Michael Jackson Allegedly Spent $35 Million On Over 24 Child Molestation Cover-Ups

If I’m reading this correctly, Michael Jackson allegedly hired infamous private investigator Anthony Pellicano to find out what children had cases against Michael and bury them. From there Pellicano allegedly hired an associate to help in his investigation who’s now talking to the media after “secret FBI files” were found that claim Michael paid out nearly $35 million to cover up at least 24 molestations. Via New York Daily News:

The documents – identified as case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 — were apparently never turned over to prosecutors in the sensational 2005 trial that cleared Jackson of molestation charges.
In a twist, the bombshell files dating to 1989 were assembled by private eye Anthony Pellicano, who Jackson hired to make sure the skeletons in his closet stayed out of the spotlight.
Pellicano is now in prison, serving a 15-year sentence for racketeering and wiretapping in an unrelated case — but one of his ex-associates opened up to Sunday People.
“I was hired by him to find out where the fires needed putting out and, in this case, where allegations would be coming from,” the unidentified sleuth said.
“But I have never worked on a case with as many potential claimants as the Jackson case.”

The files also claim one of the victims was a “famous child star” which could be either Macaulay Culkin or Corey Feldman depending on which one of them had shitty enough parents to take $600,000 for letting a man touch their son’s penis. Although, the more I read this it sounds like it could be both. At the same time. Wonderful:

Jackson allegedly was once caught groping a famous child star and watching pornographic films while molesting another boy.
He allegedly fondled a third boy in his private theater as the victim’s clueless mother sat only a few rows away, according to the purported FBI files.

The Pellicano files identify a total of 17 boys — including five child actors and two dancers — that Jackson is said to have preyed upon.
Jackson’s other alleged victims include a European boy and the sons of a screenwriter.
At least three boys got hush money, the Pellicano investigator said.
The family of one of them, a well-known young actor, received nearly $600,000 “to refrain from any and all contact with media and communications, newspapers, television, radio, film and books,” the newspaper reported.
The files also include interviews with former Jackson aides who claim the pop king was obsessed with child porn.
“Our reports painted the picture that Jackson was a serial child predator,” the Pellicano associate said.

Of course, this is great news for Wade Robson who claims Michael Jackson coached him during his 2005 molestation trial and told him they would both go to jail if they were found guilty. All he needs now is for Corey Feldman to stop talking vaguely about pedophiles in Hollywood. Or at least give them clever nicknames if he’s not comfortable pointing fingers. For example, “Mr. Sparkle Glove”; “No Nose Bleacherton,” or my personal favorite, “Michael Jackson.”