Mena Suvari Malibu bikini pictures

August 17th, 2007 // 182 Comments

Lord knows why you’d want to see them, but here are some shots of Mena Suvari wearing a bikini. And it’s not like Mena was all that great to look at even with hair, so these are just confusing. And maybe a little cruel. Although they do raise an important question: why is this dude wearing a bikini?

NOTE: I don’t know why, but she reminds me of a bear cub. She looks like she should be lumbering towards a pot of honey in this picture.

Photos: Splash

  1. Wuuus

    Definitely a woman. Like that butt.

  2. dave


  3. Dave

    dammit maybe one day

  4. Damn, I look better than that in my bikini.
    I’m not stuck-up, I’m just saying…………….

  5. i hate you too.

    I think she’s actually pretty cute.

  6. UglyGirl

    is that the chic from sabrina with her?

  7. bob

    wow, fish, that lumbering bear comment was actually somewhat funny.

    anyway, i don’t get the crochet bikinis. it looks like it would shrink the second it hits the water.

    those glasses are fucking hideous.

  8. Tim

    This is exactly what Cindy Crawford’s son is going to look like in 10 years.

  9. XavierH

    Bottom half pretty nice. Top half should be covered in rose petals. Or a burlap sack.

    Maybe she’s starring in the V for Vendetta sequel, W for Woof?

  10. Jimbo's Sweaty Buttcrack

    I’m pretty sure the second girl is FRIST.

  11. jrzmommy

    WHOA! It’s the Dyke from the Deep!

  12. HELP

    Are her boobs super-wide apart? I mean, there is NO cleavage whatsoever. Ugh.

  13. Hecubus

    Oh my God, the aliens have landed. Runs to the hills, avoid the beaches.

  14. Is this more Euro trash?

  15. combustion8

    nice ass

  16. veggi

    Happens every time. If you really want to bring the ugly, become a lesbian.

  17. veggi

    Jeezuz 16- get your own name……..AND FUCK OFF. Thank you.

  18. Pedro

    I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw this, then I followed the link to see her topless, and I threw up my intestines in my lap.

  19. veggi

    like any of you losers are half as hot as this chick, or could get a chick half as hot. go back to second life and try to get laid there

  20. Could be worse. She could look like Jenna Jameson in a bikini. On a scale from “hit it” to “not hit it”, I would give it a “hit it once after a couple shots of tequila”.

  21. bubba lubdubski

    stubble never looked this delish. u are all on crack if you think you wouldn’t hit this. again, too many transvestite loving gay men in this room.

  22. veggi

    19- gawd! quit moronifiying my name…… yeah, I just made up a word. But here’s one you know. GO MAKE ME A SAMMICH….. yeah, that’s 5 words.

  23. jrzmommy

    Next thing you know she’ll be wearing “sensible shoes” and rocking out to the Indigo Girls.

  24. flavio

    pic #5 hottttt asss! she looks fun…

  25. ApoloOhnosSoulPatch

    Her legs are way too big to wear that small of a bikini bottom. Why can’t these wealthy people find someone who can give them good fashion advice for Christ’s sake? Does that butch haircut look good on anyone really???

  26. veggi

    I am stupid!

  27. veggi

    just cuz she doesnt have a surgery enhance body, cute face, nice skin tone, or even works out, doesnt mean you guys have any right to talk down on her. she is a human being and should be treated fairly. that could be your sister, mom, daughter! i am shocked at everyone’s response, and will stop visiting this site if this continues.

  28. smegma

    I love lesbians. They start out questionable, at a minimum, and become butt ugly, like Mena Nomo-Pena here. Then they make a big deal about never being with a guy again, leaving us with only…the good-looking hetero girls. It’s perfect. Like a self-cleaning oven.

  29. YouRang

    This picture presents quite a conundrum. I could totally see fucking the bottom half, but I know if I did, sooner or later I’m going to notice the upper half, and think to myself ‘why am I fucking this dude.’ The next thought of course will be ‘I didn’t even know I was gay, maybe I’m just bi.’ Several years of therapy later, I still wouldn’t know what had happened.

  30. AmeriCanadian

    Some chicks can pull off the shaved head thing…I don’t think Mena is one of them. Yikes. However, I like her bikini, it is cute.

  31. veggi

    #28…. stupid troll-e

  32. Fish Referral Service

    Several years of therapy??? Just get in a chat room with Texas Tranny and s/he’ll explain all…

  33. Danklin24

    I’ve seen doors with bigger bumps on them. She does have a cute ass though.

  34. Holly Wood

    Poor Mena. I guess having Kevin Spacey masturbate to you would fuck up anybody’s sexuality.

  35. @30…….you don’t need therapy!!!!!
    Like I tell a lot of guys…..”Just because I’m sucking your cock, doesn’t make you gay”.

  36. manchitas

    The second girl is that girl from Sabrina, isn’t it? Mena has got such a thick neck, she should have never shaved her head. If it wasn’t for a movie role, than she has lost her ever loving mind, or has turned carpet muncher.
    Question for Texas Tranny… well do you fill out a bikini? And, do you wax?

  37. Mongo

    This thread reminds me of college, sitting around wasted and having ridiculous debates. I think we actually did this one – “would you fuck some chick with a great ass if the rest of her were a retarded dude?”

  38. manchitas

    @35 I don’t know, he’s kind of sexy in an unexplainable kind of way. I’d fuck him silly.

  39. bob

    37, it sure does look like her face, but the body seems too fit. last time i saw her, she was still a fat cow from having a baby.

  40. woodhorse

    Well Blindfold Me And Make Me Pin The Tail On Wally!! I could have sworn this woman appeared in flash of lightning and started chasing Arnold Schwartzenegger down the street.

  41. urban dictionary

    I think technically the second girl is lesprechaun.

  42. hollyj

    Suddenly I’m craving pear.

  43. Meisterburger

    Helluva nice pooper. Nice waist/hip ratio. And there’s nothing wrong with smallies now and again. She doesn’t look all that bad with the short hair. Britney should take notice.

  44. @37, I fill it out better than this and of course I wax.

  45. gotmilk?

    lmao @ 41. nice reference

  46. Gah! Who’s that dude????

  47. nina


  48. poop

    You gotta give the girl credit..shes got a rockin body for real. theres no denying that.

  49. Dufus

    I’ve never fouund her to be attractive. even less now with the bald head

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