Hurricane Maria Ruined Melissa Joan Hart’s Vacation

The internet is really pissed at Melissa Joan Hart right now for an Instagram post complaining about her cancelled trip to the Caribbean. Apparently she had a family vacation planned to go to Nickelodeon’s Punta Cana resort, located on the north eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s basically an all inclusive resort where people dressed as Sponge Bob will take pictures with your kids while you casually brown out on all-you-can-drink piña coladas. Since receiving word that Hurricane Maria was about to use Punta Cana as her personal wind toilet, hours after shitting 135mph winds over Puerto Rico, Melissa had to call her trip a wash.

And since we are in the eye of Hurricane #Outrage, Twitter made sure to keep receipts…

I’m not actually bothered by Melissa Joan Hart’s post. I personally tend to not give a shit what strangers/irrelevant celebrities are actually up to, but this is my job so… WHAT AN INSENSITIVE JERK!!

Also… the former child star smokes 100’s now. That’s probably the ten times more shameful than some stupid tweet.

*EXCLUSIVE* Melissa Joan Hart enjoys a smoke while waiting for coffee