It’s Michael Bay’s New Victoria’s Secret Commercial

April 17th, 2013 // 12 Comments
Michael Bay Very Sexy Victorias Secret Commercial
WATCH: Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy' By Michael Bay
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Alessandra Ambrosio
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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Michael Bay should be doing absolutely nothing but making Victoria’s Secret commercials. Not so much that they’re works of genius – It’s pointing a camera at women who would look hot in a beekeeper’s suit. – but mostly so he stops doing anything else. Also, this one has a sports car in it, so I like the clear message that sends to the girls. Namely, “One of you better make my PBJ by noon, or I swear to God you’re washing that thing twice. In the desert.” It reminds me of someone else I know who was big into symbols.


  1. give me a budget and a handful of ano-bitches and I’ll blow off tops with pyrotechnics and shit. Or at least post a you tube video of swanepoel trying to run away from roman candle I slid in her ass.

  2. Better than those Transformers shitstorms. Superior dialogue. More logical plot. Complete absence of any douchebags named Shia.

    • That’s why we should be, in some ways, applauding michael blow-shit-up bay as it has ruined the career of shia ladouche and thus sparing us of ladouche’s further presence…… on the other hand blow-up-shit bay also brought us the megan fox….. fox WAS a sight to behold – if you could block out the horrific “acting” – but alas fox had to turn herself into “Frankenfox” with all of those surgical “enhancements”.

  3. quix

    every one of the girls are disgustingly skinny. Ish.

  4. Cock Dr

    All those women look about 8 feet tall.

  5. This can’t be a Michael Bay production. There aren’t any explosions…*looks down at pants* Oh. So there is. Well played, Mr. Bay. Well played.

  6. PJ Bandit

    Michael Bay’s new Victoria’s Secret commercial a.k.a. trailer for his next movie.

  7. I was expecting the cars to transform and shit to explode

  8. Anon

    Any one have any idea who made those paintings of the girls on the wall?

  9. cc

    When will Ireland Baldwin be old enough to do these commercials?

    Hang on, there’s flashing lights outside and a knocking at the door.

  10. Swearin

    Three immediate thoughts while watching, one thought after it ended:

    1) Are those grafitti’d walls set pieces leftover from Pain & Gain?
    2) Is this really a Victoria’s Secret commercial or have I just been Incepted into Leonardo DeCaprio’s head?
    3) Why the fuck didn’t that car explode when Swanepoel was slo-mo walking away from it?!
    4) Goddamn, Alessandra & Karlie…

  11. Brooke

    He really knows his target consumers, that’s for sure. I won’t even think about going into a lingerie shop that doesn’t heavily feature sports cars and poolside writhing in the ads. I’m so glad there are directors like Michael Bay who, like, totally, get that. He’s like Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”.

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