Mena Suvari is topless, penis weeps

January 22nd, 2007 // 118 Comments

  1. mrs.t

    awww, they’re like pink hershey kisses.

  2. Pointandlaugh

    I think some Oxy-10 cream will clear up those chest zits of hers.

  3. mrs.t

    The bigger problem, as always, is those fucking sunglasses. ‘Sup, Starsky?

  4. Danner

    I agree on the sunglass thing. Hideous.

  5. Gandhi

    Hey that’s the chick I banged at the Special Olympics!

  6. lalalemon

    Um, they look ok to me?

  7. elizabeththewellread

    They aren’t typical Hollywood sillicone bags, but I have to admit I find them strangely alluring. “Sweet little boobies” is the phrase that comes to mind (for perhaps the first time in history).

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Gawd, fucked-up nipple/areola ratio, unequal mass and length, zits….yup, those are man boobs.

    cover that shit up

  9. As somebody who grew up in California let me say for all of us Californians on here………”Oh, so THATS what real ones look like!”

  10. D'oh Eyes

    Didn’t we already see them in American Beauty? But I agree, areola/breast ratio is way off. Big areolas are yuck.

  11. mrs.t

    PapaHotNuts was kind enough to post this on the Jessica Biel bikini thread:

    Please, do yourself a favor and go immediately! It’s the real EdnaBanbrick, and it is stunningly worth it.

  12. jrzmommy

    Didn’t every man in America want to fuck her when she was in American Beauty? What happened? did everyone realize that rectangle heads aren’t sexy?

  13. Kevin Palooza

    Dude they’re real boobs. Nice ones. You’re gay.

  14. HollyJ

    LOL @ 7

    I’ve seen worse. No, seriously.

  15. RichPort

    She looks just like my stepdaughter. A little bit bottom heavy (or top light), modest breasts with large areolae, tasty nipples. Better from behind, to be honest. In fact, that last picture is getting me hard all over again. Time to hit the bathroom stall for a little target practice with my laminated wallet-size “memento”!

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Dude, you’re the one who likes man-boobs, if you’re gay don’t try to project your baggage on the people here. Just keep reaching for that rainbow.

  17. RichPort

    “Wally”, please stop. You’re fucking “lame” and your “use” of punctuation is “appalling”. You and Ass “Ferret” need a fucking “room”.

  18. woodhorse

    Fish – your mother weaned you too early and hence you have an obsession with monster-truck-sized breasts. There’s nothing wrong with her tits. They are cute. Paint some watermelons and take them to bed with you.

  19. wedgeone

    If only the real boobs were bigger ….
    Still, I must applaud her for not runing her body with plastic surgery the way her Am.Pie co-star Tara Reid did!!

    BTW – where’s Edna in this post? Cripes, at least this COULD be considered pornographic, unlike the one of JB in a bikini.

    BTW #15, FTLTC.

  20. leezle

    I prefer her lovelies to a set of silicone balloons!

  21. Alice-Mary

    omg! I think she’s really lucky to have small breasts. I absolutely hate my D’s(they get in the way of EVERYTHING) and plan to have a reduction when I turn 18

  22. RichPort

    By the way, if her tits were smaller, they’d be growing on her back.

  23. happy_bunny

    OMGZ actual real live boobages!

  24. They look great to me……..I’d suck em anytime.

    Nice, real, young boobies.

  25. combustion8

    I’d hit it… even with the tranny tits.

  26. griffmills

    I dig the little nuggets

  27. And in other unfortunate news, they keep making video games for her to do bad voices in.

  28. Pointandlaugh

    #21 — for the love of titty-fucking, please reconsider.

  29. machinegundolly

    aw. yay mena!
    im more impressed than anything.
    i have small boobs, and i wouldnt go topless like that.

  30. prideofchucky

    She’s not Gisele Bundchen but who cares.
    Boobs aren’t gonna look good hunched over like that anyway.’

    I’d bang her like Kevin Spacey was supposed to:)

  31. biatcho

    At least this ugly retard isn’t a homonigger. Last week I was starting to think the posts were being submitted by the Unitloving Coloreds of Bendovertom.

  32. danielle

    I guess she’ll be making that apppointment to her plastic surgeon like everyone else after she sees these pics.

    She’ll be getting “enhanced”.

    The viewing public will be getting their retina sliced off.

  33. Richard

    Cute li’l titties. I generally like them bigger, but these are fine for A-cups (or whatever they are). Nice areola and nips. I don’t see what the problem is.

  34. supanigga

    10. Posted by D’oh Eyes on January 22, 2007 12:17 PM

    Didn’t we already see them in American Beauty? But I agree, areola/breast ratio is way off. Big areolas are yuck.


    hah. you like tiny areolas like my man nipples? Wanna suck my tiny man nipples?

    She has perfectly sized nipples. nice and perky too.

  35. GeezWhattaBunchaBorderlines

    Rich- I just want to thank you for not boring me with every fucking detail of your job and your children and your children’s school and what they ate for dinner and etc. ect. You are one of the few that just makes funny comments about random shit and every now and then toss an insult toward someone. I can barely stand all this bullshit from many of the others. will up and running soon. You’ll love it there. I’ll give you more details soon.

  36. wedgeone

    #21 – would you ask your man to have his penis size reduced? Or your lesbo lover to strap on a smaller dildo? Why in the world would you want to give your lover LESS of what they love the most? It’s ludicrous.

    #31 – “Unitloving Coloreds of Bendovertom.” LMAO!! >^D

  37. gugu

    who the fk is Mena Suvari?

  38. ponk

    while i like to rag on celebs given the slightest opportunity, Mena can put those little cuties in my face any time she likes.

  39. jrzmommy

    Jesus. Imagine if she and Nicole Kidman made a baby? The super massive gigantic forehead on that kid?

  40. RichPort

    #35 – You’re excellent with cut and paste aren’t you? Cut and paste this, then krazy glue it to your forehead, then look in a mirror B.E., Ass Ferret or whoever the fuck you are:


  41. danielle

    GET MY OFF FUCKING DICK….got that, 35?

    Neither did I.

  42. LL

    Eh, to each his own, so people are free to criticize, but I don’t see anything terribly wrong with her tay-tas. Yeah, the nips look sorta big, but at least she can still feel them. Just because her boobs aren’t each bigger than her head doesn’t mean they’re untouchable. Mine are bigger than hers, so what? As someone already mentioned, compare her to Tara Reid, who can’t be much older in age but looks about 15 years older, partly because of her already-sagging, badly rendered boob job. One day, relatively easy dick enlargement will be possible and then maybe men will get tired of having natural dicks compared to unnaturally enlarged ones and they’ll be a little less judgmental. And then I’ll click my heels three times and go back to Kansas.

  43. LL

    Plus, that swimsuit is ugly and unflattering. If you have small ones, something that squishes them down flat is probably not the best way to go. Of course, when you’re not wearing one at all, that point is moot, but just sayin’…

  44. scrabble

    must be a puzzle of some type…get my offal-fucking dick? that’d make sense, with all the absurd defensive bragging, the missus has got to be a pig.

  45. ValeWolf

    What do American woman have against bras?!?! Seriously. That’s what gives you a nice shape. If you don’t wear one your boobs look like man boobs!

  46. 2for2true

    The nips and boobs I have no problem with…but the belly button makes me think an alien birth is imminent.

  47. acatnamedfrank

    The problem isn’t her tiny boobage… it’s those horrible freakin’ sunglasses!! Ugh!

    I think she looks just fine. She’s a petite girl; her boobs are porportionate to her small frame.

  48. Ren

    Those are some serious pepperoni nipples.

  49. checkyourshorts

    If she didn’t like ‘em, I assume she’d have gotten them fixed. Question? Answered.

    Unless of course she’ afraid of becoming like Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing, whom no one recognizes after the nose job.

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