Melanie Griffith looks like hell

May 10th, 2007 // 248 Comments

49-year-old Melanie Griffith was spotted shopping in Malibu looking like she just turned 112. I’m not normally a fan of surgery, but if your knees look like this then get it. And get a lot of it. Hell, amputate if you need to. You’ve got a serious problem if people look at you and can’t even tell if you’re human anymore.



  1. p0nk

    i wonder if Don Johnson still wants that.

  2. Jimbo ?

    That can not be her

  3. More like Andy Griffith.

  4. Jimbo ?

    Hey Schack how are you doing?

  5. N!k!

    That’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad!
    Poor thing! I know there’s not use in saying this but you all should be nice, these pictures say a billion words themselves. The meaner you are the sadder your lives will be!

  6. Try and jerk me around Grandma.

  7. YouRang

    I can’t believe I’m about to write this, but I don’t have the heart to trash her. It’s like pushing Grandma down a flight of stairs. Sure it starts out funny as hell, but when Grandma doesn’t say “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” the guilt sets in.

  8. globetrotter

    someone jumped the shark.

  9. schack

    i’m not bad. and you?

  10. Jimbo ?

    I am doing good. I have seen you around much

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Imagine what that pink taco looks like in between those saggy folds of pasty beef jerky.

    Oh yeah, pure sex.

  12. schack

    i can’t believe she’s 49

  13. schack

    are you stalking me again, jim?

  14. schack

    i always picture you wearing hawiian shirts, Barbado. do you? are you?

  15. Jimbo ?

    So who wants to tap that!!! Victory? Who is the one that likes drinking douche water? Would you drink hers?

  16. kamihi

    Good God thats more 69 than 49, I know 49′s that look half as old as she looks.
    A life of sunworship and smoking and whatever other abuses certainly has not served her, ugly leather bag.

  17. Jimbo ?

    No Schack, I gave that up a long time ago

  18. schack

    um, 16. that kind of GWS. you know?

  19. Shovelhead

    What the hell happened to her ?

  20. schack

    well, you just said that you HAVE seen me around a lot lately. i can’t see how that would be the case, unless you’re stalking me.

  21. Jimbo ?

    Well I meant to say I have not seen you around here much

  22. schack

    and why are you advertising the time until you’ll finally get laid (∞) right next to your name?

  23. The Squizz

    @12 – that taco ain’t pink anymore. It’s more like brownish-grey.
    And I hear that she smells like piss.

  24. schack

    nice try, schack, but that’s some awkward wording right there. clearly not MY handiwork.

  25. Victor

    Son of a fuck, what the fuck happened to her? Now that is one lady, I can honestly say I won’t do.

  26. Dureagonfly

    OMG…She ridden hard and put away wet….YUCK!
    **Need more surgery***

  27. Jimbo ?

    You so funny!!! I bet I get it more than you do. When was the last time you got any?

  28. wedge1

    Yikes. It looks like her asshole migrated to her kneecap. She could take a shit just by genuflecting into the toilet.

  29. schack

    that wasn’t me, jim. and for the record, it was at about 5 AM this morning (central time). i can still smell the sperm.

  30. She´s getting old, it´s not like we´re never gonna…

    She´s STILL married to Antonio Banderas so she´s got my respect! Let her be.

  31. DancingQueen

    The face looks horrible and is a great advertisement for staying out of the sun that’s for sure. But the knee??? I don’t believe that’s hers.

  32. whoneedsenemies

    The face, yeah so what, she’s old, boo hoo. I’d have to see more pics to believe that knee is hers *cough*.

  33. tinyTy

    Here’s a full shot. That knee cannot just be from aging. It looks like pit bull mauled her.

  34. rtnmac

    |I always KNEW Antonio was a vampire… this proves he’s been sucking her blood. She’s age-ing while he stays relatively young..

    At least we can rent ‘Something Wild’ and see her breasts when they still looked human.

  35. yuckyfresh

    isn’t she married to antonio banderas??? seriously? you should all really be pitying him, not her.

  36. PunjabPete

    Thus proving that Antonio Banderass is either…
    A) gay and not hitting that at all… WOOG!
    B) straight and not hitting that all… WOOG WOOG!

    It is bad enought the woman has no talent whatsoever. Now she starts falling apart like a Ford Festiva 27 miles past the 10,000 mile warranty.

    Time for Antonio to trade up and come out da closet…

  37. costamar

    Jesus Frickin Christ! Are you sure that’s not a special effect from the latest Wes Craven movie?

  38. PunjabPete

    Smoking like a chimney does wonderful things for the skin doesn’t it….

    She has already ahd a facelift too… Looking good Mel? When the cryptkeeper retires, you are a shoe in…

  39. p0nk

    ABLTC? wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  40. PunjabPete

    Anyone else getting the “real Age” test to the right of that picture on the top… Oh, the irony…..

  41. BarbadoSlim

    @37…a Ford Festiva reference! you sir, are awesome.

    I never got the whole 80′s infatuation with this broad, her acting is shit. However, Something Wild was really good, she looked hot.

  42. PunjabPete

    ABLTC for sure… He wanted to reprise the Tan-Too-Much Hamilton version of Zorro but they made him do the original… And if he dod not LTC I bet marriage to that beast would undo the sexuality of any man…

  43. Jimbo ∞

    Schack, banging the paperboy again? You dirty dog! Why do you think he has smelly semen? I read something once about foods maybe changing the taste of semen, but I don’t know about the smell.

  44. JMP13

    i think antonio bandaras is stealing her youth so he may stay young forever. she’ll be a pile of dust by next week

  45. PunjabPete

    Praise from Caesar, Barbado…

    Something Wild was enjoyable because she was throwing down the tits and Daniels was pretty funny… Now Body Double… There is a movie for you. Some dude who looks like Bill Mar but isn’t and Mels tits in every seen… True 80′s semi-porn fluff…

  46. MrSemprini

    Wow, that is really scary. Reminds me of my grandma when she would suddenly appear by my bed at night and how the moonlight would glint off of her vitiligo spots. On the plus side, she was warm, mostly. Down side can proabably be described by my therapist. Hypnotherapy is going well.

  47. wedge1

    She’s aged horribly under the weight of carrying his terrible secret: while on the set of Interview With the Vampire, he was the “bukkake boy” for Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Christian Slater.

  48. TheDarkLady

    Parents, here is the perfect way to keep your kids from sunbathing, smoking, and doing drugs-just show them these pictures.

    Me, I’m gonna go smoke a joint in hope of killing off the brain cells that the memory of these pictures are stored in.

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