M.I.A. might actually have some sense

March 7th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Latina.com reported on Friday that British singer M.I.A., who co-wrote and performs the Slumdog Millionaire song “O… Saya,” named her newborn son Ickitt, but later that day, the singer posted on her MySpace that the name was wrong. MSNBC reports:

“My baby is not called Ickitt, Pickit or Lickit, thank you very much!” the singer wrote. “I didn’t release the baby name because I didn’t think it was news. … Go pick on Apple, Satchel and Moon Unit!”

I don’t really have any idea who M.I.A. is, but I think it’s funny that some site just randomly made up the name Ickitt and thought they’d get away with saying that’s what her baby’s name was. Has that ever worked? Like in the entire history of time? “What’s that? A somewhat famous person just had a baby and we don’t know what it’s name is? Let’s just say she named it Banana Hammock. No no, I think it’ll be okay. This should work. I really feel like this is the year we finally get that Pulitzer!”

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  1. fjdlsa


  2. I think she should have gone with ickkit.

  3. amanda

    i think moon unit is a cool name!
    who named their kid satchel?

  4. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    @3 woody allen and mia farrow

  5. R2-D2

    ?? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ???????? ?? ?

  6. Lowlands

    Who is she? Is she the mascot of a local soccerclub?

  7. Darth

    #6 One of your hybrid workcells need just a little more adjustment i see:)

  8. manny

    man, you are not funny. your commentary is not funny. this site is really not that funny. you need to get laid.

  9. I am so sick of pregnant celebrities.

  10. R2-D2

    #8 You clumsy! When can you do finally something right!?

  11. Gando

    Did she borrow this outfit from BS?

  12. Darth

    #11 Oops!:)

  13. Rich

    Anybody else overcome with an urge to plunge a carving knife into her belly?

  14. Nero

    I’m not sure if i want to see her flappy flaps in this condition.

  15. Who is this knocked up nympho? cant she go lactactate in private? no one wants to see that…

  16. 1sse

    I feel so sorry to see that she is getting old now, is this the reason why her d a t in g profile was found on —”C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M”?

  17. Lowlands

    Why doesn’t she call her child M.B.A. (Me Bastard Asshole)?

  18. lisa

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  19. Sauron

    Hola! My wifey has to run every 2 minutes to the toilet and after that she needs each time half an hour to clean herself up.And nope she didn’t eat at this London restaurant:)

  20. R2-D2

    Bee blop blip! Humans are full of shit!

  21. Gando

    Two soccerballs and one big ladybug!? Who’s the designer!?

  22. Sauron

    She lifts one finger up because that’s her temporary penis.

  23. Juan Kerr

    #17 and #19
    I dare you to deny that your websites are a complete pile of shit.

    Meanwhile, check out this very interesting place http://www.SadBastardsaretheonlyPeoplewhoClickonthis.com

  24. Kia

    Okay, that’s a really horrible outfit, but I wish I looked that good pregnant!

  25. Nero

    Does anybody know that i have a gynecological background?? Nurses! Surgery gloves please!

  26. Kyle

    #9 must be her one fan.

    #17 What a ringing endorsement! She’s getting old and therefore her dating profile is on your site?

    I think you must be the greatest advertiser in history! “Come to my dating website, we’ve got old ‘celebrities’ you’ve never heard of!”

  27. @ 5: Shut the fuck up u gump az bitch!

  28. Gando

    I’d like this girl! Her fingernails have the same color as my toenails!

  29. Lowlands

    On the last pic (8),talking about an arched back!

  30. adt

    God, M.I.A. blows. Her music is so fucking bad. She ruined the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

  31. sarah

    why would Latina.com be talking about her anyway? her family is from sri lanka

  32. 10pound

    Damn she is foul. She looks like a shit I took this morning.

  33. R2-D2

    Bleep boop! Boring! More female androids! Blip!

  34. Randal

    M.I.A. is nothing worth even mentioning. The music is very bad, child or no child, it certainly does not deserve any sort of nomination or even worth being compared with other greats such as Britney Spears.


  35. Danklin24

    Damn that chick is FAT!

  36. camel_toe

    M.I.A.’s bowel movements are cooler than all you haters. how can you not have heard of her by now? what do you guys listen to? jonas brothers. ugh.

  37. Yeah

    You might want to get an idea of who MIA is.

  38. Zeebrat

    Ha, MIA is awesome.

  39. Senchi

    I do hope this site stops giving free publicity to this TERRORIST SUPPORTING BIATCH. want to know what I’m talking about, google MIA LTTE Sri lanka

  40. legoarmo

    M.I.A. is brilliant.

  41. Terrence Howard

    Someone should have kicked that bitch in the gut

  42. Brianna

    Um! Hello it totally did work for a few days, you posted it right? So now we know you post stuff that isnt true!!!!!! :)

  43. Brianna

    Um! Hello it totally did work for a few days, you posted it right? So now we know you post stuff that isnt true!!!!!! :)

  44. Brianna

    Um! Hello it totally did work for a few days, you posted it right? So now we know you post stuff that isnt true!!!!!! :)

  45. Brianna

    Um! Hello it totally did work for a few days, you posted it right? So now we know you post stuff that isnt true!!!!!! :)

  46. amused

    you know what i find more ridiculous than that name? the fact that you have no clue who MIA is

  47. Terrence Howard

    What the hell is a MIA?

  48. nikki

    How the fuck does someone not know who MIA is???

  49. sam

    #26: Sri Lankan

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