Photo Boy doesn’t do nerd shit, so here’s a chance for everyone to go dick-nuts over Michael B. Jordan being cast as the new Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot yesterday. A decision I’m naturally fine with because a. WALLACE FROM THE WIRE WHY DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? and b. I grasp the simple concept that most comic book characters were created during the 50s and 60s when they had to be white because America was even more racist than it is now which is why white people speak of that time with such fondness and would time-travel us all back there if they weren’t predominantly religious and afraid of science. That said, I’m also on board with the Comics Alliance post linked below which asks a buttload of great questions like why Michael B. Jordan has to be Johnny Storm and not say Reed Richards. So here’s that for your perusal:

Fox’s Fantastic Four Reboot: What The FF? – Comics Alliance

And here’s Maria Menounos’ spectacular ass in case you couldn’t give less fucks about any of this:

Photo: Getty