‘SNL’ Did The Melissa McCarthy Thing Again, It Was Okay

It’s been amazing to watch SNL taking the absolute piss out of Trump and his entire summer school dropout administration. But there was an inevitable over-saturation point on all things Trump and this past week’s episode was probably it. And look, we’re as guilty as anyone for shoving Trump references into literally everything we’ve been posting since the election. – Katy Perry’s boobs were out? His hands would look even smaller next to them! – But they did four Trump sketches this weekend, and none of them really landed. I stuck them below if you want to check them out, but before that, I put the uncomfortably long handshake video that is our current political reality because it’s so goddamn ludicrous, no parody will ever stand a chance.

“Strong hands.” – Our president to another head of state like he’s congratulating him at his bar mitzvah.

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Photo: SNL