Melanie Griffith’s pool-boy looks familiar

December 18th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Melanie Griffith looks damn good for a fifty-year-old woman. This shot was taken in Buenos Aires over the weekend where Melanie helped debut her husband Antonio Bandera’s new fragrance Blue Seduction. Based on this picture I’m guessing it’s cologne for magicians or people with no depth perception. But if it attracts cougars like Melanie Griffith, put me down for the economy size. I’m going to the Bon-Ton later and, this time, I won’t leave empty-handed.


  1. milandir

    Cougar? Banderas is only 3 years younger… now that Demi Moore… she’s a Cougar!

  2. nice leopard printed dress with the hair do!

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  4. This over-aged WHORE is just a severe brain-damaged, obsessed and extremely uncertain plastic Bitch!!

  5. justtheobvious


  6. EuroNeckPain

    I never understood what Antonio Banderas found in that woman. Her excuse cannot be a “nice personality” because someone with a nice personality would by no means wear a dress like this, neither at 20 nor at 50. She dresses like a prostitute and she has an ugly face.
    I would imagine him with an elegant brunette, K.Holmes type, maybe. But definitely not with a flashy bleached hag.

  7. Janine

    I think she has had some corrective surgery to fix all the shitty surgery she had before. She looks way better, and wow she actually has a pretty nice body. Good for her.

  8. extracheeseplease

    all of middleclass white america is going to smell like a greasy mexican drug dealer.

  9. extracheeseplease

    all of middleclass white america is going to smell like a greasy mexican drug dealer.

  10. Michael Vick must Die

    Banderas is actually Spanish – I am sure he’d be offended by being called a Mexican – seems to be used as an insult in the US.
    Melanie looks OK here, but you have to know that close up she probably looks like shit.

  11. Princess

    who cares about this old bitch! apparently jamie lynn spear’s is pregnant!! god help us all..

  12. MrJolly

    Dead ringer for Kelly Madison of pornfidelity fame.

  13. Shallo Val

    41 – It’s spelled “COWARD.”

    And by the way, what do you think is going to happen; we’re on a computer dummy. As much as I’d like to kick your ass, I can’t because you’re in some third world country being a dummy.

    Dummy. Bwahahahaha. And yes, I DO swallow.

  14. I wouldn’t exactly call her a couger cause she’s only 3 years older than Antonio.

    Antonio is lookin’ fine.

  15. He seems to worship her. I love couples that are so in love after years and years. He didn’t agree with any of the surgeries she was putting herself through. She prolly felt inadequate because of the women he’s been working with for the past ten years, hello! And she really hasn’t had any work if anyone hadn’t noticed.

  16. me

    i’d like to fuck her tits

  17. Toby Weymiller

    Small head and small brain.

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