Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels pregnant

April 18th, 2006 // 103 Comments

Melissa Etheridge and her lesbian partner, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, are expecting twins together. A posting on Etheridge’s website says:

We are thrilled to announce that Tammy is pregnant, and expecting our twins sometime around this fall. To answer the obvious question: we used an anonymous donor from a bank. These are our first two babies conceived together, but not our first time mothering together. For the past 5 years, we have been parenting two children, from a previous time in Melissa


  1. miss_paris


    PS: oh and who the hell are these hoes anyway?? a disgrace to humankind i say.

  2. Trotter

    miss_paris, forget your lithium today? Or did your sheets get caught in your barren twat hair?

  3. trophywife

    she sounds like meganharris’ lesbian lover that has to wait in the closet… looks like she got out

  4. biatcho

    48 – you’re too late. mamciat & I have been there done that with Bueller quotes in the lohan post. fackin’ biter!

  5. mamacita


    Heyyyyy. I remember you! You’re the dumb bitch from the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Namibia thread yesterday who said:

    “WHY would any1 want to have their child have an ugly black name,thats gross.”

    Trotter, I’m pretty sure she actually is on lithium. However, she should quickly be switched to Risperdal, as that is the medication of choice for schizophrenics. Then again, she might just need to get punched in the labia, as that is the medication of choice for dumb bitches.

  6. biatcho

    whoa. mamacita. I must have gotten a chitlin caught in my keyboard…apologies.

  7. biatcho

    holy cow. trohpywife kind of but not really made fun of meganharris… the next thing you know cats will be sleeping with dogs, melissa etheridge will suck dick, mass hysteria, total anarchy.

  8. trophywife

    hey i’m learning… so far i have learned that the only one you hate more than me is her so…… i’ll keep trying…

  9. Trotter

    @55 You’re right. Labia pummeling is needed. I also think having MeganHarris fuck her up the ass would be therapeutic. You know, since Megan is a guy and miss_paris obviously needs to get some love in her life…

  10. trophywife

    i was really trying to slam miss paris-whatever… ALL CAPS SUCK…

  11. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    trophywife is trying to make nice because she’s tired of the tears and the agony brought upon by her meaningless, shallow life and decided she needs to make friends with strangers who have already decided they hate her. Even her daughter is like, “Mommy, I’m tired of playing hairdresser! Give me some more Ritalin and leave me the fuck alone!”

  12. mamacita


    We also hate Kim a lot. But, I think she took her beatings like a little bitch and left. Which was awesome cause she wasn’t as clever as you. Although I am pissed off at you for having breast implants (mainly because I want some), I do appreciate that you are sometimes kind of able to make fun of yourself. Sometimes.


    Courtesy of Bender: “Hey, how come Andrew gets to get up? If he gets up… we’ll all get up…it’ll be anarchy!”

  13. Trotter


    Yeah, I’ve always wanted some beautiful breasts. They are gorgeous. Not as attractive as my huge, perfectly proportioned and veiny man-meat, but pretty damn close.

    OK, I don’t really have new titties ON me. I’m keeping them in the fridge next to the kittens and puppies I like to play with.

  14. Melissa Etheridge? Come to my Window?

    Good for her!

  15. Italian Stallion

    Not really much to say about Mike n Ike, just glad to see trophywife found her sense of humor………

  16. Jacq

    #50 – At least she knows that we won’t miss out on anything if she doesn’t show up one day.

    That was my point entirely, Megan. You can’t post first here anymore. Even Trophywife makes fun of you. But that wasn’t the funny part, that was when she observed that you’re the only person that ranks lower than her. At least it is one thing that you can be first at.
    #61 – Don’t talk about her daughter. Got it bitch? LOL

  17. BigJim

    Jacq — you talk pretty tough for someone who calls himself “Jacq”.

    Sounds pretty French to me, and everyone knows that the French are a bunch of total pussies. I could kick your stupid ass back to the stoneage. Again, loser.

  18. trophywife

    well mamacita came over and gave me a proper ass whuppin with her whip and i have seen the light! actually…when she flipped me over and tried to pop out my implants for herself with those 5 inch stillettos, i got a little scared…

  19. sweetcheeks

    Sorry — I’ve been on vacation! Is MeganHarris the new “NewGuy?”

  20. miss_paris

    you are all really….sad. it must suck to be you.

  21. trophywife

    woohoooooo keep it up miss paris, i can have another loser that ranks higher than me on the hate list! YOU GO GIRL!

  22. NewGuy

    Is there any way I can get an email notification if any of you actually writes something funny??? How about slightly humorous???

  23. At the beginning of every Superficial post, I ask myself: “Will I be able to masturbate to the subject matter of this post?”

    This one is a definite no. (But I did rub one out to the Paris Hilton vomit photos. It’ll do in a pinch.)

  24. tits_on_snack

    Oh shut the fuck up, all of you. None of you are as funny or witty as you think yourselves are. The only thing worse than celeb-lovers coming here and whining about body images and self-respect are the “regulars” constantly patting eachother on the back in every single thread and telling themselves how funny they are. The only person here who actually posts funny shit is OshKosh, so OshKosh, you’re exempt from my outburst. Can I get you a drink? Rub your feet?

  25. Trotter

    @74 Look who’s the new cunt in town? Big talk for a ass-lickin whimpering snatch!

  26. trophywife

    Poll: is NewGuy higher on the hate list than me? I will eat Katie’s placenta and fire my housekeeper and nanny for a whole week for your votes!!!

  27. mamacita


    NewGuy is occasionally funny, but tits_on_snack is being a big ol’ bitch today. Apparently, she’s doing some hardcore pmsing or something. Either that or she hasn’t gotten laid in a long time. As a woman, I know that those are the only 2 things that make a woman act like a bitch. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like the “regulars” around here. Now, hmmmmm. What CAN a person do if they don’t like the “regulars” on here? Just gimme a second………it’ll come to me.

    P.S. Trophywife, you’re on a roll today.

  28. trophywife

    hey mama, i’m trying to redeem myself from my raging bitch/pms/2 bottles of wine/bitchfest i pulled on oshkosh last night. my bad… i like it when she abuses me though… but dont tell the dominatrix that usually comes on tuesdays, she’ll get jealous and kick my ass ;)

  29. Italian Stallion

    #51 0n the new Tom Cruise story will hopefully shut Tits_on_Snack the fuck up and hopefully she will come to her senses…..

    And I wouldn’t call it a snack, I would say it’s more like getting two skittles for Easter, and then I would shoot the Easter Bunny for being a cheap bitch…….

  30. mamacita


    So you have breast implants and a dominatrix?????!!!!!!!! You suck!!!!!! Plus, who cares if she gets jealous and kicks your ass? You’ll like it!


    Good call. tits_on_snack gave me a frown. Maybe she needs some more snacks. May I suggest some Honey BBQ Fritos Flavor Twists? Or, if she’s feeling fancy, some Melba Toast with smoked Gouda cheese, followed by some Milano cookies, washed down with Orange Fanta.

  31. Major_Ecshun

    The kids have a Jacq’d chance at ever having a normal life.

  32. Marten

    haha, Lesbians are so damned silly!! But you know what’s not silly- discrediting your children from previous relationships! Fucking cockyass Dyke Melissa etheridge should be a spokeswoman for Neglecting mothers instead of “cancer Surviving lesbians. Just like Tom and Nicole, just kinda brush those other little orphans off to that fling you had with that other bitch and David Crosby…

    Now Angelina knew what to do. Bring those kids EVERYWHERE! photo ops galore and no one will ever call you a bad parent. Shit! Britney at least had the initiative to take the child with her, regardless of whether or not she had a carseat, and throw that baby on her lap so she could drive down to Dunkin Donuts cause she needs 12 of their freshest cruelers to start her day off right

  33. Italian Stallion

    Mike n Ike will be naming the twins Good n Plenty!!!!!

  34. Cratylus

    Interesting hairdos. Melissa definitely wears the strapon.

  35. Trotter

    Pretty sure Melissa has had her clitoris surgically enhanced so she can penetrate Tammy Lynn’s twat. Heard that at the sperm donor clinic while I was dropping off a load of hot stuff.

  36. joeqpublicus

    I can’t wait until Hollywood decides to jump on another trendy bandwagon and figure out having kids isn’t a hobby.

  37. Lavinia the Vainglorious

    #22, I don’t think she’s done anything since Popular. Wow, I was so hooked on that show. The last time I saw her on TV was when Melissa performed on Oprah almost a year ago. It was really pathetic because she’s been downgraded to the doe-eyed wifey who sits and waves from the audience.

    What the hell kinda lesbian are you anyway Tammy Lynn? Did you trade in a life of playing second fiddle to a man so you could play second fiddle to a Mel?

    Man, Tammy Lynn was the best uberbitch ever in Popular.

  38. junebug

    Better them than Cruise, due to his denial he’s devouring the souls of everyone he comes in contact with. Oh yah, and Xenu bless their baby.

  39. SweeterSweeterBoyfriendStealer!

    im so happy for them!!!! tammy lynn is such a babe and melissa ROCKS!!!!

  40. Jacq

    #67 – I bet you went with BigJim over SlimJim ’cause you’re morbidly obese and you wash yourself with a rag on a stick. Yeah, I guess mu family was French 150 years ago, but if you had ever been here you would know that my name is Jacqueline. It doesn’t matter if I’m french or how many of us tell you I am a girl; my dick is still bigger than yours. Why don’t you do us all a favor and crawl back into Tom’s rectum?

    #81 – Wow, never heard that one before. Just to beat everyone to the punch, I’ve also heard Jacq Off, Jacq-O-Lantern, Jacq Ass and pretty much anything that has a “Jacq” sound in it. I know that your name is Major_Ecshun but how do you pronounce a loud sucking sound? You should have tried Major_Erektshun, Major_ette, Major_Loser, or Major_AzzLikr.

    Silly lesbians.

  41. Fisher55

    Tammy Lynn was in a few episodes of L Word Season 1…she played a lesbian on the show

  42. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    74. Posted by tits_on_snack on April 18, 2006 07:19 PM

    “Oh shut the fuck up, all of you. None of you are as funny or witty as you think yourselves are. The only thing worse than celeb-lovers coming here and whining about body images and self-respect are the “regulars” constantly patting eachother on the back in every single thread and telling themselves how funny they are. The only person here who actually posts funny shit is OshKosh, so OshKosh, you’re exempt from my outburst. Can I get you a drink? Rub your feet?”

    You know what would be great? Could you turn off your computer, put a coversheet on on your TPS report, and go to the park and find some dog shit to chew on, in that order? M-Kay? Great. Thanks.

  43. Chloe

    There is no biological way possible they “conceived [the babies] together.” Your basic high school science class should tell you that egg + egg doesn’t = baby. Come on!

  44. chiris


  45. shankyouverymuch

    Melissa Etheridge is a gross, ugly, old, PIG… -Tammy is pregnant, and expecting “our” twins-… -These are “our” first two babies “conceived together”

  46. shankyouverymuch

    #95… Sorry i got my carpet munchers mixed up. it just cam to me, i was thinking of Ellen DeGeneres and her labia lover, Anne Heche. yeah annie is the ufo freak.

  47. Trotter

    93 Yoo seme vary smart. May Be u can teech a clas on Hoomer?

    Go finger yourself. Nobody likes a moron.

  48. Jacq

    Chloe, see that’s how it works here. Two wrongs make a right, cats sleep with dogs, Tom sleeps with Ryan Seacrest (no, that’s real), and lesbians do get each other pregnant. Plus, I skipped government all of the time to go get stoned, so how the hell does anyone expect me to know anything?
    Since you’re going to get fucked-up later by Mama or Osh or someone, I’d buy a stick to pee on if I were you.

  49. mamacita


    I don’t have anything to say to her. I did acid all through history class, remember? That’s why I don’t know what it’s like to feel like Nazi Germany. However, I do know that Chloe’s real name is Captain Obvious, that she’s a thunder cunt, and that she should post some more super perceptive observations. You know, things like “I hate when people cut me off in traffic” or “Don’t you just hate when men leave the toilet seat up?” or my absolute favorite “I hate when ning-ning promises me a green card and then, instead, he fucks me in the ass with his giant Air-Cock and doesn’t even use astroglide”. On second thought, that last one might just be me.

  50. Marten

    Speaking of LEsbians. know who’s hot. Jennifer Beals! She had a baby and shes still hot. and the best thing is,she still loves the cock, so I hae a better chance then that dyke hoe. Let’s pay more attention to Jennifer Beals, people. It’s the only way out of this downward spiral in Celeb-gossip where Brooke Shield’s ratty-ass name is still popping up.

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