Mena Suvari has a butt, who knew?

April 3rd, 2008 // 147 Comments

Mena Suvari (American Beauty) is enjoying a vacation in Miami with her boyfriend Simone Sestito (Eh?). I’m puzzled as just to where in the hell Mena got that ass from. I thought she was a midget. Does she live under power lines or something? Or, no, I got it: She was bitten by a radioactive Kim Kardashian. Yes, of course, that seems more likely. *strokes beard* I should be a doctor. Wait, I don’t have a beard oh God Cindy I’m sorry. Uh, how’s my favorite HR gal doing today? Still competing in the lumberjack games I’m getting sued aren’t I? Fantastic.


  1. ah-choo

    apparently he has crabs.

  2. MassGrrl

    A butt, bad hair, and a skanky tattoo.

  3. Cthulha

    yeah, but what a great butt!

  4. billy


  5. Kevin Spacey

    who the feck is this little micro mini pimp with gay tats??

  6. Quinn

    He looks horney or itchy

  7. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    judging from her boyfriend, i’d say the water is cold.

  8. Which one is she again??

  9. jesus will smite you

    i think i see camel toe.

  10. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    and with that posture, she looks like she’s trying to get adopted by angelina jolie.

  11. Clem

    Board Shorts? Check
    Belt? Check
    Underwear? Check
    Stupid watch? Check

    Great! Let’s hit the water!

  12. Abdo

    Who the hell Is Mena Suvari??
    Who cares if she has a kim’s ass or even a trunk in her backside??

  13. Ted Mosby

    I’ve hit that. Smells like Kevin Spacey.

  14. My Penis

    NICE! If you can get past the cellulite, cankles, back fat, and lack of breasts. Well done Bro, you must be as stoked as these pictures show you to be.

  15. Randall

    Look at the cellulite on these cows. Mooooo-ve on and let a real girl wear the bikini’s, you fucking heffers. Those thighs look like an unevenly filled bean bag. Real men like small taut legs, not chubbostumps like these. Fucking obesity in America makes me sick!

    Bones for boning, fat for failing.

  16. That motherfucker better keep his shirt on if he sets foot in east los. Surenos will peel that 13 right off his midget ass.

  17. Is she the one from American Beauty or Ghost World?

  18. ObligingAnonymous

    wow. gorgeous ass. (is big ass the new black?)

    but the fact that she actual fucks that douche bag is a major a turn off. this girl was in a classy oscar-winning film, when did she turn into a white trash pseudo-hoodrat?

  19. AnalGlory

    She needs to lose the dyke hair and squat on my face. I’d lick that corn hole until the sun burns out.

  20. will

    Fish, you are getting fucking lame.

  21. ivan

    she’s not all that. I dont like her face!

  22. lil ol me

    frist, its the one from american beauty

  23. She has an incidental ass. It happens to look good, in a naturally full and not particularly toned way, on her otherwise nasty body. It’s like when a good red tomato ripens on a sickly looking plant. In other words, bone her in the ass and then bury her in the backyard.

  24. jeremiah

    She needs breast implants, not ass enlargement!

  25. Randy

    I knew she had an awesome ass a few yrs ago, I even wrote this site telling them but nobody listened. I saw her in a bikini and he ass just jumped out.

  26. T

    How is everyone missing the CANKLES? Absolute deal breaker.

  27. Ben Hur

    Squatter’s butt.

  28. Kingsley Amis

    She’s a 14-year old boy. And her friends are in sloppy shape. That said, little Suavecito her boyfriend is gonna be in some nasty 4-way. Right on.

  29. Binx

    It looks like she is preparing for her role in the re-release of “The Legend of Billie Jean”! When you’re seventeen, people think they can do anything to you. Billie Jean is about to prove them wrong.


  30. looks like she borrowed some ass from those other ladies

  31. antoine

    With an ass like that, it’s a shame she can’t find a better man than that!

  32. poop

    She wears all her weight in her legs.

  33. Harry Ballzack

    Not as scrumptuous as Kate Hudsons – but good enough
    Her friend needs to give his big brother back his shorts though and buy his own. I’ve often wondered if all these itchy-scratchy boys walking around holding their dick – is it because they have a bad case of The Crabs ? Or some other STD ? Or is it because they just can’t talk without playing with their pecker ?
    Really creeps me out ………………

  34. ally

    isnt his tattoo “13″ from the MS 13? that mexican gang?

  35. Trover

    Eh. She hasn’t been interesting for about 7 years. No sex tape, no drug arrests, no DUIs, no good films, no reason to care. And she is not even cute anymore.

  36. Orange

    In my opinion from the waist up she’s an 8, small chest but pretty well toned.
    From the waist down shes a 6, nice butt but just a bit heavy with no definition.

  37. The term “obese” is being thrown around rather absent-mindedly these days. This woman is not obese, and yes, there are different body types out there. For fuck’s sake.
    Granted, I don’t like her as an actress and I couldn’t care one wit about her as a human being, but for goodness sake. Just because someone doesn’t have the body of a runway model doesn’t mean that they are now obese or even fat. *sigh*
    Alright, I’m done. Prattle on as you deem fit.

  38. cofused but not really

    I saw her on 2 girls and 1 cup as a special guest

  39. pointandlaugh

    #5 LOLOL I was wondering the same

  40. Jose

    Now she is a really hot woman!!! forgotten about American Beauty!!!

  41. marme

    I dunno I think they look pretty good…they make a cute couple.

  42. BloeME

    It’s American Pie girl – fuck why say American Beauty when you can mention the much more popular movie?! Let’s make this as hard as possible…

    It’s Heather….

  43. angela

    wow she looks gooooooood

  44. combustion8

    I wanna be friends with it.

  45. Harry

    I guess she dumped that 50 year old camera guy she was married to. Wasn’t this chick suppose to be the next big thing?

  46. Liz

    She’s Greek…they always have full round butts…dah.

  47. Ted from LA

    But Liz, don’t they always eat Greek salads? For the record, I see nothing wrong with her. Cute. Cute body. Next.

  48. weirdo

    I think she’s kinda gross but I’d still bury my face in her stinky crack!

  49. Flavio

    in pic 10, mmmm. that thing looks nice! i mean, she’s no kate hudson, but still, nice ass.

  50. Danklin24

    Her face is a mess but what an ass.

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