Melissa Riso Doing Bikini Things and Other News


Add Ezekiel Elliott to the long list of NFL players who will probably get away with beating the shit out of women. [TMZ]

People continue to be suckered by the Batchelor in Paradise “drama”. [Dlisted]

This is rich, Gropey McGrabbybutt is still denying he grabbed T. Swift’s ass. He wants a polygraph test. Take your L, buddy… [Us Weekly]

Trump. Trump stuff, does it matter anymore? Is anyone still surprised when he outplays his own incompetence? [TheHill]

Paris Hilton is a feminist you guys, seriously… [PageSix]

Yikes, Tiger Woods toxicology report has gone public and it’s basically a prescription salad. [WWTDD]

Hollywood is bringing back Twilight and Hunger Games because these dead horses aren’t going to beat themselves. [Celebitchy]

Chris Pratt is already getting on a plane with some other blonde, but I think it’s his sister or something. Gossipers, right? They’re like wolves… [Hollywood Gossip]