Clarissa Needs To Explain That Ass

You know in Star Trek whenever the Enterprise gets attacked and there’s always that stock footage of crew members jumping around while sparks fly out of the fake computers? That’s almost exactly what it’s like here whenever something like the Kelly Brook topless pics hits. William Shatner even shows up. So in that confusion, I completely missed these surprisingly awesome Melissa Joan Hart pics even though Photo Boy put one in The Crap We Missed because women with 10 kids (rough estimate) shouldn’t look this good. Then again, I could just be nostalgic for my freshman year wallpaper:

Melissa Joan Hart Maxim

You’ll always be in my heart…

*pours Crazy Horse 40 on the ground, watches it eat through the pavement, soil, the Earth’s crust, mantle, core and, fuck, we’re at war with China*

Photos: Maxim / Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN