Mena Suvari shaves her head

August 3rd, 2007 // 109 Comments

Mena Suvari, the cheerleader from American Beauty, was spotted having lunch at the Newsroom Restaurant in Beverly Hills looking like she took a lesson from the Britney Spears Guide To Being Ugly. It’s not even that her shaved head looks terrible on her, it just doesn’t make any sense. She’s capable of looking perfectly lovely so why do it? It’s like drawing on a fake mustache with a giant marker. Only less hilarious and not nearly as classy.


  1. beyonduplication


  2. elisbeth.hauss


  3. kelly

    Please somebody tell me that they know what kind of sunglasses she’s wearing there?

  4. beyonduplication

    @ # 2 neener neener neener

  5. whatever



  6. Options

    She’s got that Alicia Silverstone fetus mole on her forehead, the shaving just makes it jump out at you even more.

  7. elisbeth.hauss

    Just me. Greetings from Germany.

    I had breast cancer and the same kinda hairstyle.

    It was great, looked great with some clothes, but looked like shit with dresses…

    Why the fuck do people do that, when the dont have 2???

    Silly peace of shit. Who`s she anyway? Never heard of that bitch.

    I just dont get it.

  8. Bravo for her! Whatever her motives, she’s carrying it off with dignity and class! It looks just fine.

    Remember, perhaps this is a personal thing for her… maybe she’s supporting a close friend or relative who has cancer, and lost their hair… don’t assume it’s some publicity stunt like Britney pulled.

    Mena’s a beautiful woman.

  9. Lovely

    I bet he’s got a big dick…

  10. ali

    she wants to be shanade o’connor. not britney. britney shaved her head so they couldn’t hair drug test her and steal her babies. the difference between these two lies in the white trash aspect. thats a key factor here.

  11. dez

    perhaps it’s for a movie role? otherwise, i think she’s pulling it off just fine…

  12. Who’s the K-Fed wanna be in the red jack ass pants?

  13. whatever

    What is it with women today and big glasses? I hate the fucking things. It looks like NASA installed solar panels on her face. How the fuck did this become the style?

  14. Katy

    Why should this surprise anybody? She’s always been a weirdo.

  15. beyonduplication

    @ 13 i don’t know how it became the style, but they sure seem more effective than smaller sunglasses. better this than some of the completely useless trends (like pink hair and bad liposuction….)

  16. ali

    excuse me, sinead oconnor*

  17. #7….
    the movie American Beauty is her claim to fame. Kevin Spacey was in it along with Annette Benning.
    The poster for the movie was famous because this girl was probablly only 13 or 14 at the time and she was lying on a bed naked with red rose petals strategically placed over her “privates”…

    She’s done nothing since that I know of.
    You aren’t missing much……

  18. RattInnaCage

    I thought I’d look her up in Google to see if there was a reason for the Marine corp high and tight do. Didn’t find anything, but did find this little nugget of information:

    Her current “relationship”
    Mike ‘Murda’ Carrasco (professional breakdancer from Las Vegas, member of Knuckle Head Zoo; met in October 2005 in Braunschweig, Germany).

    Maybe that’s the fine lookin’ dude with her, and do people actually make money as a “professional” breakdancer? Now I gotta Google “Knuckle Head Zoo”.

  19. Giorgio

    #3 @ kelly, those are definitely tom ford’s:

    nice design :) should try them on at a boutique :)

  20. wedgeone

    Wasn’t she in American Pie also?

    A while back Fish posted pics of her sunbathing topless. She has some of the teeniest ta-ta’s of anyone in Hollywood.

  21. jack

    She shaved her head for a movie. “Garden of Eden”. It’s based on a Hemingway book.

  22. cspivey

    She was in American Beauty, the American Pie Series, Sugar and Spice, and Spun. Hair or no hair, she’s hot.

  23. lil princess

    the only problem i have with these pictures… is that they are wearing sweaters and its the middle of summer.. wtf?

    but beisdes that… she is adorable! and i doubt it was for publicity. i agree with the KATLADY.

  24. charm

    whatever the reason, she pulls it off better than brittany.

  25. TAMTX

    she wasn’t very pretty anyway. Now she just looks like a underage boy.

  26. Maha

    I have breast cancer and I’m only 24 and chemo SUCKS and I’m going bald. why anyone would do it for fun (shave their head) is beyond me…

    watching my beautifull hair fall apart was a mess….whatever she’s doing it for I hope to god it’s worth every penny!

    I would say to you not to use the “guide to being ugly” because for some–like my case–you have to do it to beat cancer.. but then again this is the superficial and I would never want it to be politically correct.

    rock on bitch

  27. dawn

    I think she looks beautiful with her head shaved. Any woman who cn pill off shaved head and still look good truly is pretty.

  28. you're soaking in it

    Suvari also had a recurring role as a faux artsy rebellious attention-seeking lesbian who dates the character Claire [played by Lauren Ambrose] in “Six Feet Under”.

  29. Chauncey Gardner

    Holy shit. I didn’t think this crease could possibly get any uglier. And then this happens.

  30. i think it’s an improvement and she looks really cute.

  31. luv to you

    God bless you 26

  32. Frick!

    She looks like a 15 year old dude. Sinead looked prettier bald than her; possibly even Britney did too. Anyways, I say it was all a ploy to get the paps to take her pics for attention. She sure could use some media attention, seeing as how she’s basically completly fallen off the fricken fame map. Doubt it will get her anywhere though.

  33. ph7

    She was much hotter when she was jail bait. Now that she’s of legal age, she’s just another average cute chick. It was the taboo that made her hot….

  34. Ha this is funny my husband calls her…………………..
    “Forehead small teeth”
    This makes that name even funnier!

    She was always a little weird looking but now…….YIKES

  35. ziggurat

    I shaved my hair off after BS did, and people thought I was a celebrity. I got celebrity attention at the supermarkets, in the mall–everywhere! If anyone wants to be an attention-whore, I heartily recommend it. Ironically, I shaved my hair off to look ‘ugly’ since I was sick of motley people hitting on me. I deserve rotten fruit, not cat-calls and stares. I subsequently learned that dressing in man-clothes and wearing a hat is a lot more effective for disappearing from the public eye. Glasses, hoodies, scarves, and head-raps (or capes) don’t work. Celebs will never learn . . .

  36. ziggurat

    Dude, summer is cold in LA in certain places. Sweater? hells yeah!

  37. Lexoka

    That’s just stupid. I simply don’t understand… I mean from Britney it wasn’t that surprising, nothing she does ever is, anymore. But Mena Suvari? Was she high or something?

  38. Melladior

    #17– Actually, she was 20 when American Beauty was filmed. The poster was famous, but not because she was underage.

  39. shanipie

    w/e she totally pulls it off.

    britney’s head is a bad shape for it, but mena’s looks good.

    and atleast she’s not being a pussy about it wearing god awful wigs and getting extensions done by Lakeeshia down the street.

  40. #1hater

    jeeze…she looks just like crazy britney during her umbrella period…..

  41. Guy

    Sexy, reminds me of tank girl.

  42. I always thought that she would look HORRIBLE with a shaved head, but I’m pleasantly surprised! Not a bad look for her!

  43. I have to agree with the fangirls. While she’s not as hot as she would be with hair, she actually can pull it off. More Sinead than Brit.

  44. Albaham Rinkon

    Wondering whats she shavend first, tha twatt or tha head.

  45. Josie

    #26, See #21.

    I think she looks just fine.. ESPECIALLY when compared to BS. Of course anything would look fine next to shit, but I think she pulls it off well.

    and a correction to the tummy on the poster thing…

    “The hand and stomach on the film’s poster do not belong to Mena Suvari, but are in fact those of actress/model Chloe Hunter.” –

  46. JJ Girl

    What the fuck? Why does every stupid ass want to look like Sinead O’Connor?

  47. mdiz

    Rumor has it she bats for the other team. Which honestly would describe the hair do.

  48. listen

    Guess what? Not everything a person is about can be summed up by their looks. Maybe she’s not trying to impress you?

  49. MC

    mina suvari has the biggest forehead known to man. she isn’t remotely attactive.

  50. She Looks Fantastic only a hot chick like Mena could pull this one off.
    Remember it’s not the face your fu#@ing it’s the fu#@ your facing.

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