Melanie Griffith looks like hell

May 10th, 2007 // 248 Comments

49-year-old Melanie Griffith was spotted shopping in Malibu looking like she just turned 112. I’m not normally a fan of surgery, but if your knees look like this then get it. And get a lot of it. Hell, amputate if you need to. You’ve got a serious problem if people look at you and can’t even tell if you’re human anymore.



  1. Donica

    My mother smokes 3+ packs a day, doesn’t do the daily skin care stuff, will sit out in the sun for a few hours w/out protection, doesn’t live very healthy (not drugs or drinking…but she’d rather eat cookies than carrots) and is 59 years old and doesn’t look NEARLY as haggardly.

    Either the pics are very touched, or she’s got to be on crack or something.

  2. honey,,,I feel for your husband…

  3. EXAMINE: the middle part of her
    knee, it lookz like a penis side=wayz, gross..

  4. Captain America

    Once when I was a kid, I found a leg washed up on the beach that had been floating out in the sea under the hot sun for about 5 weeks. It looked much better than this. Her vagina must look like a fossilized Clam.

  5. Angry Ferret Jones

    Hey Pretty, missed u baby.

  6. RichPort

    BGK, I’m having an issue with a client PC and I’m hoping you can help. Where do I find a client’s Temp Internet Folders in Vista? I think UAP may be masking it.

    By the way, Melanie Griffith’s pussy lips must hang down like a basset hound’s ears.

  7. Angry Ferret Jones


  8. Angry Ferret Jones

    Rich – I have been running RC1 on my second laptop at work, and have decided that Vista is very much like a stripper – great to look at, but nothing you would want to take home.

    Three of our major in-house apps don’t run on it due to issues with ODBC links and security. So until we can retool them, it is staying in test mode (although my copy of RC1 expires soon.)

    Let me ask our test guys if they know.

  9. Angry Ferret Jones

    Rich – maybe try disabing UAC for the Admin account.

    Check this out:

  10. Angry Ferret Jones

    (Sorry to make Melanie Griffith’s saggy clit a tech support site)

    Rich – great description of I.E. Folder Layers in Vista:

  11. Michael Chertoff

    It’s not tech support, it’s identity vetting. Rich is with Homeland Security (xanga division). He wants to see if they can turn the flashlights off and go back to the main power grid.

  12. RichPort

    Thanks AFJ. I have mine turned off but I need to be able to navigate withoutdoing so, as SMS and our GPs will pretty much reactivate it through AD and our vPro chipset HPs.

    @211 – You’re funny, in an “Oh shit! That dude just got shot in the nuts!” kinda way.

  13. commissioner

    Nobody asked you, Mike.

  14. Michael Chertoff

    #213 – that tone reminds me, gotta find time to get my mom a gift for Sunday.

  15. Michael Chertoff

    Rich – keep recycling those winners!

  16. NickUK

    dont know if I am repeating whats already been said, but people go on about sun exposure and “Get some plastic surgery now!” where in fact that is the problem, she has had far too much of it. She has pumped her body with sillicone and botox regularly for many many years and her body is giving guys and girls,,,let this be a lesson, leave your bodies as god intended or you will get a face and body like this…ouch


    OK boys and girls, this is your skin on sun, just say no.

  18. Angry Ferret Jones

    Commish!!! How are you baby?

    Apparently those Arbonne baby supplies are totally the bomb-diggity. My sis is hooked.

  19. RichPort

    @216 – I can recycle my own shit if I like, loser come lately. I never fucking liked walruses… not in the zoo, not on TV, and not here.

  20. commissioner

    I’m glad a misdirected box came in handy. Too bad boxes from mexican drug cartels never make it to my office.

  21. Angry Ferret Jones

    Yeah, FedMex always seems to make their deliveries right on time.

  22. commissioner

    We have a catch and release program in my state.

  23. commissioner

    We catch the mexicans, we release their cargo. It’s all about commerce, baby.

  24. Angry Ferret Jones

    I’ve got Mexicans by the truck-load. They are mostly cargo free though.

  25. commissioner

    I wish a truckload with lawnmowers and weedeaters would break down in front of my ponderosa.

  26. Angry Ferret Jones


    Do you still talk to Stallion?

  27. commissioner

    I think he was deported after the last big INS sweep.

  28. RichPort

    Don’t they call it ICE now? They took all my fucking Guats. Thanks for the help earlier, BGK. I’ll get back to you and let you know if it worked.

  29. StudsyMcSex

    Re: Melanie


  30. isitme

    HAHAHA! Everyone, I just noticed that the pin cushion we’ve been talking about is her arm…am I right? And why did I look again? I think that it’s a train wreck sorta thing…

  31. Angry Ferret Jones

    In Phx they are called “La Migra.” Rich – maybe you know what that means?

  32. Angry Ferret Jones

    Goddamnit, that is one Skeletor-lookin’ bitch. She’s like a car wreck, I shouldn’t keep looking, but I can’t help myself.


    It’s like Skeletor and an Oompa-Loompa went to Cabo for a weekend and forgot to use a rubber.

  33. bribear__x3

    omfg, gross.


    i don’t ever wanna be old.


  34. honeydew

    Don’t sweat it 234, most people don’t look that wrinkly until they reach their 90′s.

  35. ffordegroupie

    That doesn’t look like an old lady knee to me — at least, not JUST an old lady knee.

    I’e seen old lady knees, and they don’t hae that strange pucker in the middle. Looks like someone had some plastic surgery that hasn’t aged well.

    yerdumb, and we’ve seen people who ARE sunworshippers/smokers/druggies who DO look like this. For one, Shitney. For another, Blohan. What do all these have in common? Drugs, booze, cigs and lots of baking.

    Yeah, there are a few genetically lucky people who manage to not look like decrepit aged wrecks if they smoke and tan all their lives. But they’re just the exception that proves the rule.

    Re: Antonio, I think he’s quite happy. He wouldn’t be happy if he were faithful, though.

  36. Y

    Uh yeah welcome to the Real world Neo,Its called “Aging” Happens to All of us. even you.

  37. Maire

    That first comment was sooooooooooo funny

  38. trolaay

    god..i almost puked

  39. Elisa Roberts

    What a nasty piece of work you are!!! I suppose you are perfect.

  40. janie

    49 is not exactly ancient and you DO NOT have to look LIKE THAT at her age, believe me!!!

  41. emmarose

    i cannot understand how her and sharon stone have aged so terribly. they were both NATURALLY gorgeous in the 80′s and some of the 90′s and then BOOM!!! overnight they both just became crypt keepers. i mean they look like walking death. why? i didn’t know smoking or sunbathing did THAT much harm. i understand women in like croatia/bosnia or third world countries look older than their ages because of how hard they grew up with famine, no homes, disease….but sharon and melanie had good upbringings and they look like they’ve been through WWIII. it’s hard to make sense of even if they’ve been with lots of men, smoke, and drink. that’s still no excuse. anyone agree?

  42. malc

    Maybe underneath she misses don johnson too much and time has taken its toll?

  43. liz

    I think she´s fabulous, we can all have photos taken even when we´re 20 to make us look gross…………she is one lovely sexy beautiful woman. By the way Antonio is gorgeous………divine!! jealousy and envy are evil things.

  44. emilio

    creo que es la mujer más sexy y guapa ( con angelina ) que he visto en mi vida! Tengo 23 años y si alguna vez estes en españa …………mua!!

  45. emilio

    creo que es la mujer más sexy y guapa ( con angelina ) que he visto en mi vida! Tengo 23 años y si alguna vez estes en españa …………mua!!

  46. leslie

    She is a light skinned/freckled complexioned woman, who has obviously
    spent too much time in the sun, and probably tanning bed as well. It
    looks great until you hit 40, and then all the years of damage show up.
    I think the fraxel laser and thermage would take all that damage away
    without her having to go under the knife.
    And for god sakes, stay out of the sun.

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