Melanie Griffith looks like hell

May 10th, 2007 // 248 Comments

49-year-old Melanie Griffith was spotted shopping in Malibu looking like she just turned 112. I’m not normally a fan of surgery, but if your knees look like this then get it. And get a lot of it. Hell, amputate if you need to. You’ve got a serious problem if people look at you and can’t even tell if you’re human anymore.



  1. PrettyBaby

    #150 Oooop trolled already. *sigh* so stupid. I actually really don’t care if your Ferret or not. If you are, I hope you are well and happy.

  2. chiris

    She’s got her knees like that from giving Antonio too many BJs as he is standing and she kneeling! :O

  3. PrettyBaby

    PB, take it as a sign of love :)

    Think of all the endless lonely time I’ve spent here, pining away, hoping against hope that you’d reappear someday.

  4. The Squizz

    Ya ever notice how an old dog’s balls kinda hang real low? I’m somehow reminded of that looking at these pictures.

  5. PunjabPete

    AFJ – email me por favor….

  6. PunjabPete

    What kind of private are you BTW? What kind of private am I?

  7. PrettyBaby

    I just missed my old pals and wanted to see how everyone was… and to be a trollop of course.

  8. Anywho, I’ll have the new site up soon.

    If any of you talk to Z please have her e-mail me. I have Tranny’s address but not hers.

  9. Ninja – hit me up, I don’t have it anymore.

  10. LadyJane

    The mystery thickens like day old cum on my tits……

  11. ApacheRose

    Christ, it’s like walking through a house of mirrors… what’s real and what’s illusion? Eh.

    LadyJane, how’s the boob tanning coming along?

  12. zhopa

    Imagine what her cunt looks like eh?

  13. I fired up the old blog for now (even though Blogspot sucks ass.)

  14. PunjabPete

    What a crock of shit you are pulling Wally…
    AFJ you are not…

  15. sharpei dude

    Lindsey Lohan ca. 2017

  16. LadyJane

    Well, fairly good, Apache, but my nosy neighbor is around “mowing” the lawn. And my tits have been known to make men spontaneously combust, so, you know, I do what I can….

  17. Right, Wally doesn’t have the skills to hack my old Blogs. (Unless Brian bought my old PC at a swapmeet?)

  18. LadyJane

    Well, how can we believe you Ferret? You went MIA, didn’t respond to anyone’s emails, plus Wally fucked with everyone and is the master troller.

  19. PunjabPete

    Email ANYONE who you say you know then we can talk. Until then you are persona no grata… I rid myself of the fake Ferret… (tears sleeve)…

  20. PunjabPete

    I am out for the weekend… AFJ you are not… He would have emailed. Fellow Fishers, do not be fooled…

  21. PunjabPete

    LJ et al – Don’t feed the animals..

  22. LadyJane

    I’m out.

  23. My hotmail was dormant too long, so they wiped my e-mails out. Only addresses I have are p0nk and Tranny from when Tranny was in AZ.

  24. RichPort

    Yea… riiiiiiight. AFJ? Ok, here’s one: What did I say that made you comment this is why I can always date your sister? Also, which of our good friends spends way to much time on Good luck with those Wally. If it’s you, AFJ, email me the secret handshake instructions, and answer this math question for me: |-7|. I knew a Ferret once, cool motherfucker and funny as all shit, then he up and bounced. We’ve moved on, and Wally is just fucking dying to know where. If you are Ferret, you would have emailed Italia or Z long ago. Fucker.

    Actually since Wally used to sweat everyone so fucking much, and harass the ladies with naked flicks of his p2, he’ll know how to answer. In short blow me.

    Oh yeah, Melanie Griffith is starting to look like a fucking sharpee…

  25. happy_bunny

    Dear Sunscreen,

    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen!
    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen.


  26. Angry Ferret Jones

    Good to see everyone hasn’t changed much.

    A far as the questions go – who the hell knows. After moderating countless 1000+ comment posts I read/said so much shit that it would be impossible to bounce you back a specific factoid.

    Regardless, I am back and look forward to tearing it up again.

  27. Zanna


    You had Xanga premium…and xanga premium has a way to back up the site. and if it’s really you, you would have.

  28. Angry Ferret Jones

    “Zanna” – can you describe to you the last photo you sent me? I doubt you can.

    You have my e-mail, hit me up and I wil give you a full description of the photo, and of our last conversation.

    I missed this!!!

  29. Zanna

    You’re on motherfucker.

  30. redsonja1313

    KNOCK KNOCK LINDS….. This is your future if you keep up with the SUN, DRUGS, BOOZE, & SMOKING !!!

  31. Angry Ferret Jones

    Z – I am seriously tingling all over my body. I thought you were gone forever.


  32. ApacheRose

    I feel like a voyeur, watching two people who hate but lust after each other try to work shit out.


  33. LadyJane

    Oh, look, a birdie.

  34. Hey you people getting drunk on Ferret juice. This is the first time I have ever logged on to the Fish as Walrus Gumboot. It’s probably going to be the last.
    I am just here to say that The Angry Ferret Jones is back. Click my name for the link.

  35. islandgirl

    I just lost my appetite. YUCK!!!

  36. PunjabPete

    Right… So AFJ.. You do not remember what kind of private you were? Please… Utterly fucking useless ruse Wally… Go eat a pound of shit….

  37. Angry Ferret Jones

    Dude, wtf are you talking about?

  38. RichPort

    I say fuck a Walrus. BGK, seriously, if it’s you, welcome back. Hope all is well. I always thought you were a funny motherfucker. If not, then just give up Walrus boy. After your stellar performance on yeeeeah and how you got chased off there, permanantly, I’m amazed you haven’t offed yourself. I mean for real this time. I do appreciate you showing up every once in a while so I have someone to say fuck you to. Thanks for that. Fuck you Wally.

  39. schack

    Why be cruel Barbado? Mine doesn’t look that much better than hers. And I know you would love mine!

  40. Angry Ferret Jones

    Thx PuertoRico.

  41. Angry Ferret Jones

    Rich – props on the BGK, at least I know you’re not trollish.

  42. OMG= no one lookz more like the cript keeper than her…I would kill myself if ever I looked that bad…how does her husband stay with her..all those std’z just mixed together and I don’t know what>>>>

    I can’t even imagine being her…

  43. crazyotto

    That girl is worked

  44. isitme

    GACK! I think that Puss-In-Boots has been using poor Melanie as a scratching post and litter box! Sorry if that was said…too many comments to read, and THESE pics demanded an instant comment!

  45. PrettyBaby

    It seems like it is really you Ferret.. hello baby! Glad you are up and around!


  46. shittylips

    that’s disgusting, 200 pounds of shit in a 600 pound bag. could be a used vietnamese frenchie for all I know. not enough drugs or hard liquor in the world to make anyone wanna hit it.

  47. suzy


    Wanting to look young will always make you older. Look at all these people have plastic faces and bodies. They look much older than they should. Those who don’t do anything always look their age or younger.

    Go figure.

  48. yerdumb

    okay…1. i dont think the sun has anything do with it..obviously weve all seen peole who are sunworshippers/smokers, who dont look like this.

    2. no one should “feel sorry for” antonio banderas…IF he’s in fact unhappy in his marriage, then he shouldnt have gotten married…..when u marry someone, it should only be because you are happy to be with that person under any circumstances…anyone who has expectations in a marriage is a fool.

    so we shouldnt feel sorry for him..hmm

    3. celebrities are usually idiots, and so are most of you.

  49. Conky

    49, my ass. That broad is at least 60.


  50. Bodylotion

    Holy fuck. Mash potatoes galore.

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