M.I.A. might actually have some sense

March 7th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Latina.com reported on Friday that British singer M.I.A., who co-wrote and performs the Slumdog Millionaire song “O… Saya,” named her newborn son Ickitt, but later that day, the singer posted on her MySpace that the name was wrong. MSNBC reports:

“My baby is not called Ickitt, Pickit or Lickit, thank you very much!” the singer wrote. “I didn’t release the baby name because I didn’t think it was news. … Go pick on Apple, Satchel and Moon Unit!”

I don’t really have any idea who M.I.A. is, but I think it’s funny that some site just randomly made up the name Ickitt and thought they’d get away with saying that’s what her baby’s name was. Has that ever worked? Like in the entire history of time? “What’s that? A somewhat famous person just had a baby and we don’t know what it’s name is? Let’s just say she named it Banana Hammock. No no, I think it’ll be okay. This should work. I really feel like this is the year we finally get that Pulitzer!”

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  1. shakeitout

    yeah, the only people who like MIA’s music are those who have good taste. she’s awesome.

  2. wet newspaper

    One day her child will be so proud to see these pictures.

  3. amber

    I don’t think the baby she is going to have will be capable of appreciating much or perhaps he will be very happy just like developmentally children are….

    I wish her and her family the best.

  4. isitin

    Who is this ugly woman. She is one ugly bitch.

  5. L Ron Hubbard

    The only people who know who that cunt is are dickhead losers

  6. RaraAvis

    Uh, I seem to remember that when BritBrit’s last baby was born the tabloids published a completely ficticious name for him. If you’ve ever gotten an e-mail you must know that people f**kin’ LOVE to make up crap and see if people will believe it. After all, had anyone ever heard of latino.com before this story came out?

  7. jojo

    I didnt know who the hell M.I.A. was until they performed that night. they arent anything special. in 3 years no one will remember them

    ..and whoever put her in that outfit must really have something personal against her because she looks like a mutant cow…they could have at least found something a little classier for her to wear while 9 months pregnant?!? she looks disgusting

  8. Sherry Coke

    #57, it’s one chick, not a band … wow.

  9. What do yo think about her VAGINA, folks!!

  10. moobs


  11. Lowlands

    Hello?! How’s my Superficial Sweetie doing today!?

  12. Sauron

    #61 Who’s Superficial Sweetie are you talking about?? *sweet voice*

  13. Sauron

    Are you feeling better today Baby???

  14. Darth

    @61+62 That’s all great for you both! But who’s my Superficial Sweetie???

  15. Lowlands

    #64 You’ve R2-D2 to comfort you:) Is he allowed to touch your android parts? Hehe

  16. R2-D2

    Stop talking you f***tards! Boop! You didn’t talk about me like that when i saved your lousy asses! Blip bop! #64 I want next time quality oil for breakfast cheap ********! Beep bop!

  17. Gando

    We should all have a bare-chested meditation session later! I’m looking forward to that.

  18. Nero

    @67 Yeah i agree with you this time! Bare-chested with a lot of leather,robes,oil and spikes!?

  19. Darth

    Maybe the TMS-chick wants to be my Sweetie?? Did she noticed my huge bulge??

  20. Darth

    Surprisingly i know women.Translated that means a huge yes! yum!

  21. Nero

    How about me!?

  22. L Ron Hubbard

    WTF is that thing supposed to be?

  23. Dahlink

    That’s awful looking clothes she got on in this picture. Who is she?

  24. lc

    MIA is a “hipsterish” rapper who tries to stay more underground and only appeared at this award show bc she was nominated.

    This Henry Holland dress (the designer, btw) I think, is meant to be worn a bit ironically. I think she is definitely going for more of the “I’M pregnant, bitches,” look.

    Original dress here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_n1s5istIH_I/SYfM4tCCWdI/AAAAAAAAECg/xIqFVzL17Yc/s1600-h/sheerdots.jpg

    Now y’all know, and knowing is half the battle/

  25. Lickit

    Man she is one ugly woman. Did Chris Brown dance on her face too?

  26. Ann

    If you had taste in music you would know who MIA is.

  27. sin

    The name of her spawn is not news just like she is not news. No clue who she is but she must have fucked someone we heard of to get her name here.

  28. mamamiasweetpeaches

    I’ve heard her “music”….and she flat-out SUCKS!

  29. queenGeedorah

    M.I.A is too awesome for you guys, go on listening radio music

  30. novadancer

    wow, do you live under a rock? Paper planes (by MIA) was on all over the place – in both Pineapple Express and Slumdog. obviously you and half the posters on here have no clue or taste!

  31. I do not think that the baby must be able to enjoy or maybe both will be very happy child development.

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