Mena Suvari in a bikini

August 25th, 2009 // 140 Comments

Here’s Mena Suvari hosting Absolut Saturday at AZURE in Vegas over the weekend, and there was a time when I’d question what drunken committee made that random call. Of course, that was before they started handing these thing out to Jon Gosselin, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until Octomom: The Pool Party kicks off which will probably usher in the return of Satan. “At last, my time has com- Wait, does that chick who looks like Angelina Jolie seriously have 14 kids? ‘The fuck are you people doing up here?”

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  1. oahz

    she does look like a mini jolie

  2. INSTY1

    I think she looks great! with or without tits. workin out!

  3. INSTY1

    I think she looks great! with or without tits. workin out!

  4. Tits McGee

    Jesus, you could play the double feature at the Drive-in theater on her forehead.

  5. surlywench

    Her face does that body no justice.

  6. Carafe

    Wasn’t she famous for like three minutes?


    She makes Mat Damon look good.


    She makes Mat Damon look good.

  9. Jen

    I can count her ribs. Why is that hot??

  10. Where’s the beef? 360 please…

    Where was she, when the good lord was handing out titties?

  11. Harold^Sick

    What is the deal with everyone getting tattoos? At one point it was cool and original, because not everyone had one (or it showed which faction you align with in jail), now it just looks idiotic. It doesn’t look good on anyone really, just a permanent way to remind yourself “Hey, I made some really shitty decisions in my life.”

  12. dude!

    She’s HOT, but does not look like the type to have a tatoo on her chest. Go figure. Kind ot ruins it, IMHO.

  13. dontlooknow

    It’s so unnerving to see a Hollywood female with real breasts…Mom, I’m scared!

  14. name it for christ sake

    beautiful things comes in small pack (also poison,lol)

  15. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  16. jester

    She looks good from the abbs down. I never noticed that huge forehead before. Too bad she doesn’t have any tits to work with.

  17. Chef

    My breasts are bigger than hers.

  18. Quagmire

    I’d plow that into next April. Alrightttt…..!

  19. Cash

    Starting to look pretty strung out there Mena… time to cut back on the blow.

  20. Mr. Krinkle

    Where’s the ass shots? That’s the best part of her.

  21. Just a guy

    She’s 29 going on 50 with that face.

  22. Devilsrain

    High foreheads are all the rage in Hollywood. Britney, LiLo, its a sign of things to come.

  23. Arthur Kade's Ballbag

    @10: because you know how many will crack when you fuck her.

  24. Robbin Leech

    Plus column: Tight body, great pooper, smallish. Negative column: Obnoxious tat, no breast pieces, giga-forehead. Her mini size pushes her into the “I’ll take two please category”…

  25. why doesnt anyone have any backshots of her? he ass is the only thing worth looking at

  26. flatflatflat

    the mole is twice the size of her little buds

  27. Shamus O'Hara

    Defacing herself with tattoos
    Just another headcase .

  28. kev

    She has a giant alien head.

  29. Kat Von D

    What a god awful tattoo

  30. Wyatt

    Bigger tits

    Give ‘em the knee shooters, I don’t care.

  31. sofia

    is it me, or she looks like Angelina Jolie’s she-male teenager son? I don’t know, but this creature gives me the creeps.

  32. FKU

    Not one ass shot WTF

  33. Del

    She still looks the same as she did ten years ago.

  34. mixedsugar

    she has an old lady face. All wrinkly and shit…..ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  35. Deacon Jones


    If I was dating that I would do her doggy style EVERY. FUCKING. NIGHT.

    When you fuck something that hot, you sleep like a baby. I’d be waking up at noon everyday. They should do a scientific study on that phenomenon.

  36. Eddy

    Hey, at least she’s acted in one or two films (and really, American Beauty was a quality picture) which is more than most “reality stars” and other wtf-celebs can say for themselves.

  37. crack ass

    Bangin’ ass for an anorexic chick.

  38. MrBeanScores

    Hey She has a nice body, so her breast aren’t huge, I sure wouldn’t pass her over. She’s got a very nice rump. Need more ass pics Fish.

  39. Purple man

    Looks like Prince left his mark on her breastbone. Must have been an “after” thing.

  40. fred

    Here’s the truth.
    Mena is pretty. Sometimes gorgeous. Sometimes plain.
    She has small breasts, not flat. Do a google search and you’ll find topless photos of her on a beach. Her breasts are fine.
    Her tattoos are unfortunate. Makes her look trashy.
    Her lower body is spectacular. Stunning. Exquisite.
    Mena has gorgeous legs and a legendary ass. An ass of a Goddess.
    Her career is nonexistent. Her fiance is a douchebag midget.
    She exists to wear bikinis in public so we can judge and ogle her.
    It’s all good.

  41. stupidass

    @ 34

    I disagree. 10 years ago she had a certain girlish hotness to her. body aside, (i like skinny, no boob havin’, little things like her) her face is all rigid and aged poorly.

    does she smoke? can anyone confirm? maybe that’s what’s going on here.

  42. Bob

    She sure is skinny. I have more of these pics on my site too,

  43. Holy shit someone got hit with the ugly stick. To think I used to jerk off to that when she was in that movie with Kevin Spacey.

    Or maybe it was Kevin Spacey I was jerking off to.

    I think I have just found my next blog spot.

  44. pasty-white-boy

    Girl needs to eat a few burgers.

  45. Holy shit someone got hit with the ugly stick. To think I used to jerk off to that when she was in that movie with Kevin Spacey.

    Or maybe it was Kevin Spacey I was jerking off to.

    I think I have just found my next blog spot.

  46. Ganja

    She has a 13 tatoo? This means she loves ganja. I have a small 13 tatoo on my chest underneath my left tit. I have perky natural 34C and my lover has to lift my perky tit to see the tatoo.

  47. one of the most beautiful women out there today

  48. Hefe

    Wow is this what Mena has been reduced to??

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the pics and she is smokin’ hot, but these Vegas pool party hosting gigs is the stuff washed up skanks like Paris Hilton, Kim K & Lindsay Lohan get hired to do.

    Surprised to see Mena doing this.

  49. Deacon Jones


    Bob, good job on the website.

    I couldve uploaded a hardened turd to and came up with a better web page than that.

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