Mena Suvari in a bikini

July 7th, 2009 // 110 Comments

Here’s Mena Suvari in Los Cabos yesterday with her boyfriend Simone Sestito. She’s still a celebrity, right? Yes? No? You’re gonna let it slide because somehow her midget frame supports her ass in a manner that suggests sorcery?

Works for me.


  1. Dutchie

    Fiwst! And where are the titties?

  2. uh

    She’s cool because she was in American Beauty. Good movie.

  3. alex


  4. devilsrain

    Huge forehead, Nice fatty legs….Pass

  5. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Her ass kind of makes up for the absence of anything else…..

  6. Delgo


  7. devilsrainisafag

    fat legs? you must be gay seriously. Look at her ass. It’s gorgeous.

  8. mel

    It wasn’t that long ago when she looked like the guy on the jet ski.

  9. Giv'er a moustache ride

    Altogether yummy except for that stupid tat in a fucking stupid place

  10. Richard McBeef

    Of limited interest.

  11. msjessiemeghan

    She has a gap in her teeth that a pilot could land a plane in. Never thought she was at all pretty. Ever.

  12. the infamous danielle

    her butt is in the wrong place. it should be on her chest.

  13. lizzy

    HOT BODY, goddamn! nice and tone and then a sweet ass, good lord. she looks amazing!!!

  14. Tad Bit Tipsy

    @9, Its just a target for your pearl necklaces…

  15. When did she start to look good again? DAMN

  16. HUMAN


  17. Alex

    AMAZING ASS. I could lose a weekend in that butt.

  18. choko

    dat ass….

  19. Rachel

    @ 11 – she doesn’t have a gap in her teeth. maybe you’re thinking of anna paquin.

  20. Val

    @20 she doesn’t just have one gap in her teeth, she has tanker-sized spaces between ALL of her teeth. And, as the late Bernie Mac would say, that’s no forehead, that’s a fivehead.

  21. Valerie

    Damn, Fish HATES short chicks!

  22. I’d treat her ass like a jackhammer treats concrete…

  23. wtf

    Everything is looking OK as long as you scroll the page down far enough in the browser to cover her face up. Then all of a sudden you see the gigantic craters in her legs from the cellulite.

    Sadly, pass on this one.

  24. the infamous danielle

    @23. get real, you know your mother won’t allow it. especially since its her ass that you’ve been jackhammering since coming out of that bile filled womb of hers.

  25. she seems to be in a gang now. MS13
    21 google “mena suvari smile” (without quotes) you know what

  26. 25 must you be the center of attention all the time? Rich, she wants the jackhammer, but doesn’t know how to ask for it.

  27. Sunburned and Bucktooth smurf in the flesh.
    Its o.k Mena, you can head back to the kiddie pool now.

    Never knew smurfs had nasty ass tats, bummer.

  28. strepmuffin

    girl got BOOTY!

  29. Parker

    wow, I’d like to stir her sweet little fudge pot. If I could get a mold of that ass I’d make a fortune selling neck pillows in airport kiosks.

  30. devilsrain

    Hey 7, takes one to know one right? Why dont you crawl back to your gloryhole dipshit.

  31. JPRichardson

    I have nothing intelligent to say at the view of these pics other than WHAT A NICE ASS!!!

  32. #28 – Seriously dude, danielle makes Shabba Ranks look like Denzel Washington… and “she’s” a “girl”…


  33. doppler

    @22 – Ghost man, clearly you must be about 15 or 16. You are incredibly juvenile

  34. Missy Wu

    I still think she is beautiful. I just loved her in “American Beauty.”

  35. Deacon Jones

    Parker just called me. He’s in Los Cabos looking for the jet ski.

  36. #33 – Yea doppler. You got me. Oh dag. You are a genius. Wow. I am in awe of you. Go me!

  37. £it

    £it would, £it!

  38. gotmilk?

    seems like he’s more than her boyfriend because that’s a giant ass ring on her hand.

    her hair looked better short.

  39. Boy shes like pirate’s treasure, a buncha sucken chest! but she sure make it up in the rear….

  40. 40) Nice pirate joke, glad you didn’t say booty for the overkill.

  41. bribios

    The butts ok, but from the waist up she’s built like a dude.

  42. Wow! She’s looking good!!!

  43. the infamous danielle

    Oh, shut up Richport.

    Your ass looks like a bloated turd, so you have some nerve to talk.

  44. Mena’s ass = A-
    Mena’s tits = D+

  45. CakeSnifferer

    Another stupid tattoo.

    Say, is she really tall or is he really shrimpy?

  46. CakeSnifferer

    Another stupid tattoo.

    Say, is she really tall or is he really shrimpy?

  47. danielle, don’t you have small children to scare, or did parents stop hiring you as the boogie man to deal with their insolent kids? Shit, beeotch, you could scare the moles off a fucking witch…

  48. doppler

    rich ghost boy and danielle “I only comment about rich boy” are obviously a couple – ah summer love, will it last when you two have to go back to school?

  49. the infamous danielle

    ya know, you keep commenting on how “ugly” i supposedly am…yet you’ve never taken the time out to describe your gorgeous self. do tell….

    *sits back in recliner with headphones on blasting Thriller*

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