Melissa McCarthy Was Sean Spicer On ‘SNL,’ Not Sure If You Heard

For those of you who don’t know because you read gossip sites instead of actual news (Keep it.. up?), Sean Spicer is the White House Press Secretary who literally started his first day on the job by saying, “Donald Trump’s inauguration was super big! Stop lying!” then walking out without taking a single question. Things haven’t gotten better. Basically to watch Sean Spicer is to watch a man who visibly knows he’s lying his face off, but also visibly knows the person who sent him out there to lie his face off is watching and waiting to fire him for not doing a good job lying his face off and/or his suit. (Fun Fact: That suit link is from The Daily Caller. Right wing fuckhole Daily Caller!)

So, anyway, here’s Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer in a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live that’s no longer a surprise because this video has been 18 million places in the past 36 hours before I finally got around to it.

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Also, for extra #content, here’s the cold open where Steve Bannon is played by the Grim Reaper even though I would’ve gone with Darth Vader holding a whisky bottle and trying to start World War III.

Or hitting Jews with his lightsaber. I love accuracy!

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Photo: NBC/YouTube