Melanie Griffith’s pool-boy looks familiar

December 18th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Melanie Griffith looks damn good for a fifty-year-old woman. This shot was taken in Buenos Aires over the weekend where Melanie helped debut her husband Antonio Bandera’s new fragrance Blue Seduction. Based on this picture I’m guessing it’s cologne for magicians or people with no depth perception. But if it attracts cougars like Melanie Griffith, put me down for the economy size. I’m going to the Bon-Ton later and, this time, I won’t leave empty-handed.


  1. Is This Real?

    She looked really really old and wrinkly in her last pics I saw. Maybe tons of makeup and surgeries?

  2. Texas Tranny

    Nice dress.

  3. yoe

    She looks better- I think she had a bunch of work that was too tight and now it’s loosened up a little. Looks way more natural.

  4. D. Richards (Wreck.)

    My. Melanie Griffith looks pretty good for a seventy year-old woman.

    I don’t understand why Cesar Milan is there but that’s cool. I’m saying. Melanie’s old enough to be that guy’s mom. Whatever gets ya’ off.

  5. GdlssbyDsgn

    She is kinda like a Monet – you have stand back a few feet so it all smooths out.

  6. beesknees

    wow she looks better than she has been looking. Not quite so rough.
    I can’t believe they are still together.

  7. cookie monsta

    just a little bit scarier in every pic these days, she’s gonna turn into Eartha Kitt, or worse, wacko Jacko…..

  8. DVD

    wow, She’s beautiful even she’s old.

  9. veggi

    He would not be my first pool boy choice..

  10. i wonder how much money she spent to make her legs look like that. haven’t you seen these pics?

  11. J-Sin

    Damn, somebody has been raping the plastic surgeon’s office.

  12. juliabella

    I am sensing a lot of jalousy in here….she looks better than your mommas and that’s what’s bothering you!!!

  13. LayDeeBug

    She looks like she’s been working out and staying away from the bad plastic surgery (remember the lip fiasco?)

    Still, I thing “Working Girl” was her highpoint. After that is was all over.

  14. Sophie

    Damn he is lookin HOT!!!

    Does anyone know why Winona is humping a puppet?

  15. Shallow Val

    13 – I’m guessing Mel G’s your best friend and that’s why you got her back and are defending her. Whyncha text her and tell her what a good pal you are?

    BTW, it’s JEALOUSY! Jalouse is French, dummay! (spelled wrong on purpose)

  16. tight lipped smiler

    Blue Seduction is when you are allowed only to bang a dried up harelip full of silicone and plastic sutures. It smells like Metamusil and Marlboro ciggies mixed with shades of Chanel No 5 left at the Staten Island dump to absorb oil from the sardine factory.

  17. Ooba Gooba

    Where is the fucking moron talking about his millionaire dating sites? That shithead hasn’t shown up yet? Give it time, the fucktard will surface shortly.

  18. SSS

    Wow, did her knees really go backwards in time? If my knees ever get loose and floppy, I hope I can get surgery from her knee surgeon. I won’t be wearing Cougar dresses like that though!

  19. Anexio

    Grandes pechos.

  20. missj

    how did she go from that to that? Funny how one post can say something like that then months later she’s hot. Hilarious

  21. juliabella

    16- i congratulate you for your knowledge of french and english! BRAVO!!!! you found the right place to show off! Might be getting your price by mail in a week or so!!!
    Considering you’re the only who reacted my post, I’m guessing (just a wild one here) that you obviously are the type of person reading this type of info about celebs and hoping for them to look ugly so they make you look better!!! Now that’s sad!

  22. Bigheadmike

    wow wow wow. Not bad at all.

  23. You're Kidding, Right?

    Take a closer look . . . .

    Her mouth is askew and she’s got fishlips.

    Her breast implants are not even. Her left boob is very round, while her right boob has a smoother edge.

    The tattoo on her right shoulder is gross.

    And if she weren’t wearing stockings, her legs would look wrinkled and veiny.


  24. Big

    Nice big suckable tits

  25. The real magician here is Melanie’s makeup artist. And by makeup artist, I mean Genius that could make Amy Winehouse looked strangely appealing. It’s possible…

  26. Shallow Val

    22 – “price by mail…” do you mean PRIZE?

    You’re exactly right. That is why I answered your post. I wish I was as smart and on-point as you. (blinks eyelashes at 22 and waves)

  27. Shallow Val

    I love messing with the new kids.

    BTW did you see what that bad little boy Anexio wrote about her boobies? Shame shame…

  28. juliabella

    27-you gotta be better than that! I mean, aren’t americans suppose to know it all??? Go for it swallow val!!! go for it! maybe at the age of 50 you’ll notice how good you succeed in life!!

  29. Bigheadmike

    I just looked at the post from May of 2007 and she really must have had some work done. Granted its for the better and thank you for that.

  30. Ashley

    Mmm guess its true what Ben Franklin said……All cats are grey in the dark.
    She must have a fantabulous puss to keep Antonio so smitten all these years.
    He looks very much like the cat with cheshire grin who just swallowed the cream.

  31. Ashley

    Mmm guess its true what Ben Franklin said……All cats are grey in the dark.
    She must have a fantabulous puss to keep Antonio so smitten all these years.
    He looks very much like the cat with cheshire grin who just swallowed the cream.

  32. Shallow Val

    How did you know I swallowed? I’m impressed….awww, awe you hurting my feelings? You gonna make me cwy…(waahhhhhhhhh).

    Please, Americans are assholes, yes and I’m one too, as well as you, cara.

  33. LayDeeBug

    to juliabello.

    You are in the SUPERFICIAL. Grow a pair or get the fuck out of the room. We’re not having tea and almond cookies here, puttana.

  34. Not Envious at All

    Photogenic, rich, happily married for years, immensely likable in person, no reports of sexual misconduct or substance abuse. SO WHY ARE THEY PICTURED HERE? NEVER post shit like this again. This site is not designed to affirm good-looking nice people accidentally living in LaLaland.

    Haven’t Paris or Britney acted out yet today?

  35. LayDeeBug

    35 – Niiiice!

  36. JeBandePourBanderas

    Oh come on, you know Antonio has had sex with at least a thousand other chicks during this marriage. He stays with Melanie because she mothers him, obviously.

    He’s like a little puppy dog who humps and then comes back to mommy… And even mommy wants a piece.

  37. Texas Tranny

    Bitch had better leave Val alone or I’m going to bitch-slap her and scratch her fucking eyes out.

  38. @35, They only reason this picture is posted, is becasue it is a great rack shot! That is it. The fish has a thing for nice tits..

  39. Satanas

    37 – you said it in one. Absolutely right. Typical Latin male. Typical hot Latin male. Typical hot Spanish hunky swarthy yummy tall……..

    But you’re still right. They probably have a deal; she’s his beard, or he goes both ways, or she does, or whatever.

  40. juliabella

    38-bring it on man!!! swallow is an idiot, cowered bitch.

  41. p0nk

    ah wonderful, lesbianesque is back with us. we’ve missed you so, julia.

  42. juliabella

    I missed you too punkie!!! seriously!

  43. Spongebob Gangsta

    This has been Cabana Chat. And THIS AH AH AAAAAAAAH Is Dixie Wetsworth.

  44. BunnyButt

    Okay, now that I’ve had time to look at the links to Melanie’s saggy, veiny leg pics and blotchy, wrinkly face-without-cosmetics photos, I can’t help but think those must be photoshopped. Unless she’s had an extremely hard life and/or was obese and lost a ton of weight, there’s no way a 50 year old’s legs and face can look THAT bad. Not that I’m a Melanie expert, but I don’t recall any stories about homelessness, malnutrition, long-term drug or alcohol abuse, etc. (as I recall, she partied a bit, but settled down many years ago), and she has always been slim. Hell, my grandmother is 83, was quite plump for decades, is now skinny, and even HER legs don’t look that bad (Though, admittedly, I’ve been traumatized for life by having to see too much of her when helping her dress – damn, I don’t want to get old!). Melanie’s definitely had some work done, but I suspect the truth is half way between the wrinkly, saggy, veiny, blotchy pics and the one above.

  45. Jen


  46. Shannon

    And she should. She’s only had a million, bajillion, kajillon dollars worth of surgery.

  47. Santa Monica Blonde

    I never noticed that he is half her age. She really looks like a hag that is hanging around with her Son.

    Her Wilma Flintstone outfit has to go, too.

  48. L.Linus

    #48, That’s it Wilma Flintstone is just what I was thinking. She’s had alot of work done and it’s not that good. I remember her before all the work and she really wasn’t that bad. Just grow old gracefully and you’ll be surprise how well you’ll look!!

  49. CJ

    Airbrushing is an art…takes 15 years off just like that! Antonio even looks 15 years younger!!

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