Mena Suvari’s butt’s out again

April 4th, 2008 // 90 Comments

I almost didn’t post these bikini pics because, at first, I thought another one of those hairless chipmunks got loose in Miami again. True, the butt looks nice, but is this site ready for that kind of action? Fortunately, my impressive ass-recognition skills kicked in and I figured out it was smoking hot Gadget from Rescue Rangers Mena Suvari.


  1. fara

    yay 1st

  2. Sheva

    Do we need to see more of this shit? Really. Well at least less of the drip dude and his falling down shorts with the beer gut.

    All weekend with this crap. C’mon fish.

  3. Cash

    Wow… and she used to be attractive too. I guess she became a tattooed white trash whore after she wasn’t asked back for American Pie 3: American Wedding. I can sorta imagine what a blow that must have been…. sorta like getting turned down by a drunk Paris Hilton probably.

  4. 1silo1

    Wow, once again time to rub out a load! Thank you Mena!

  5. IKE

    Bikini season!!!

  6. Dr. D Cup

    She needs to lipposome of her ass fat and have it injected in her itty bitty titties.

  7. Lester Burnham

    I can’t believe I used to masturbate to that. I still rule though.

  8. Nice ass!…now we know where her boob fat went.

  9. surlywench

    Mena is a fugly woman. Always has been. If she wasn’t wearing sunglasses you’d agree – weirdest eyes I’ve ever seen.

    Never understood why she made it as an actress.

  10. tight lipped smiler

    The tat on her back says in Maori: “horny unscrubbed feet with long ragged toenails welcomed down there.”

  11. gotmilk?

    p.s. to anyone who cares, but this Jay Z wedding is going down in the building across from my work.

  12. nipolian

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get this chick at all. I’ve seen WoW characters with more sex appeal.

  13. surlywench


  14. Vince Lombardi

    Wow, the boy in the bikini has a nice ass.

  15. Randal

    *Randal resists the urge to shift, changing into a bitter poster with nothing intelligent to add but useless drivel as if I was a teenager once again attempting to make a funny post using profanity while inserting a random body part or fluid regarding the ass of this woman*


  16. hottie

    Problem with an ass and thighs like her’s is they are about 3 donuts from becoming a lumpy cellutie disaster. And cankles. Don’t forget about the impending cankles.

    She better start hitting the gym now.

  17. Randal

    BTW… I only got four minutes to save the world!


  18. Jaffo

    Who the hell is this chick anyway and why have I not been allowed to make motorboat noises with her ass cheeks?

  19. Basement Loser Who Never Gets Laid


  20. She’s super hot. When are you guys going to get over those starved, fake tittied, lip injected, Hollywood clones?

  21. Of course she’s fugly, she’s a real actress. Therefore she has the ability to pretend she has a nice ass. Go on, Mena! Stretch that talent of your’s!

  22. Winston

    Her bottom looks better than Kim Kardaskank.

    When Kim wears a bikini she always covers her big ass at the beach or pool side.

    I can’t blame Kim for covering her big ass because it jiggles and looks wide. Kim is nothing without her girdle.

    I’ve seen Kim’s porn video and could not handle watching it after I saw a side profile of her huge wide ass.

    Please post more pics of nice looking bottoms and quit posting Kim’s fat ass.


  23. havoc

    I’m all for a nice ass, but this chick needs to see a chiropractor or something….


  24. Janey

    Ya know, a peeled orange WOULD be refreshing right now…

  25. Sid

    I have a lot of respect for Kevin Spacey’s acting ability. He was very convincing in portraying his forbidden sexual attraction to her character in American Beauty, even though he’s gay, and she’s Mena.

  26. The ass looks good but that tattoo is pure trash.

    Oh, #1 – loser!


    For a bunch of faggots, you people sure are clueless about ass.

  28. Ript1&0

    Dear Fish,

    You know I hang out here a lot. And I’ve loved my time with you all. But it’s come to my attention lately that my needs are not being met.

    You see, as much as I enjoy gawking at the fabulous female form as much as the next person, I really don’t give a crap about the contours of Mena Suvari’s ass. (I know, blasphemy, right).

    What I’m saying is – why are we not ripping apart more MEN??? For fuckssake, John Mayer was in a onesie a while back, why are there no pictures of him bending over?? And that Madonna video? What in the hell. I didn’t even watch it because I know already that it’s three minutes and fifty eight seconds of ropey geriatric yoga, and only two seconds of my lickable yummy Justin.

    Damn it, I want the hotness. And what do I get? Fucking Pauly Shore and Larry King. Don’t you think I deserve better man?? DON’ T YOU?!?!?!

    Don’t you think I can do BETTER?? Me!!! Don’t you think that Justin and John would be lining up for ME???

    I’m so over this man. If you want me, I’ll be on the beach relaxing. Justin’s probably on the next towel over, really. Just waiting for me. Oooo yeah. Look at him. Hey, baby. You want some of this thyroid condition, bitch? I got some sciatica you’re gonna love. Hot.

    But first…. I’m licking that ass, Mr. JT. So get ready. You think Justin wants to be ducktaped to a chair and shaved? I bet he does. Pretty much everyone does.

  29. Randal

    Mad props to Ript1&0!


  30. Ript1&0


    I rule.

  31. soup

    Wierd, they both have tatoos of the number 13 on them. Matching tatoos always signal the end…

  32. derdoyeduh

    The sites with chicks writing have more equal amounts of male and female body-oogling, but the comments are lame and often fawning.

    The sites with guys writing have mostly girl-flesh, with much more savage humor.

    What do you expect?

  33. Racer X

    I’d hit that with no condom.

    /baby mama time!

  34. bb

    #11 – Who gives a fuck about that clown!? Is this your personal blog or something? This forum is in reference to the pics above.

  35. Loca

    She has a number 13 on her chest. In my teenage days, M is the 13th letter in the alphabet and it represents marijuana.

  36. Ken

    She’s all woman on bottom (and toddler on top).

  37. Thufir_Hawat

    Looking a *lot* like Jerri Blank, Amy Sedaris’s character in Strangers with Candy.

    Except Amy had to wear false teeth and a fat suit to get that look.

  38. Min

    #20, exactly. Just cause someone’s not playboy material does not make them a poster child for liposuction and boob jobs. i will say she has terrible posture, though…

  39. your standards are so low you're getting really fucking annoying

    Her butt nice? Wether you’re on crack of you have no fucking idea what a nice ass is.
    And please, you have to stop it. Stop posting about chicks who aren’t that hot at all only because they’re wearing a bikini and then claiming they’re hot just because they’re wearing a bikini. Please, STOP IT, or I’ll stop visiting your site and clicking on your ads.
    Post about something funny or interesting, I’m sick you only post about chicks who aren’t all that really claiming thei’re hot with your super low standards all the time now. STOP IT!

  40. Danklin24

    I’m assuming that now the superficial writer likes 12 year old boys with nice asses.

  41. dude_on_a_wire

    The only way this shoot was going to work is if she had bent over. She doesn’t exactly exude hottest chick at the beach to me – but then again the camera clicker caught some bad angles.

  42. ashesvicious

    Hahaha! #12 – you’re so right! I HAVE WoW characters that are hotter than this girl. Yay for WoW!

  43. kati

    You know, this whole anti-cankle thing really bugs me. Uhm, I get that people find them unattractive, but it’s not an issue of them ‘hitting the gym’ to avoid the ‘impending cankles’… you can’t get rid of them. And yeah, people who have them tend to look like freaks of nature, with tiny little upper-bodies (and no ass usually) attached to legs that seem to be from a completely different (larger) person. I’m 5’3″, and I weigh around 105 and I’m practically skeletal up-top, with legs pretty much EXACTLY like Mena’s here. It’s actually kinda weird. (and to think, i dared to dream anyone would have anything nice to say about my freaky leg-twin) My knees aren’t as big, and they do taper more in the middle… but seriously, I’ve tried my entire life to do something about my legs.. but cankles, people? Complain, but don’t blame it on the celebrity. It’s genetics, and short of having their muscle and bone shaved down, you CAN’T do anything about them. Losing weight will minimize them, of course, but you’re never gonna get the dainty little bird ankles that are so in vogue. Depressing, but true. And working out is only gonna make’em worse.

    To be clear, I’m not talking about when someone is fat, and they’re weight just all down-shifts… you know, like old ladies, where their ankles are puddling around the tops of their shoes? That’s way different, and can be fixed by exercise and eating right. But Mena here just has a specific muscle definition and bone structure- you can tell that’s bone and not chub.

  44. Anal Fistula

    i hate to agree, but the cankle thing is structural, it’s not a willpower or diet issue. sorry folks. basic anatomy. blame mommy and daddy for the shitty bone structure…

  45. misery bunny

    If you need to know if you’re an ass man, Mena Suvari is for you. She’s all ass.

    Ass, the new clevage. Good work Mena.

    Mena Suvari and actresses like her are the reason the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to prohibit the portrayal of child sex. It would inhibit the first amendment rights of Mena Suvari to portray children having sex.

  46. kati

    45.) Thanks for backing that up a little. I blame my dad for his viking/superhero legs of anti-feminine doom.

  47. HillbamaSucks

    Cankles suck. Also, it’s gross when their middle toe is longer than their big toe.

  48. Queefer Bukakke

    I suppose I could stuff some meat into that. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but what the hell!

  49. bigcups

    not only cankles, but she has a roll of fat drooping over her knees

  50. bootlips

    She’s cute but she has unfortunate tattoos.

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