaps they manage to live a “normal” life today, but, not the life they would have had if they had not been exposed to the perversion of M. Jackson.

    • Giselle

      I agree with the kid! The media is evil. You guys are all making judgements based on absolutely no substantial evidence. You need to get educated on this from an unbiased source. If the title of the article you read was life-size child sex doll found in Jackson’s closet, then that’s not an objective source. You need to find something that isn’t sensationalized, something nice and boring, like wikipedia, if you want to get an accurate view of things.

  16. Giselle

    Macaulay Culkin strongly denied being a victim of sexual abuse from MJ. I just did a ton of research on the subject and if I had to vote on whether or not he was guilty, I would definitely say he was innocent. All of the alleged victims deny that MJ ever molested them. ALL of them! Even the most famous one, Jordan. His father who was pushing the charges was a actually a really horrible father. He was a dentist yet he was thousands of dollars behind in child support and his son Jordan accused him of physical abuse. And all the people that said MJ did this or that, they were all paid vast sums of money to say those things by the media. They didn’t tell the police these things, they told the media. You shouldn’t trust anything those people say. If they were honest people, then they would’ve gone to the cops. They were just looking to capitalize on MJ’s situation. Anyways, Jordan’s father, the dentist, took him to a psychiatrist, drugged him, and made him say things that were completely false. Jordan gave a description of MJ’s penis that turned out to be wrong! The dentist just had a grudge against MJ. Well that’s what I think.

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