Merv Griffin dies (1925 – 2007)

August 13th, 2007 // 54 Comments

Longtime TV host and game-show producer Merv Griffin passed away yesterday at the age of 82. He had been battling prostate cancer since 1996.


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  6. LouLou


    This is news and doesn’t belong on this site – it’s not gossipy enough, although he was the biggest queen in Hollywood. I think it was Ava Gabor that was his beard.

  7. R.I.P. Merv. You will be missed.

  8. LouLou

    Uhhh, big, don’t you have anything substantial to say. Congratulations, you’re first, second, third, fourth…………. and are you big??

  9. big fan

    big is fifth!!

  10. big isn't tenth

    haha! :P

  11. 1MILF Hunter

    Thanks, Merv. You gave us Vanna White. She used to be the hottest thing on TV. I’d still take a taste of that.

  12. Conor

    This site has the least funniest and most immature commenters i’ve ever seen. Honestly mostly 80% of this site’s commenters are retarded sea lions.

  13. chill

    @12 shut up boy

    13th !!!

  14. Stuey

    I agree with Conor…the remarks have gotten to be tedious. They used to be funny and good slams….now it seems like high school kids and Jr. high kids have taken over.

  15. Conor


    WOW! Your 13th! Thats amazing! 13th! Wow! I’m so happy for you.

  16. 12// funny how U zaid that b 4 I commented

  17. SgtHulka

    Now Liberace will have his boy toy back. Have fun Merv!!

  18. Goodman

    16th God I feel bad I was watching an advert 4 days ago about his new show ad I said he was gonna die, so now i feel psychic and evil

  19. Nikky Raney

    did you know if every man in the world lived long enough they would all get prostate cancer.

  20. Chauncey Gardner

    So the cancer finally won, huh? Did it choose the all-expenses paid vacation to Aruba or the cash?

  21. Farewell Merv! You shall be sorely missed!

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  22. RichPort

    Wait… he was alive two days ago..? I thought he’d been dead for years.

  23. I’m surprized his prostate lasted this long – considering the beating it probably took.

    Also – 23rd!

  24. Never heard of him. Was he a politician?

  25. pointandlaugh

    RIP Merv.

  26. mdiz

    RIP Merv the Perv.

  27. Lexoka

    No mean comment, no bad joke, no bikini pictures, wow, that’s unusual.

  28. Hollywood Agent

    Merv, you will be missed.

  29. well RIP and i hope heaven is everything you dreamed it would be. If that’s not where you are, then…at least you went SOMEWHERE. come on ppl, have a little heart.

  30. Merv Griffin

    #29 OH SHIT! FIRE!

  31. wedgeone

    Merv Griffin was a gigantic figure in TV, and he will be sorely missed. By other closeted gays. With sores. On their anuses. I think I speak for all of us when I say I wished I could have been there while his body was still warm, to give him a very special farewell fisting.

  32. Googolygoo

    You people are lowbrow morons, waving the fact that you have no relevant recall prior to 1998 like a banner.
    Merv Griffin was a great fellow, a trailblazer and one of the pioneers of the celebrity talk-show genre (which led to sites like our beloved Superfish) as we know it. He created Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, and made a fortune just for writing the Jeopardy! theme song. He was classy and elegant while still being flamboyant and [quietly] in the middle of the toast of Hollywood.
    RIP, Merv, and to all you people who can only seem to count as high as your post number, go suck a dick.

  33. Googolygoo

    “go suck a random public restroom dick, like Merv.”

    Sorry, the last part didn’t post correctly the first time. As much as I admire him, I’ll be the first to admit that there was a reason he had to battle prostate problems for so long!

  34. Dr. Hfuhruhurr

    Merv, I’d let you kill me in an elevator any day.

    Farewell, old chum.

  35. Kim Smith

    I used to work for Merv: he was a despicable, greedy, awful human being, and when I found he died yesterday, but first response is “Ding. dong, the witch is dead.” He took advantage of his employees by never paying them well, and treating all of them like they were replaceable in a second, and that they were lucky to have a job on TV. Some had second jobs so they could afford the “privilege” of working on a game show. No RIP – I hope there is a heaven and Hell, so he is rotting in hell as we speak.

  36. wedgeone

    #30 – that brought me a laugh today. Thx.
    #31 – stop trolling me, schack. Find something constructive to do.
    #35 – Welcome to the world of the rich & famous. How do you think they stay that way? Greed has no saturation point, like my uncle always says.

  37. crazy otto

    he had a lovely bunch of coconuts

  38. steve

    16: I think he was referring to you honey


    So essentially, because Merv was gay, it’s OK to dump bile on him today, the day he passed into eternity? #12 is right about the level of commentary on this site – putrid.

    And # 35 – nobody cares about your personal, or personnel, problems at work. If you don’t like a job, then you leave it and get another one. You could have told your anti-Merv story without wishing him to rot in Hell. Obviously you’re still bitter after so many years – sounds like your problem. And from my point of view, it IS a privilege to work on TV – even a dumb game show like Wheel.

  40. woodhorse

    #36: For what it’s worth, I say Greed is where it all breaks down. He was a really talented business man from what I hear but I wasn’t aware, nor do I care, if he was gay. The game shows were amusing but the world is too busy for me to watch TV now.

    #35 It is really bad when your paycheck is your life’s blood and your boss makes you feel like you could lose it any second (for no fair reason) but I think he’s answering for that right about now. Just be glad you didn’t have to stay at that job – leaving it was probably a blessing in disguise, if you think back on it.

    I usually feel a little sadness when someone famous – like Johnny Carson – dies but I just don’t remember this man very much.

  41. David J.

    Did you see the clip of his appearance on “The Man With Two Brains” as a serial killer? THAT’S a sense of humor!

  42. TR

    Big is gay. I wished he would’ve died instead of Merv.

  43. shankyouverymuch

    I honestly had NO idea that old Merv was a fudge packing purv!!! … Wow that rhymes … Do think maybe I can get a job on a game show? … Anyway, back to the point, how are people so sure Merv was a Homo??? Gossip ALL just gossip! I for one am going to choose NOT to believe this vicious pack of homo lies! He was just a regular guy as far as I’m concerned …

    Butt-pirate or not, I still wish Merv peace in his final rest …

  44. Googolygoo

    #33, if you can’t post intelligently under your own pseudonym, don’t appropriate other peope’s creativity as your own.
    Go suck any kind of dick you want, better yet, go jerk off, as your hands will then be busy and unable to type.

  45. douglas

    Merv was a big horse racing fan. Had 2 year old champ Stevie Wonderboy who was the early derby favorite before he was injured. Not enough celebs in horse racing like there used to be.

  46. The Hollywood mogul Merv Griffin died at the age of 82 over the weekend after a battle with cancer, and The New York Times actually discuss his sexual orientation, the palimony lawsuit and the male-on-male sexual harassment lawsuit.

    Merv Griffin was an example of how dangerous the closet can be — and how the closet and power are a combustible combination that adversely affects so many other lives.

    Griffin never acknowledged he was gay, though it became widely known in Hollywood, even as Eva Gabor played his beard.

    Griffin’s closet kept him shockingly silent while he had access to the president of the United States as his own people were dying.

    He also stayed silent about the epidemic in the media even though he was a man very much at the center of the media industry and in shaping communications and television in this country. He could have made a huge difference!

    Griffin’s closet had him firing gay men who’d actually made it up through the ranks of his own company, simply because they were openly gay.

    Merv Griffin accomplished a lot and being held up as a example of a stellar Hollywood businessman. But he should also be held up as man who was hugely influential and powerful and yet still allowed the closet and homophobia to manipulate his life. That should not be forgotten.

  47. .

    Its pathetic what some people comment, thinking they sound clever and funny when really you just sound like complete idiots. Have some respect.

  48. tonycatman

    Absolutely right. If you haven’t got something insightful, or otherwise intelligent to say, just shut up.

    The idea of just posting your place numbers is childish and pointless beyond belief.

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  49. LouLou

    #48 – How right you are. Posting numbers is such immature bullshit. How could anybody be so preoccupied with such a trivial bit of nonsense?


  50. LouLou

    Was the key to Merv’s wealth that he was responsible for both Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and they both aired on major networks during the same time slot? So, like, you couldn’t really lose. If you weren’t watching one, you were watching the other. Or the McNeil Leher Report. Or King Of Queens Reruns. King Of Queens! Haha! Merve, King of the queens!!! haha.

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