Mena Suvari has a butt, who knew?

April 3rd, 2008 // 147 Comments

Mena Suvari (American Beauty) is enjoying a vacation in Miami with her boyfriend Simone Sestito (Eh?). I’m puzzled as just to where in the hell Mena got that ass from. I thought she was a midget. Does she live under power lines or something? Or, no, I got it: She was bitten by a radioactive Kim Kardashian. Yes, of course, that seems more likely. *strokes beard* I should be a doctor. Wait, I don’t have a beard oh God Cindy I’m sorry. Uh, how’s my favorite HR gal doing today? Still competing in the lumberjack games I’m getting sued aren’t I? Fantastic.


  1. AlliBaba1234

    She doesn’t have a butt. She has freaking lordosis. Ladies, remember your posture!!!

  2. spindoc

    Oh, are tattoos still in? How nice for him.

  3. jesse

    Mena Suvari has always had ass. That was one of few things that are actually attractive about her. And thank god she’s actually growing her hair back. That short shit was awful.

  4. Wow. Now i want to go

  5. Kate


    Good luck finding a girl who won’t get cellulite eventually, if that turns you off. Even thin women can get it. Very few who won’t.

    Unless they come up with a cure. Man, whoever does that will be a freaking million-billionaire.

  6. Mary

    I know #34 said it already, but the first thing I thought when I saw the 13 tattoo was like “holy shit her bf is loyal to the Mexican Mafia?” I could probably get shot for saying that. It looks like her body from belly button up is a totally different body than from there down. She’s like 8 sizes bigger on the bottom. She just looks really out of shape. When you put on weight from being out of shape you tend to gain an ass and thighs. Note to self: keep up with workout routines to avoid mutant lower half.

  7. Britney's Nappy Weave

    Wow, what a skanky-cankly whore she looks like. Nice. And the 13 tat on her boobs just tops it off. WTF is she trying to prove? And her little (and I mean little) “gansta” friend is white trash looking too. They are a perfect couple (of assholes).

  8. Mena, Mena, Mena…..I’d be ALL over that!!

    Brit’s bum looks pretty appealing, too!

  9. girl

    This guy is a concert promoter from toronto canada, the 13 is a lucky number for italians. i know him.

  10. Laura

    Um.. this is a message to all the anonymous morons putting these girls down: Why don’t you all put on bikini’s (and mankini’s) and go out on the beach, and I’ll take some pictures of you. How about, every time you post any comment, my photo of you comes up next to the comment. Because I can guarantee they all look better than you, even without getting any implants.

  11. BunnyButt

    Butt and a gut …

  12. lulu

    Is the “guy” with her the pregnant transgender man that’s all over the internet? He’s short, looks about 5 months pregnant and scratching his non-existent package…eeewwww – with her hair-don’t it’s like she’s the guy and he’s the knocked up g/f….I wonder which trailer park they live in?!?!

  13. Pearl

    She has a sway back. I had a friend that was not very attactive and she would stand like this chick (sway back) to make her ass look perky.

  14. 13 is las emes, mexican mafia. MS13 is mara salvatrucha, a gang started in el salvador. Next time you see a hispanic with a 13 tattoo ask him if he is from el salvador!

    Mena doesn’t need implants, but she does need to tone those legs. It’s not too late!

  15. gio

    You people are just plain mean.

    These two look like they are having fun. They look good like most people do in their 20′s. In due time the will wrinkle up, plump up, & dimple out. Just as sure as the tumbleweed tumble.

    Of course it’s really, really obvious they know they are being photographed, and are posing like mad.

    btw i loathe tattoos, but that’s what you sheep do to yourselves these days

  16. Mia

    I look forward to that horrible long shorts style for men going out of style. I want to see some legs and buns!

  17. Pak31

    And for someone so young she has awfuly large cellulite riddled legs and a bit of a gut. Nasty looking chick.

  18. OC Dee


    I agree. The only time I get to see a mans hot ass and legs is when I go to my Sports Club and do laps at the Olympic size pool; there are plenty of hot men of all ages doing their laps in speedos and then I can enjoy. After they do their laps, the young ones put on their long shorts while the older ones put on some shorts where I can enjoy seeing their tight buns and althletic legs.

  19. She is super sexy and large sexy.She has my whole-hearted support.I saw her always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.I am wondering what kind of relation she want in this site?Dose she really has a new baby?

  20. STOMP

    I dunno who this mina chick is but shes got an nice ass

  21. Tara

    That bikini is HOT!! It is by Salt Swimwear. I have 3 of their bikinis and now I need to get this one too. She makes it look so good!!

  22. shibuya_jonez

    that lil punk azz byotch aint no MS 13. the only gang bangin hes done is down on polk street in san francisco

  23. phoenix

    I think she looks really good. She has a nice butt. Even though she has thunder thighs, you can tell is comfortable with her own body, and that is most important. If I was a guy I would so be attracted to her.

  24. JD


  25. lee

    I would pound that ass for sheer pleasure, its an ass that needs a D.P

  26. hmm

    I would have thought for sure all the pervs on this site had seen American Pie and American Beauty.

  27. NYLA Princess

    Of course, she’s half Greek!! What Mediterranean woman do you know who has no hips or butt? Are you jealous that someone as thin and fashionable can be so confident? Her tat is a great place to tantalize the zone and he seems to be enjoying himself. Way to go Mena!! For all the small breasted woemn in the world who are thin and healthy and loving life — here’s to you!!

  28. ...y

    yall are a bunch of faggats. seriously, its saddd. u loserz shudl get a lif sadly.

    not to be mean, but yea shit seriously lmfmao my gosh.

  29. Eugthehuge

    Perfect ass and legs.

  30. seo

    Photos magnificent!

    Beautiful pictures. They look professional.

  31. she’s not all that. I dont like her face!

  32. I love her so much. She will be my bride one day….

  33. dickspitz

    That is some fine ass Mena! I would bend you over and cornhole the shit out of you baby!

  34. dickspitz

    That is some fine ass Mena! I would bend you over and cornhole the shit out of you baby!

  35. dickspitz

    And to all you “cankle” obsessesed fuckers, who gives a shit if the ankles are a ‘lil thick. It’s just more of a handful when you hold the legs up for a great view of your cock plunging in and out of her pussy and asshole!

  36. Ash

    hmmm…her ass looks perfect to me.

    And for all u bitches…every girl has some cellulite. She looks amazing
    And guys like something to grab onto. big hips and big ass means a fat, juicy vagina. Dont be jealous they have something to grab onto and look at

    Trust me, Im a white girl with a big butt and would NEVER have it any other way.

    Big tits look trashy, big butts are sexy.

  37. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m talkin square azz to you baby, SQUARE, SQUARE AZZ!

  38. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Big Deal. Shes getting divorced. Just look at that ass.

  39. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    i would do things to her that im going to tell my friends we did anyway

  40. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s gonna miss playing with that boo-tay. Didn’t know she was packing like that.

  41. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Jesus.. it’d jiggle so nicely after a spank

  42. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    good times…

  43. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    i don’t think you’re taking the x, y and z axis into account

  44. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Uh, not really.

  45. Mena Suvari Bikini Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    everyone looks good next to Ke$ha

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